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Sunday Afternoon- Gone Fishing

This past weekend the Florida Morehouse family had a Sunday afternoon to actually enjoy some family time. The morning was busy with Big John working, and Little Johnny and I participated in a fun project with other wonderful moms & their little ones!

Lately I have been “trying” (quotations only because it’s hard enough to do regular cleaning with a little one, so it’s a work in progress)  to do a little bit of spring cleaning around our house, specifically rearranging our bedroom. While cleaning Little Johnny recently found where his daddy keeps his fishing poles. He now LOVES to play with them (no need to worry, they don’t have hooks on them and I’m always monitoring him). So, we figured it’s probably time to take him fishing.img_5868-11e995886-45cf-41cd-bf49-c7e7d3ddffc5-1b9ed3026-8934-4224-9719-b3860def6897-1c5672dd7-32e7-4966-8deb-19180e939927-1


Originally I was going to update my park list with adding Gaston Edwards park by Lake Ivanhoe, but it started to rain after about 15 minutes of the boys fishing. (Have to love Florida for those afternoon showers, right?!) We waited in the car for a while, but Little Johnny was getting antsy, so we decided to check out the park another day.

While this post does not have much to offer, it does share our experience as a family and sometimes those are the best moments to share for me! PLUS, Little Johnny touched a fish for the first time, umm yeah, that’s a huge deal! (If you’re wondering what kind of fish they caught, it was just a little sun fish.) Let me just add too that Little Johnny definitely punched the fish when he first saw it…that’s what happens when you raise a little one while opening a Mixed Martial Arts gym…he wants to punch everything, he means well though. =)

If you’re wondering where we purchased Little Johnny’s Columbia Performance Fishing Gear outfit, we bought it at Once Upon a Child for about $12. Such a great deal!

sidenote-We pretty much buy all his clothes there!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and got a chance to have some family time, I know how hard it can be sometimes to bring everyone together and just relax.

What’s something your family enjoys to do together?

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


Family Adventures

Beach Days At Ponce Inlet, Florida

Beach days are fast upon us, and this “winter” in Orlando has been quite mild. While my mom, Larry, & Lester were visiting we enjoyed two beach days at the beautiful serene Ponce Inlet, Florida, which is near Daytona Beach.(And yes, it was in the month of February, can you believe it?!) I wasn’t going to let them go back to Wisconsin without visiting the beach!  Think sound of ocean waves, the smell of sea salt in the air, & that sun just beaming down. Get the picture? (it was still a little chilly, around 71 degrees, BUT it was still a wonderful adventure.)


We actually enjoyed our beach visit at the Lighthouse Point Park, which is a dog friendly beach (sad to say Big John had to work on our first visit, and then the second visit Johnny was sick, which Big John was so kind to stay home and take care of him while I enjoyed time with my mom, Larry, & Lester) . What I like about this park is the privacy. It’s not as busy as your actual public beach. It’s a perfect place for little ones becuase it’s not as wide open as most beaches, plus the waves aren’t nearly as high.


(Side note: Absolutely no editing needed for any of my pictures. It was that beautiful.)


  • dog friendly
  • pavilions available
  • you can bring in food and coolers for a picnic
  • bathrooms available (no changing tables/showers)
  • many people fish off the shoreline
  • beutiful boardwalk
  • small town feel
  • family friendly beach
  • walk down the board walk and your next to the public beach
  • cost is $10 per day (with 1 re-entry) They do except credit/debit cards.
  • nearby there you can tour and climb the Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum
  • there is also a nearby restaurant that is also dog friendly


Who’s ready for a beach day? If you don’t live in Orlando, but plan to visit definitely choose this for your beach destination!

Wishing You Well,


Family Adventures, Outdoor Adventures

Exploring Bill Fredrick Park

This past weekend the Florida Morehouse family finally spent an afternoon exploring a unique landmark in Orlando. It’s been soooo long and I missed it! We’ve been very busy with opening our gym, and our little boy’s first birthday that “exploring” was put on a hold for a while. I’m excited to share with you a beautiful park that features so many amenities for a family outing! My husband was laughing at me about my giddy excitement (it’s the little things that make me happy). img_3246-1

Bill Fredrick Park is 183 acres of land along the Turkey Lake, which is filled with not just a scenic view, but many recreational activites. This list is ridiculous! The best part is your enjoying the beautiful Orlando weather! (well, most days… we actually went on a cold cloudy day, but still had a great time)

Children’s Farm

Nature Connect Trail

Sand Volleyball

Boat Dock

Fishing Pier

Horse Shoes

Disc Golf


(^one for older kids and a Tot Lot)


Swimming Pool

Wedding Gazebo

Primitive & RV Camping


I told you, right?! So MANY activities! Any nature lovers out there? This is definitely your spot in Orlando.

Our Little Family’s Adventure

Tot Lot! Perfect park size for Johnny. 
Ma! What are these? 



Someone thinks he’s a “big kid”. Always playing in the mulch! 
Huge “big kid” park! (I even enjoyed it, I guess I’m a big kid at heart!) 
I spoke with a wonderful lady who tends to the farm animals and she shared with me that this farm is actually a shelter for animals that could no longer be cared for. It’s NOT a petting farm, but you could just tell in the animals eyes that they enjoyed people visiting them. They came right to you. It’s a viewing farm only. 


So many horses! They really liked following Johnny. 
Chickens and Guineas! 



Probably our favorite part…an outside xylophone! Have you ever seen one?!

img_3241-2img_3244-2img_3242-2A Little Bit of the Details

Cost: $4 per car (if you are by yourself, then it’s just $2)

Hours of Operation: November – March: 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
April – October: 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Click Here to view a price list for rentals and recreational activities.

Directions:  Click the link to take you over to google maps and be on your way to an outdoor adventure! It’s actually close to Metrowest Area within Orlando.

Plan a Trip


Make sure to pack your suncreen, swimsuit, picnic items (you can also grill out), and your hiking shoes! Enjoy a beautiful day with your family.

Hike It Baby will be hosting a hike on Sunday, February 5th, 2016 from 3:30-4:30. Perfect opportunity to meet new families in the area that also appreciate a great time outdoors!

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life