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Adventuring the Big Tree Park

This past Sunday my family and I decided to take a drive over to Longwood, FL (about 12 miles North of Orlando). As a SAHM we have to really watch our spending, so on the weekends we try to do anything that is cheap or FREE as a family. I stumbled upon this website called Mr. Free Stuff and a list of 40 cheap or free things to do near Orlando came up. How fun would it be to say you did all 40! (I think that may be the teacher in me…) #momsteachtoo. The one that caught my eye was walking the Big Tree Park. So the Florida Morehouse Family (that’s us!) took a drive that way and explored the Big Tree Park. Below you will find my review of the place, along with some pictures and information.

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Life Challenges

After the Storm

This past weekend the Orlando area was hit with some pretty bad storms. On Sunday I wanted to make our way over to Lake Eola’s Farmer’s Market, but it just was too wet. I’ll save that for next weeks post in “Oh, the places you’ll go” and hope for dry weather.  We did eventually make our way over to Lake Eola around 6pm, but by then the Farmer’s Market was taken down. With all that said…we walked around the lake right after the storm passed. I couldn’t believe the type of pictures I was able to capture! You can view them below!

What do you see in this picture?

“I spy with my little eye ____________.”

After learning about different features to use with the iPhone 6 camera, I had to start applying my knowledge! Within these pictures I focused on playing around with the exposure control (how light or dark an image will appear).This feature is great to use with the Florida Trees.

To learn more about camera features on your iPhone 6 click the link to visit my previous blog.

Can you spot the two love birds?
“Hey! Are you looking at me?”

If you have ever been to Lake Eola in Orlando, have you ever wondered about the different types of swans you see?  I know I have, especially after taking pictures of them. So I came across this informational bird guide that gives the name and a small description about the swans of Lake Eola. If you’re a regular at the lake, pull this guide up on your phone and see if you can identify the swans around the lake. How neat! I’m a sucker for things like this! img_3329

It was neat to see all the birds drying off and exposing themselves after the storm.

My family is so important to me! Just being with them lightens my day. There was this friendly lady who actually asked us to take our picture! She captured a great one! If she wouldn’t have taken it I could have always used my timer mode! To find out more on how to use timer mode visit my previous blog on iPhone 6 camera features.

img_3300This swan is just glowing! There is such an elegance to a swan, but surprisingly they are not the nicest and very territorial. I believe this pictured swan is a Royal Mute. Continue reading “After the Storm”

Family Adventures, Outdoor Adventures

Florida Trees

My son and I love to go for walks. The other day we explored Dickson Azalea Park, located in Orlando, FL. Even though it was super hot it was such a beautiful view to explore. If you’re in the Orlando area you should pack a picnic and take an adventure in this area. Oh yeah...don’t forget to capture those pictures!


The above picture is a neat boardwalk. I was not able to explore it this time because my son Johnny decided it was time to head home! If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I mean!

He’s got them baby blues that will steal you away! 

This is a perfect park to have any type of portrait taken! The beauty of the tress and surrounding nature enhance all features in the pictures. The next time I venture over here I would like to go during the “golden hour” of photography. There were a few shadows on my sons face because of too much sun exposure. It’s all about the timing when taking pictures.  Although with these pictures there was very little editing and enhancements done! Natural Beauty is what I like to say…

Do you ever wonder about everything a tree has been through and seen? There is so much history trees hold onto. Let’s just imagine for a moment what it would be like to look through the lens of the tree.

Since moving from Wisconsin to Florida I have always noticed this “moss” like plant hanging from the trees in Florida. A while back I went on a boat tour in Winter Park, Florida and they said it is actually not really moss, but a flowering plant that grows among larger trees. The real name is Spanish Moss. I had to research more to find out exactly how it grows. Here is the link that shares information about Spanish Moss if you want to read more.

Can you just see yourself sitting here reading a book, people watching, or drinking your favorite beverage! This tree is amazing!