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Shopping & Playing at the NEW Play Park (located inside of the Florida Mall)

Some days it calls for your family to venture off to a local mall and shop! Although it can be extremely hard to do when you have a little one who needs to burn off their energy. Our days are long gone where Little Johnny sits in a stroller for more than 20 minutes. Is there a solution to parents still being able to shop and having their little ones play…YES! (that’s if you visit the Florida Mall!)


Two weekends ago The Florida Morehouse family decided to explore the new play park inside of the Florida Mall! I have never seen anything like this inside of a mall before! As a parent I am so grateful for this fun exploration area, especially the fact that it’s inside with the air conditioning on full blast, because these hot Florida days are already killer!

If you haven’t known already, I’m a huge fan of parks! Inside & Outside!

Little Johnny loved playing here! His favorite part was climbing up the “hill” and going through an interactive tunnel. It was a great afternoon for our little family. We didn’t actually shop, more so we just walked around the mall and “window shopped”. The M & M’s World was a huge hit with Little Johnny too! 😉


Now, instead of you pleading with your children to go on a shopping trip, they’re going to be the ones to drag you to the mall. Is that a bad thing? It depends on how you view it…If you’re a parent that likes to shop, then this new play park is definitely your best friend. You’re wallet might not be so thrilled…

love finding new areas for Orlando area families to explore! It’s exciting to see all that this city offers for our children. Providing areas for children to “play” is such an added feature when it comes to families choosing on where to spend their time together.

Here’s what I’m loving about The Play Park!

  • interactive technology and a climbing sensation for children!
  • fun for all ages
  • FREE for everyone
  • light up and story telling tunnel
  • digital pond
  • talking flower
  • sound flower
  • memory game

If you want more of a description, visit this link that presents bright photos and more details about this fun experience for children!

Not only is this great for Orlando families, but also for all our tourists as well! So, if you’re thinking of coming here on vacation and you’re either tired of the hot Florida sun, or it’s a rainy day…come check out The Play Park! It’s located right by Dicks & The Crayola Experience!

It’s time to go shop and play!

Wishing you well,


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Activities for Those “HOT” Summer Days in Central Florida

Before we know it school will be out, bathing suits will start to come on, and summer break will be here! I know this can go two ways, while the kids are so excited about NOT attending school for a while…it can be daunting to parents with planning activities & keeping them busy.


When you live in Florida our summer is really like our “winter”…not in the sense of temperature wise, but with the fact that we typically stay indoors. That Florida heat can drag on and quite honestly it’s miserable.

While surviving 4 summers here in Orlando, I have learned that you have to either be in a pool, splash pad, or inside with the best invention ever…AIR CONDITIONING.

This past weekend Little Johnny and I decided to venture over to Azalea Lane playground. (Big mistake that was, too hot to be playing on a playground!) Big John was in New York, so I was trying to figure out ways to keep Little Johnny busy. We love to play at parks, but there may be less playing at them during these hot summer days.

While I was trying to keep us busy and Little Johnny entertained, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a “go to” list of indoor areas to explore when you want to beat the heat

Activities for Those “HOT” Summer Days in 

Central Florida

  1. Science Museum– Little Johnny and I just went there this past Sunday! Each time we go he always has a blast! Definitely look into a membership here as it’s not too costly. Also, if you’re a teacher make sure to checkout their discount! (Psst…meaning you get in for FREE!)
  2. Spash Pads!- click here for a wonderful list of local splash pads. Little Johnny and I recently went to Downey Park, which was so much fun!
  3. Florida Mall Play Park- Enjoy shopping along with having your little ones enjoy a fun experience and this new indoor play experience. Quick story- I totally was supposed to attend  the Play Park blogger preview, but guess what…life happened and I forgot! 😦 I am hoping to bring Little Johnny here soon!
  4. My Little Town Indoor Playground- If it’s too hot to play at an outside playground, just bring it inside, right?! 🙂 This is for ages 6 months- 7 years.
  5. Monkey Joes- Let your kids jump out their energy at this fun-filled inflatable play center!
  6. Winter Park Community Center Pool- If you’re in a situation like me where you don’t have a pool at your home, this is a great place to take your kids for their open swim hours.
  7. Swimming in the Springs- This is always a refreshing place to take a dip! We especially love Wekiwa Springs!
  8. Library Time!- Growing up I remember attending the library for their summer reading program. Check out your local library for fun classes & events that you and your little one can participate in!
  9. Crayola Experience-  Enjoy a colorful experience with your children while exploring attractions and other activities! This is located at the Florida Mall.

