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Shopping & Playing at the NEW Play Park (located inside of the Florida Mall)

Some days it calls for your family to venture off to a local mall and shop! Although it can be extremely hard to do when you have a little one who needs to burn off their energy. Our days are long gone where Little Johnny sits in a stroller for more than 20 minutes. Is there a solution to parents still being able to shop and having their little ones play…YES! (that’s if you visit the Florida Mall!)


Two weekends ago The Florida Morehouse family decided to explore the new play park inside of the Florida Mall! I have never seen anything like this inside of a mall before! As a parent I am so grateful for this fun exploration area, especially the fact that it’s inside with the air conditioning on full blast, because these hot Florida days are already killer!

If you haven’t known already, I’m a huge fan of parks! Inside & Outside!

Little Johnny loved playing here! His favorite part was climbing up the “hill” and going through an interactive tunnel. It was a great afternoon for our little family. We didn’t actually shop, more so we just walked around the mall and “window shopped”. The M & M’s World was a huge hit with Little Johnny too! 😉


Now, instead of you pleading with your children to go on a shopping trip, they’re going to be the ones to drag you to the mall. Is that a bad thing? It depends on how you view it…If you’re a parent that likes to shop, then this new play park is definitely your best friend. You’re wallet might not be so thrilled…

love finding new areas for Orlando area families to explore! It’s exciting to see all that this city offers for our children. Providing areas for children to “play” is such an added feature when it comes to families choosing on where to spend their time together.

Here’s what I’m loving about The Play Park!

  • interactive technology and a climbing sensation for children!
  • fun for all ages
  • FREE for everyone
  • light up and story telling tunnel
  • digital pond
  • talking flower
  • sound flower
  • memory game

If you want more of a description, visit this link that presents bright photos and more details about this fun experience for children!

Not only is this great for Orlando families, but also for all our tourists as well! So, if you’re thinking of coming here on vacation and you’re either tired of the hot Florida sun, or it’s a rainy day…come check out The Play Park! It’s located right by Dicks & The Crayola Experience!

It’s time to go shop and play!

Wishing you well,


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DIY FRIDAY- Inspirational & Decorative Magnets (using baby food jar lids)

So here we are again, it’s a Friday! I know I’m posting this late, but motherhood called today. Moving on…when I was a teacher I always had a Fun Friday activity planned, I mean why not?! It’s the best part of the week! 😉 So I thought since becoming a SAHM how about a FUN FRIDAY for myself and Johnny, we just named it DIY FRIDAY. So here is what we did on this rainy Friday #hurricanehermine (don’t worry we’re completely safe, just windy and LOTS of rain).

For this small DIY project I was able to use most items that I already had around my house. The only item I had to buy was the spray paint, and guess what!? I had a $5 reward that I used on it.(I love Ace Hardwares’s reward program!)  I only had to pay $1.06 for this DIY project! That’s a fun Friday in itself! 🙂

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