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DIY Friday~ How to make your plain paper lantern “fancy”

It’s been a¬†long week over here! For you too?! Before I get into the DIY post, I’m sharing with you some personal insights I’ve had this week. If you’re just looking for “How to make your plain paper lantern “fancy”, then scroll to the middle of this post. No hard feeling, I promise! ūüôā

Lately I’ve taken a bit of a social media break (although, I still check in every now and then). Usually I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,¬†but I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, so I sat down and analyzed about what I can take a step back from in life, and in that moment I knew it was the amount of time on social media. Stepping into blogging I never imagined the amount of time & energy it would take just promoting yourself on social media.

I still¬†love¬†blogging, but I may have to cut down to just 2 posts a week because I don’t want to end up “losing” my love for blogging due to the preassure of having to “get my post out that day”. I want to present quality posts and I feel as though lately I’ve been rushed to get that Wednesday post written for the week. I may come back to 3 posts a week, but for now this is just what I need to do.

Quick story and I’ll get to the actual fun part of this post.


Just the other day Little Johnny, LadyBelle (our dog), and myself were taking our evening walk. I had my phone out and I was taking a picture of these beautiful Azalea flowers (not going to lie, I probably intentionally was thinking “Hey! This would be a¬†great instagram post!” Well, in that moment as I was putting my phone back into my pocket, I dropped it. Then I heard that” sound which everyone cringes at…yup, I definitely shattered my iPhone’s screen.¬†The good news is my phone still works, and I can still¬†somewhat make out what’s on my screen.

I tend to take happenings like this in life as a sign from God. So, after being very upset with myself about being clumsy and not taking care of my things (I’m notorious for NOT being a great “care taker” with anything related to technology. I came to the conclusion that this “sign” could mean two things…

  1. “Enjoy the moments for yourself,¬†everything doesn’t always have to be¬†captured¬†for others.
  2. Life can be¬†shattering at times, but in the end it takes perseverance to see through the cracked screen. Don’t give up, keep chugging along. Even though things may seem shattered, you can still see pass the cracks to what lies ahead. I need to trust that God will handle things as long as I am being the¬†best of me.

So anyways, that’s been hovering over me this week. I was hesitant to share, but I decided to because this blog is also about updates on my life.

I have also been busy with trying to find a way to supplement our income. Here’s a joyful moment- I’m happy to share with you that I’ve been hired as a Tinkergarten leader & a VIP Kid instructor where I’ll teach English to children over in Beijing through a webcam! I’ll share more details about this adventure a bit later.

Onto the post…

How to make your plain paper lantern “fancy”

I’ve had this white paper lantern sitting in my closet for a¬†long¬†time. I decided it was too plain and I had to make it “fancy” by adding decorative details, from coffee filter flowers to ribbons & crystals. I¬†love the end result. I have yet to find a place to hang it in my home, so I decided to take it outside to stage my photos of this pretty little thing. ūüôā I could definitely see many of these used for baby showers, wedding showers, actual wedding decor, baby girl’s nursery, and the list goes on.

The aspects of this paper lantern pop through while being against an outdoor background. The contrast is breathtaking. The crystals glisten when the sun rays catch them, and the ribbons sway to the wind.



  • paper lantern
  • white foam craft balls
  • 3 different textures of ribbon
  • a few hanging crystals (thanks to my Nana for giving me these!) ūüôā
  • hot glue gun
  • coffee filters
  • choice of spray paint for the flowers



1.spray paint about 4 coffee filters your choice of spray paint. (I went with rose gold, candy pink, and slate blue colors.)

2. Make slits all around the coffee filters. Then, twist the middle to form it into something that resembles a “flower”.

3. Hot glue the arrangement onto the top of your paper lantern

4. Attach the crystals & foam craft balls to your choice of ribbons.

5. Tie your ribbon arrangement to the bottom wire of the paper lantern. I made sure that the end of the ribbons were cut at varying heights.



This was such an easy DIY project, but yet very captivating to the eye. Perfect for summer parties as well!

Happy Mother’s day to all the mamas out there!

Wishing you well,


DIY Home Decor

DIY Friday~Coffee Filter Flowers

Two things that I’m pretty obsessed with lately (besides my son)…coffee¬†&¬†spray paint (obviously¬†not¬†together). I have always enjoyed a hot cup of joe, and lately I’ve been going spray paint crazy. So, why not put my¬†favorites¬†together with a little DIY project. Recently we switched our big coffee maker to (going back in time…) a percolator. It takes up less room, and we actually like the taste of the coffee better. Well, that left me with a bunch of coffee filters that we didn’t need. So I took my all time favorite spray paint colors (rose gold & baby pink) and decided to turn them into pretty paper flowers. LADIES, this one is definitely a¬†keeper and guess what? I did this all within Johnny’s naptime,¬†PLUS¬†I had time leftover to get other things done (naptime & crafting). It’s a 20 minutes or less kind of DIY project. If you haven’t tried one of my DIY projects, this one is just for you!

What inspired me? 

Well, a few months ago Johnny and I completed a craft called ‘ice painting”¬†that I also used coffee filters for (basically it’s ice with food coloring mixed in). They turned out beautiful. So I decided why not just use spray paint.

My Color Pallete Inspiration 

(P.S. If I could do my wedding over again, THESE would be my colors! source: blush and bow ties )





1.spray paint the coffee filters some with rose gold and some with pink.

2. Once the coffee filters are dried, roll them up so that they look like flowers. Follow the instructions in the picture below.

3. Take your hot glue gun and glue the coffee filter flowers onto a stick.

4.Then wrap the burlap ribbon around the bottom of the flowers.

That’s it! So many choices in how to display these beauties!

Here’s how I am using them in my home.

These also would be¬†great for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings…basically¬†any¬†type of chic¬†celebration!

Will you be creating this?

Happy DIY Friday! 

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life