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When life gets you down “just keep swimming”.

Leave it to a fish with short term memory loss to be brilliant with reciting a famous line, over and over and over again. Words of such simplicity, but so much meaning behind them.
Have you ever been in what I call “a funk” and it seems like life is out to get you? Well, that’s where Dory’s famous words come in handy, especially when it’s on continuous repeat in our mind “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming“. It gives us the opportunity to shift our mindset and swim out of that deep dark tunnel (where all the bad fish are).  Someone wise once told me it’s called tunnel vision (if you’re reading this, you know who you are.)
I have interpreted this into NOT “running away from problems” but dealing with them full force with a different attitude. (Because I’ve been the type to think even the smallest of problems my world was shutting down.)
Warning: This post is not recipe related, diy related, or any parenting hacks…simply just words related to emotions…proceed at your own risk… (seriously though at least scroll to the bottom for an amazing book review)
I’m not one to hide the fact that I too have my own life struggles, just like anyone else, it’s simply human nature. Recently there have been moments where I have wanted to hide under a blanket and just be in my own “mom fort” for a little while (long enough to BREATHE). Have you ever tried it? Imagine being in a quiet and calm place where no one can find you… Sounds so peaceful, right?!
Life is complicated, messy, and hard. PERIOD. but the good news is there’s usually always something good waiting for you (that’s the “just keep swimming part”). Bottom line is, when you recognize that this is LIFE and although the hard times aren’t necessarily going away, a little twist on your perspective can make those problems not seem as big.
Always, always, ALWAYS think about the good happenings in your life. Big John is actually really good at reminding me of this. It’s definitely difficult at times to “see” that good, but that’s where the change in perspective helps you to put on your “goggles” so you can actually see where you’re swimming.
No one needs to know your struggles, we all have them, but in different ways (sometimes it just shows in our face)…what people do need to see is how you’re perceiving life. Be kind, jubilant, grateful, and humble throughout the day. Something I’m striving for when I drag myself out of bed and rise to a new day.
I needed a moment to write this to you because I had my “mommy melt down” recently where stress was just built up, and it exploded inside of me. (We have all been there, I’m sure!) I won’t go into details about the underlying factors, but let’s just say I’m overworking myself. I also came to realize my perspective on things was a bit off
I’m tired too (which I know many readers can relate) and a voice inside my head was calling for me to slow down my swim strokes, but keep going. Slow isn’t a bad thing…remember the Tortoise and the Hare story?! My point is, don’t get distracted by negativity in life, or anxious thoughts that keep swirling around in your head. Let the water guide you through the current and set ease on a new perspective. (I’m pretty sure I’m just giving myself a pep talk!)
My sister recently sent me a book (can’t thank you enough, sissy!)  Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy Beautiful Life by Glennon Doyle Melton. It’s a read that every mama should have on her list! They’re short essays about finding that balance between messy and beautiful within life situations. Along with accepting that life isn’t always “peachy”, and you know what it’s okay. She’s an authentic writer who helps you to build connections, understand that you can “do hard things”, and even gives you moments of laughter. Glennon takes you through scenarios in her everyday life where her perspective on things started to change, and guess what? She’s living a much happier lifestyle. She kept swimming.

Today my friends, take these thoughts with you…

  • keep swimming through life, but with a new perspective…meaning-be grateful for what you have, stop comparing to others, and hold your head high to find the beauty in your daily grind. (I know… easier said than done, but it’s definitely an achievable thing with persistence and the right mindset.)
  • everyday see what you have to be thankful for, maybe even make a mental list
  • see the good out of those messy situations (trust me there usually is at least 1 good thing)
  • it’s okay that life is messy sometimes,  you will survive (you may start to become the best swimmer yet!)
  • self care-slow down and take care of yourself
I write off here leaving you with a gift of reading. I’ll pause here so you can look this book up on Amazon and purchase this as a present for yourself (consider it from me;) )
Remember when life gets you down, let the wise words of Dory whisper to you on repeat “just keep swimming”, and you’ll whisper back to yourself…

“Be grateful, Be humble, Be calm. AND Remember who controls the winds and the waves.”

A bit of a deeper post for me, but a much needed one.

Wishing you well,


You’re Doing Great.

“You’re doing great.” Has anyone said that to you lately? It’s funny how these simple words can lift your spirits up, even if it’s just for a moment. Almost every time I speak with my mom on the phone she says these words to me “Honey, you’re doing great. I’m very proud of you, you know that?”.  She can always tell in the tone of my voice when I need some encouraging words (even when we’re 1300 miles apart). Here’s the thing about these simple words, they honestly send a boost to my motherhood confidence. 

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Stepping into the world of motherhood felt like literally exploring a whole different universe.

You speak differently. (sometimes I don’t know what I’m saying half the time.)

You dress differently. (I’m all about those boyfriend t-shirts and comfy pants, ocassionaly I’ll add the button down shirt “Claire Style” from Modern Family. )

You eat differently. (I’m starting to actually eat a little better in front of my son, but then ocassionaly I scarf down the “good stuff” when he’s asleep #guilty )

You drink differently. (sooooo much coffee, and on bad days I pull out the good stuff)

You google differently. (How to handle toddler tantrums? How to feed a picky eater? How to help a constipated baby? )

You sleep differently. (even when Johnny sleeps through the night I still wake up ocassionaly just because, you know I’m a mom and I worry…A LOT)

You overall look differently. (no more contacts, glassess all the way, which I actually recently broke! Good thing for backups!)

Basically it’s a whole lot of changes that happen so fast. Some days you feel like super mom, other days you feel like Cruella de Vil.

It’s tough this motherhood thing, but it’s also so marvelous. Along the way through this journey we often need to hear these words…”You’re doing great.” Because, let’s be honest a majority of the time we feel like we’re not. It’s hard to see the good when you’re not standing on the other side. In today’s day and age it feels like there are so many rules to follow, so many books to read, and so many people to judge you. It’s hard to believe that you’re doing great.

I’m here to tell you that it’s true, YOU ARE. No matter what stage you are in motherhood, you always need to hear these words. You’re trying your best, and some days you’re figuring it out as you go. Even if I haven’t officially met you, somehow you were brought to this post, so that right there says so much! I truly mean it when I say you’re doing great. I probably don’t know you personally, but I do know what a mothers heart feels like, so we have that in common. I also know that no matter who it’s from, we crave for these words to be told to us.

Can you do something for me? I want you to take a moment to  yourself in the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. Seriously!? YES, seriously.  Just do it. I’ll wait…………..

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Take this moment to…





Enjoy this moment.

Look at yourself and truly examine your “mom eyes” your “mom wrinkles” and your “mom hair” (we all have them, no reason to hide it. Embrace It.) 


I am an amazing mom.

I am doing the very best for my family.

I am proud of myself.

I’m doing great.

“You’re doing great.”

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Listen, I know it’s hard to actually believe it sometimes, so let’s do a run down of what it looks like.

Do you feed your kids? (even when they refused to eat)

Are they somewhat clean?

Are they filled with love?

Do you tell them “I love you”?

Do you show them affection?

Do you give them words of encouragement?

Do you interact with them?

Notice how these items are the foundational platform to the art of mothering. Nothing above stated getting house chores done, or buying your kids toys. It simply states the heart of motherhood. Today I’m just here to tell you,

“You’re doing great, you know that?”

Love to all the mamas!