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Establishing Thanksgiving Traditions as a New Mom

I can’t believe the holidays are fast approaching! This year is going to be a very special holiday because it’s our first holiday season as a family of 3! Growing up I always remembered the traditions that my family had around the holiday season. Funny thing is I don’t remember much about the  Christmas gifts I received, but I do remember the traditions (memories) we had. Although, before we even discuss Christmas traditions, let’s talk about Thanksgiving traditions.


Since being a new mom I want to start traditions and create special memories with my children during the holidays. The thing is it can get overwhelming because there are so many fun and creative traditions floating around on the internet (have you been on Pinterest lately?!). I obviously can’t do all of them, but I can narrow it down to just a few to start with during our first holiday season together as a family of 3. As the years progress I may add-on a little here and there, but I want to start with just the basics.  Continue reading “Establishing Thanksgiving Traditions as a New Mom”