If you’re willing to take a day trip, check these places out…

Charles & Linda Williams Children’s Museum- This hands on science museum is located in Daytona Beach. We haven’t been yet, but it looks intriguing from what I have read. Something worth checking out if you’re willing to spend a day there.

American Space Museum- This is located in Titusville (near Cocoa Beach). Learn all about space while exploring hands on activities! Make sure to check out their launch schedule too!

Explorations V Children’s Museum- This is another hands on museum geared for children pre-school through elementary, which is located in Lakeland, FL.

Just Chilling at Home with Water Play! 

Some days it’s nice to just stay home turn on the sprinklers, make homemade popsicles while enjoying your own DIY at home water park. 🙂 If you have older kids, include them in the making to see what ideas they come up with. Below I found great items that will add to your “water play at home”!

Water Table!

This is the one we currently have, but there are so many varities, especially when you check on Amazon.  


Creat your own “splash pad” at home with fun sprinklers! I also found this one on Amazon. (We currently don’t have one, but will hopefully soon!)

Inflatable Pool! 

Slip N’ Slide! 

If you’re feeling really ambitious, make a DIY water slide with your kids in the backyard! (or you can just buy one, which is probably way cheaper & of course easier, but where’s the fun in that,right?!…) 😉

Here’s a link to other fun DIY water activities for at home!

And to finish off a hot day in Orlando, it’s pretty much a given that you need a cold treat! Homemade popsicles will do the trick, and the best thing is you can sneak in your little ones fruit and veggies if they’re picky little eaters!

What would you add to this list? Please share! I’m always looking for other fun activities!

Stay Cool my friends!

Wishing you well,


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Exploring East End Market

Is it just me or do weekends truly past by so quickly?! The Florida Morehouse family ended up spending the weekend catching up on work and house chores. PLUS I was preparing for my mom’s visit with us (coming all the way from Wisconsin and staying for a week! YIPEE!)

This past Sunday little Johnny and myself decided to get out of the house and explore a Market about 3 miles away from downtown Orlando. Big John had to finish up some business stuff, so he wasn’t able to join us. I discovered this Market about a year ago and I’m so enchanted by everything it offers. It’s such a relaxing and fun atmosphere (perfect for a Sunday Funday outing)!  East End Market is a place that indulges in Central Florida’s local farmers and food artisans. This is a perfect place to bring out of town guest. It’s such an enjoyable local area to explore that’s also a family friendly environment. It’s definitely a  therapeutic place that fosters creativity and inspiration.


This post will be short and sweet because I’m getting ready for my guests, but I wanted to share with you another “hidden gem” within Orlando. I haven’t been there in a while, and since then they have updated and added so many things. Next to the market is Domu, which is a ramen restaurant & bar.

Make sure to check out their website and facebook page for upcoming performances and events. Here’s just a few things that East End Market offers for the public:

Saturday Serenade (live music on most Saturdays) 

DIY workshops 

DIY Group Tasting (self guided culinary exploration)

Porch Therapy (so many beautiful succulents and terrariums) 


Lineage Coffee (specifically cold brew)

Venue Rental 




Little Johnny and I decided to eat at ^”La Femme Du Fromage”^ We ordered The Dirty Elvis (cheese that tastes like peanut butter with bacon and bananas on Olde Hearth BreadSeriously, it was the most decadent grilled cheese I have ever had! For all the cheese lovers this is a place for you! (It’s not a pretty food picture, but just take my word that it was good!)


Delicious cookies! OH MY! I’ve never seen such yummy cookies. A lady in front me called it “the two day eating cookie”. c4b83887-4426-461f-a458-8bbce465b200

PORCH THERAPY (excuse the bad picture because I was holding little Johnny and he was quite the wiggler.) They offer beautiful plants along with succulens and terrariums. ba6da508-703c-4dff-90b5-a01ca456a2fa

I’ll have the “whole milk” please! =) I’m in love with these red bar stools.


Mommy & Me Time.



I ended up buying a 2 inch succulent for $2. It fits perfectly in a baby food jar that I have been saving!

Do you have a local artisan market?  Have you ever been to East End Market?

If not, you should definitely visit one day.

3201 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,


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Girls Night Out at All Fired Up {Pottery Painting in Winter Park, FL}

This past weekend was filled with birthday festivities. Happy Birthday to me! One in particular was a girls night out at All Fired Up, a pottery painting place. This place has come to be one of my favorite spots in the Orlando area. The first time I went was actually when my husband surprised me with a date night.  Since then I always share with everyone that this is a fun place to experience.  I enjoy going here so much that I have brought out of town friends and family here. My mom and sister spent the weekend visiting us, so we decided to have a girls night/birthday celebration along with one of my friends. We all had a blast and were able to let our creative juices flow.

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