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DIY Friday~ $6 DIY Fall Wreath

What better way to start off the Fall season than hanging a Fall inspired wreath right on your own front door. I figured since today officially marks the beginning of September, it’s a perfect time to pull out those Fall decorations. Although as I write this to you, it’s 93 degrees outside! Definitely not “feeling” that Fall weather, but no worries I’m making my own vibes over here.

Fall is my absolute favorite season, it’s the time of year that I truly wish we were living back up in the Midwest. I miss the feeling of that crisp breeze, the smell of bonfires & burning leaves, and being able to see the “changing of colors”.  Oh yeah, don’t forget about the taste buds with pumpkin spice everything! 😉

You’re probably expecting the “Part 2” of my DIY Kids’ Table…well I sort of got side tracked and still have to write up the post along with finishing the top part (wood fill and another coat of chalkboard paint)…squirrel anyone…my mind is sometimes on a million things at once and I tend to be scattered brained, but that’s okay I’m enjoying all these projects so much!

Speaking of scattered brained…back to the actual post. You all know I’m a big fan of the Dollar Tree and you know what section is my absolute favorite? Their flower arrangements! There are so many great supplies at such a low price where you can make your own wreath. I have been wanting to make one for a while and what better way to start with a new season. By the way, I could totally see this for sale at your local Hobby Lobby. 🙂

$6 DIY Fall Wreath


  • 4 of your favorite flowers/fall decor. (try to go within the same “hue” of colors)
  • wreath
  • small picture frame
  • hot glue gun

**NOTE: At a last minute decision I added burlap and adhesive letters to the supplies.


1.I actually used burlap to wrap the flower arrangements into a bouquet and then hot glued it to the wreath.

2. I pulled apart the pumpkins and cut off the excess stem.

3. Then I hot glued the pumpkin arrangement to the opposite side of the flower arrangement.

4. I used the small frame and letter adhesive stickers that I placed on the cardboard found within the frame. I chose to use the word “Fall”.

5. I used hot glue and attached the frame to the wreath.

That’s it! So easy and I love how I could personalize it to my own style! If you’re more of a “bling” person, the Dollar Tree has sunflowers with gems, which I thought would be beautiful on a wreath!

Happy Fall,friends! Hopefully it’s starting to cool off a bit where you are! If so, blow that breeze down to Florida…I can’t wait to share more fun Fall projects! Enjoy your labor day weekend!

Wishing you well,


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DIY FRIDAY-coffee table center piece (using baby food jars)

Sorry hubby, but the house chores are going to have to wait…it’s DIY FRIDAY time!

This is probably the simplest DIY project I have ever done. No joke, I didn’t have to ask my husband to come and intervene once! (I usually do with just a few projects).  You only need 7 items to make this.  (8 if you include the adult beverage, but really it’s a must when doing projects).

So here is a quick thing about me…I love any type of jar or glass bottle (just ask my husband). I literally have a collection from mason jars, wine bottles, baby food jars. If they had a bumper sticker that said I LOVE JARS, you would see it on my car. (I think you get the point). Anyone else with me?!

So…with that said… I decided to complete a pottery barn inspired coffee table decor with a little shabby chic twist. Below are the directions and pictures of the steps to complete this DIY. Most things that were used I had lying around in my house. The only items I had to buy for this project were the votive candles, flowers, and little acorns  (Dollar Store purchases). So all together this DIY project cost me $6.39  . SCORE!!!!!! (we all know DIY can get expensive at times)

—Side Note— by the way, I had the wood lying around my house because my husband had a brilliant idea to build a boat…YES, you read that right…yeah, well… the story ends with us having a ton of wood lying around…I think you get the point, so why not use it to complete DIY projects. Thanks for the inspiration, husband!

STEP 1– Gather supplies:

  • long piece of plywood (measurements depend on the size of your table), paint sponge/brush, sand paper, a roll of twine, 4 large baby food jars, 2 small baby food jars, 1 taller glass jar (I saved mine from a pressed juice I received at a juice bar), acrylic glue, American Decor chalk paint, votive candles, and a flower or two
    Amanda Morehouse's photo.

    I LOVE the Dollar Store!!! Especially for DIY projects!

 Step 2: Wipe down the wood and sand any rough edges


 Step 3: Paint the wood using American Decor chalky paint (I only used one coat)


 Step 4: Once the paint is dry use the sand paper to give it that shabby chic look 

 Step 5: Start wrapping the baby food jars with twine

Quick Tips:

  • do not use glue, it doesn’t stick and it’s so messy
  • take the twin and fold the cut piece in half
  • take the middle of the folded piece and wrap it around the jar
  • tie a knot
  • continue this process until the whole twine piece is used
  • double knot at the end, and cut off any excess pieces


For the larger jar I just tied a bow of twine

around the rim of it.

Step 6: Arrange the jars to your liking on the wood piece


Step 7: Use the arcrylic glue and place a small amount on the bottom of each jar


Step 8: Place decorative items in the jars: flamless votives, acorns, and flowers


There you go! You’re DONE! (Even Johnny loves it!)img_4941

Happy DIY FRIDAY!!!!! Now it’s your turn!