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“Budget Friendly” Fall Inspired Coffee Table Centerpiece

Have you ever hear the statement-“When you build up your spices in the kitchen cabinet, cooking becomes easier and more cost-efficient.” Well, we can apply this same idea to crafting/DIYing! Although, it’s more like fabric pieces, gems, hot glue gun, ribbons, and the list goes one… I have built up solid “basics” of craft supplies and I thought it would be fun to use what I have and create a “fall inspired” centerpiece for my coffee table.

The Florida Morehouse family had a stay at home kind of weekend. Little Johnny came down with a cold, which he needed rest days to recuperate (although, he had all the energy in the world, just with snot hanging down his nose! haha) This led me to getting a few fun projects done around the house. (Especially all things pumpkin related!) October is my all time favorite month (it may have something to do with it being my birthday month, just saying…) To me it marks the time of year where the “seasonal activities” are embarking. 

There’s quite a bit to offer in this post, and I should probably break it up into two parts, but here’s the honest truth…I’ve tried doing that before which it’s quite hard for me to come back to it later. My motto is get it done all at once, mainly because I tend to be scattered brained where my mind gets off track to other projects. Although, it’s a great post that allows you to pick and choose different decorating techniques to incorporate in your home, especially since they’re easy and budget friendly!

You may think I’m a bit crazy with decorating while there are little hands and toys spread out around our home, but I’m a mama that like to decorate and while I realize our little guy may rearrange things, I’m totally okay with that. It’s these small decorating moments that give me that boost of excitement in life! (Along with  $2.99 mums at Aldi!)

“I have pretty areas in my home that I admire, but I also have toys spread across the floor along with a trail of snack crumbs…and I’m okay with that. It’s a season of my life that I will one day miss, but that’s not stopping me from fulfilling my love of decorating!”

Anyways, grab a hot cup of coffee and get cozy (or in our case, turn up the air conditioning and “pretend” it’s fall weather) and follow me as I take you through this tour of my “Budget Friendly” Fall Inspired Coffee Table Centerpiece.

Below you’ll find the pictures with links and detailed descriptions on how I managed to create the staging of my coffee table centerpiece.

This is an upcycled project! Here I have a tiki torch where I took out the tin and replaced it with a mason jar along with artificial flowers and a foam ball to give it more height! I love the frame of the torch and the height it gives.

Any guesses as to where I purchase this artificial plant? YES, the one and only Ikea! I have had this plant for about 4 years (and probably the only one I will ever keep “alive” this long…haha!) Here’s a great tip if you’re seeking budget friendly advice…use just a few pieces from the plant and disburse throughout your house. Seriously, no one will ever know! This picture was taken after I pulled off the pieced I needed…can you tell?! (I didn’t think so…) 😉

The above picture is a “no-sew” pumpkin that I created within 15 minutes. It was so easy and it adds great detail along with adding different textures immersed in the display. (I’m a big fan of decorating with textures if you haven’t noticed…haha) Click the link below to watch a youtube tutorial that helped me!

>>>No-Sew Pumpkin Tutorial<<<

This pumpkin is another upcycled project using mason jar lids! Stay tuned for a DIY Friday post where I’ll take you through the steps!

love decorating with books or magazines! Here’s a trick…checkout hardcover magazines from the library depending on the season you are in! It adds more color along with height to your display.

What’s your favorite “fall inspired” decor item?

Let’s get to decorating!

Wishing you well, 


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Decorating a Small Home for Christmas {My Home Tour}

This past weekend the Florida Morehouse family had to stay around the house and get some things done, so instead of an adventure in the Orlando area I put the finishing touches to my  Christmas decorations. Christmas is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for. I’m a true Wisconsinite by heart, born and raised in the town Kenosha, WI. I love the feeling of this time of year up there, that’s the one thing I really miss (of course family & friends too). We now live in Florida and during the first Christmas here I didn’t think it was an actual thing to decorate for Christmas. It was a little different for me to see lights and trees up during the warm weather and Palm tress surrounding us. Let me tell you…it’s actually a thing, Floridians decorate for Christmas too! 😉 We just don’t have to bundle up to experience the outdoor lights and decorations.

Currently, we live in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath condo, I call it our little cottage. Nothing fancy, but it’s a cozy little home and I love decorating our small space, especially for Christmas. This season I focused on a traditional warm & cozy feel! My inspiration came from a touch of mother nature, and upcycled & hand crafted items. Come along as I take you on my “Christmas Decor Home Tour” I’ll share with you some cost efficient tips & tricks on how I decorated our small space. Don’t forget to grab your hot cocoa or coffee, and while you’re at it turn up the Christmas music & get comfy!

