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DIY Friday~ How to Make Your Own Christmas Door Hanger

It’s DIY Friday again! Can you believe how close it is to Christmas? (7 more Fridays by the way, no one is counting here!) This time of year always seems to creep up on us, don’t you think? Now, I am all about waiting until Thanksgiving is over to do anything Christmas related, but I can still start to think about my Christmas decor for this season. I love the preparation for Christmas, it’s literally the best time of the year. Growing up I remember spending a day listening to Christmas music and decorating the whole house with all our Christmas decor goodies! (it’s funny how childhood memories start to flow back into your life once you become a mom!) As I was thinking about last years Christmas decor items that I have, I knew I needed to buy something to hang on our front door.

So, this Friday I decided to do it myself and make one instead of buying one. Did I listen to Christmas music while crafting you might ask? The answer is no (I’m very strict with myself about this!) Instead I had a glass of wine and watched Modern Family (anyone else a fan of that show?) Of course this was all once Johnny was down for the night. It was a much needed my time! Follow along as I guide you through the steps of how to make your own personalized Christmas door hanger. (might I add I purchased most items at the Dollar Tree!)  Continue reading “DIY Friday~ How to Make Your Own Christmas Door Hanger”