Visiting A Master Gardener

This past Saturday I was able to sneak out for a little “me” time. Believe it or not, my “me” time involved going to the library and listening to a master gardener, Dena Wild present on the basics of growing vegetables in Central Florida! And guess what? I LOVED IT! I was even able to sit down with her one-on-one and discuss how to get started on container gardening. I learned that I am definitely a virgin gardener and that I just need to get started and learn as I go. She was a great speaker and has encouraged me to get started on container gardening. I’m 27 years old and I find excitement from this…OH BOY! When I get passionate about things my husband just turns to me and says the simple words of “I love you. It’s in such a way though that displays a statement of…”your kind of crazy, but that’s what I love about you.”

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