Small Home Christmas Decor Tour


^ First stop, my living room wall display. I love using mother nature for decorations inside the home. I found these wonderful twigs outside and I placed them inside of this hanging candle holder along with some red hollieberries and a pine cone.I purchased the pine cone and hollieberries at the Dollar Tree. Next to the decorative wall display I have a homemade DIY Christmas garland. It has a color palette of metallic gold, white, and a pop of red. . Click here visit my previous blog where I guide you through the steps of creating your own Christmas garland. (because every home needs one for Christmas!)


^ Next up is the picture wire hanger, but instead of pictures I used the front of Christmas cards from last year along with foil printed paper from Target’s Dollar section ($3). All I did was cut off the front pictures of the card and used them for display. In a small home using the wall space to decorate is great, because it takes up less room in your floor plan.


^ We didn’t get a real Christmas tree this year because we have a 10 month old and we thought it would be best just to use our already purchased table stand trees.  (a little more height helps to keep those little hands from touching!) We have two, so for this one I decorated it with the traditional ornaments that have been in the family for a long time. It’s perfect for a small home because it doesn’t take up so much space, plus if you have two you can have separate themes for the trees. We purchased these two trees at Big Lots last season. Great place to shop for Christmas decor at a reasonable price.



^ Here’s an expanded view of our tree setup. As you can see I have it placed on a small table that my great grandpa actually built. To make the tree look like it has a tree skirt I used our kitchen table items that displayed for our Thanksgiving. The colors went well and it added a little bonus texture to the look. I folded the table-cloth so all corners met in the middle and then I placed it on top of the side table along with a decorative twine place mat. We don’t have a fireplace, so we hung our stockings on the shelf and added our own “digital” fireplace! (YouTube is the best!). For the floating book case above the T.V. I used pretty wrapping paper and wrapped all the books then I placed a burlap bow on top.


^ For our second table stand tree, I went with more of a classy red & green theme. The burlap bow tree topper was something that I actually made last year. Click “how to make an easy burlap bow” for a video that I used to help guide me in the making. It fit perfectly on top of this tree (to secure it I just used floral wire). In the background you’ll notice a picture frame chalkboard. These are great to personalize for each season. I added a little touch of sparkly gold fern (Dollar Tree purchase) on top along with red bells (Target Dollar Section $1).



^ Onto our coffee table!  We already had a wooden holder, so I placed ornaments and left over pine cones along with red & white hollieberries that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. The wooden holder is a lighter wood, but it picks up the lighter tones within the coffee table. Just enough, and not over cluttering for a small home. I could add a runner, but our little boy’s hands would definitely take it off! So we’re decorating while keeping in mind about “baby proofing”.



^ This is my  favorite detail about our home, the open divider between the kitchen and living room. On the top shelf I have two glass jars that have gold pine cones, pine leaves, and an ornament on top (oranments are such a great decoration). The middle shelf has two silver glittered reindeer (Hobby Lobby from last season). Click “glittered reindeer” for a similar version that you can shop for at Target. The birchwood “M” was a gift from our wedding that I kept because it went with the natural warm and cozy feel. I found a similar one on etsy for $14!  Click “birchwood lettering“to view it.  The lantern was an item I bought at IKEA ($4). Click “ikea lantern” to be directed to the link. The two glass Christmas trees compliment everything by helping to soften up the look. The decorative red vine adds a pop of color. A simple sign “Merry and Bright” adds a classy appeal to the display. Click “merry and bright sign” to be directed to a similar wooden sign I found at Target.



^ In this picture, let’s start with the votives. They’re battery operated and were purchased at the Dollar Tree ( they come in a 2 pack) and the jars are baby food jars that I saved and upcycled. I tied a piece of twine on each one to provide more texture to the look. The plate mats are another Hobby Lobby buy (last year). The advent calendar was something I hand crafted. If you’d like to make you’re own  DIY Christmas Advent Book Calendar  to visit my previous blog that guides you through the steps. The red glass jar is a “kiss” candy jar that was given as a gift. I love the pop of color it adds. The vase has bottle caps and wine corks that we’ve been saving along with a branch from the Christmas tree and a pine cone.

Well, that’s it! My cozy little cottage all decorated for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this tour and it inspired you to incorporate some things into your own home. What’s your favorite part about decorating for Christmas? If you would describe your home decor style for Christmas what would it be?

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

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