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DIY Friday~ $3 Kitchen Cabinet Update (Requires No Paint)

When you live in an apartment there’s only so much you can do to update the style (especially when it’s outdated). I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets for the longest time either an off white color with silver hardware, or a light grey color with gold hardware. Well, painting is out of the question, but I needed to do something to lighten up the dark cabinets! The key was to find something that wouldn’t damage them.

So are you wondering what I used and what’s the trick?! 


Long story short, Little Johnny and I were at the Dollar Tree picking up contact paper for a craft project we did this past week (sun catchers! which by the way, you should definitely do this with your little one. Here’s the link.) Anyways, I noticed how many pretty patterns of contact paper there were, so I guess you can say it inspired me to somehow use it within me home. I bought only one just to try it out on my kitchen cabinets and I ended up loving the result! So, I went back and had to buy 2 more rolls in order to cover my top cabinets, (hence the $3). Seriously, I would have never guessed contact paper would do the trick for an easy update to my kitchen! This was an idea that just popped into my mind while at the store, but of course many others had the same idea after I did a quick google search. 😉 That just means it truly works! 🙂


P.S. Here’s my color scheme I’m trying to go with in the kitchen. I have a lot of red throughout, and I’m just not liking it anymore. I want light colors to brighten up the room. The yellow in the picture below is a bit too bright, so I may find more of a softer yellow to coordinate with.

Do me a favor and go get yourself some contact paper, there are so many beautiful patterns and a variety of places you can use it in your home for an easy update! Don’t just stop at kitchen cabinets (my husband may come home one day and find our whole house in contact paper…HAHA!)


  1. Make sure to wipe down the cabinets with soap and water
  2. Measure out the height and length of what you want to cover
  3. cut out the measured piece and peel back a small corner to start. The key is to do small sections at a time.
  4. the best tool to use is a credit card or some type of plastic card (I used my library card.) 🙂
  5. Take the card and use it to spread the paper down making sure to get any “bubbles” out. 
  6. Use the card to tuck in the edges and make a crisp clean straight edge. 

That’s it! So easy, but it’s something that makes a huge change to an outdated room! I love how it brightens up our kitchen (although I still want to paint the cabinets white!) haha. Also, keep in mind that if you live in a small place and rent, that doesn’t mean you can’t update the place and personalize with your own style…decorating isn’t just for homeowners. 😉 Any space can use a sprucing up!


Have you done any updates yet to your kitchen? What are some tips and tricks you have developed along the way?

Happy DIY Friday! 

Wishing you well,


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DIY Friday~ Upcycling Coffee Cans into Produce Storage for your Kitchen

I’m all about using what you have and transforming it into something totally different! I love thinking about how I can use an item in a different way within my house. Plus, I hate going out and buying more stuff when I can use what I have to create something just like it.

This Friday I actually had a hard time thinking about what I could create, then I saw it. Three coffee cans sitting under my sink just waiting for me to save them from going into the recycling bin. 🙂 Currently my situation with produce is I throw everything into one basket and it sits on my counter. Here’s the thing about that…sometimes I forget what type of produce I have and it spoils. Also, I hate digging for things at the bottom. This week’s DIY project will hep with organizing your produce in a cost efficient way. I know open wired baskets are suppose to be easy for produce organization, but it just doesn’t work for me. Plus I’m all about the shabby chic look! Why not have your produce display look stylish. I’m using three coffee cans and wait until you see the end result! Also, guess what…this is another easy peasy DIY project for busy mamas! 🙂

Produce Holders for you Kitchen


  • 3 coffee cans
  • 3 round pieces of wood (Hobby Lobby find)
  • chalk paint
  • chalk
  • favorite spray paint color
  • hot glue gun
  • sand paper


1.take off any paper on the coffee cans and wash them

2. make sure they are fully dried and take the sand paper to sand off any paper that wouldn’t come off

3. spray paint your coffee cans (I used 3 coats) make sure to let them dry for at least 5 minutes in between each coat

4. while the cans are drying, take your wood pieces and sand one side so it’s a smooth surface (mine wasn’t as smooth so it was harder to write with the chalk, so this is a VERY important step)

5. use the blackboard chalk paint and apply 3 coats on one side

6. once everything is dried (about 1 hour) hot glue your wood pieces to the front of your cans

7. use chalk to write the produce items for each can

There you have it! An organized produce station in your kitchen!


If you want more counter space here’s an extra step that I may do in the future.

1.Drill a hole in the back of the can

2. take command hooks and use them to hang your cans along your back splash

**Make sure to get command hooks that hold at least 5 lbs or more.**

If the produce display isn’t your thing, you can also use this idea for…

  • organizing cooking utensils
  • organzing snacks
  • plant containers
  • organzing office supplies or kids crafts

Happy Creating!

What would you use this idea for?

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life