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Tips and Tricks with Saving Money on Groceries & 7 Day Menu

We all like to save money and if we can eat well out of it too, than it’s a win win in all situations! Let me start off by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post. I am simply sharing my tips and tricks that are helping us to save money on our grocery bill, along with the new found love I have for…Aldi.  We all have to grocery shop at some point, so why not save money while you’re doing it without the extra step of couponing!

I always new about Aldi, but never actually shopped there until I started staying home with Little Johnny. We had to find all kinds of ways to cut back on our spending and the grocery bill was a huge oneMy only complaint is that right now I do have to drive about 20-25 minutes to get to the store, so let’s get on building an Aldi near us, shall we?! 🙂 Mind you, we live right next to a Publix too…so it’s very tempting to just say “forget the drive” but the amount we save is so worth it!

Here’s a little secret about me…I am not a couponer…(if that’s even a word, haha)! I applaud all mamas that take the time to coupon. I don’t have the patience for that right now and I realize how much money you can save along with even getting money back sometimes, but my life is already a little hectic so I’m just keeping it simple with a few tips & tricks that drastically help to cut back on our grocery bill!

This grocery trip I spent $67.89, which includes a planned out menu for 7 meals (I’m a pinterest meal planner :)) and a few added snacks, and beverages. We are a family of 4, so we tend to have a lot of leftovers that ends up just being our lunch for the week. Before I share my menu with links to the recipes, let’s get into a few tips &tricks that I have been doing to save.

Tips & Tricks with Saving $ on Groceries

  • Shop at Aldi- There prices are  unbelievably cheap, and you’re not risking the quality of your meals either. So far we have no complaints. (By the way this week the eggs were 48 cents & avocados were 89 cents!
  • plan out your menu for the week and write down a grocery list!
    • It’s a bit of work to complete this, but well worth it throughout the week because I don’t have to worry about thinking “what’s for dinner”. I just look at my board and I’m good to go, it truly is a lifesaver for the weekly dinner time stress. And by the way, I’m a traditional lady with grocery lists and I literally just write it down on scrap paper.
  • Stick to your list!
    • This is always the hardest thing for me, but sticking to your list and not adding on is one of the easiest ways you’ll save (but it does take some self-control on your part..)
  • buy in large quantities of meat and use it for more than 1 meal
    • For example the pork roast will do us for a couple of meals, so I planned 2 dinners out of it…pulled pork sandwiches and pulled pork nachos.
  • build your spice cabinet!
    • I have collected a variety of spices over the last couple of months which has helped me to not have buy more spices.
  • Check your fridge and cabinets before you grocery shop!
    • This is another simple one, but something I’m even guilty of not always doing! When I see that we still have some leftover fruits/veggies along with other spices I try to incorporate it into my planned out meals (mostly as side dishes) so they’re not going to waste!  You’d be surprised with the variety of things you can make out of leftovers, which also tastes yummy too! (Google is a great friend for this! ;))
  • use “protein fillers” within meat-
    • I buy cans of black beans every time I go grocery shopping and I use them within my ground turkey or other meals as “protein fillers” so that I can divide the pound of meat into at least 2 meals!
  • Use a calculator! 
    • I’m going old school with this, but it truly helps to keep track of what you’re spending!
  • Skip the snack aisle and shop your produce & meats first!
    • I use to does this backwards where I would shop for the things that are just extras, but sometimes we just don’t have the wiggle room to purchase them. So when I shop for the necessities first than I can see if I am able to splurge.
  • pay with cash and leave all your cards at home!
    • This might be extreme, but if you don’t have the cards on hand and are limited to just the money you have, those extra snacks that you really don’t need won’t be added on… I’m so bad with getting caught up in the snack aisle and even though it’s small added costs, it does add up.

7 Day Menu for the Week 

(we are not on any type of diet, we simply eat food that sounds good to us but in balanced portions.)

I have included all the links to where I found the recipes so make sure to click on them!

Meal #1 Sunday

Main Dish- Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Side Dish- I already had sweet potatoes so I just added it as our side. You can also include honey cinnamon butter! 

photo credit is to

(P.S. here’s a quick and easy trick I learned to bake sweet potatoes in the microwave if you’re in a hurry, wet a paper towel and wrap it around each potato…it creates a “steamed approach” to cooking them.) 

Meal #2 Monday

Main Dish- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup & Garlic Bread 

This is a really easy recipe, but still gives it that “homemade taste”.

Meal #3 Tuesday

Main Dish- Ground Turkey Enchiladas 

Side Dish- Tomato & Corn Lemon Salad 

Easiest side dish ever! Simply mix in a can of corn, cilantro, and chopped tomatos. Then add lemon juice and salt to taste. (Usually I add black beans too, but the enchiladas already call for them.) 

photo credit is to

Meal #4 Wednesday

Main Dish- Southwestern Chicken Alfredo Pasta 

Meal #5 Thursday

Main Dish- Pulled Pork Nachos

I’m using my leftover pulled pork from earlier in the week. I even had enough to freeze for another meal.

Meal #6 Friday

Main Dish- Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza  

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Meal # 7 Saturday

Main Dish- Baked Ziti 

photo credit is to

What are some tips that you do to save on your grocery bill? I hope this has helped you in planning out your meals as I know it can be a bit stressful at times! Enjoy!

Wishing you well,




Store Bought Toddler Snacks!

Let’s talk about snacks, shall we?! I have a son who LOVES snacks, I think he takes after his mama. I am actually trying to cut back because he tends to get full off them, and doesn’t eat too much of his main meals. So when Little Johnny does have snacks I wanted to be a little bit more strategic on the type of foods that are going into his little tummy.  I’ve been on the look out for some fast and fun snacks that I can buy in stores. While grocery shopping today I decided to actually put a list of our favorite snacks for Little Johnny ,who is now 14 months old (can you believe that?!)


sidenote- I had a blog post already prepared for today, but I scrachted  it because I just didn’t feel like it was “publish” worthy yet (the title is Finding your “niche” as a mom). I still want to write about it, but I think I need time to just gather my thoughts and revisit it at a later point. Anyways, back to SNACKS!

I’m an Aldi shopper and surprisingly they have great snacks besides pouches and cherrios, HA! (We still have those too, and YES I eat many of Little Johnny’s snacks as well). Little Johnny has always been more insterested in what we have been eating, so probably since he was about 8 or 9 months old we did baby led feeding (we just offered him foods that we ate, and of course we made sure it was things he could actually have.)

Here’s just a few items in our snack bucket (YES, we actually have a bucket dedicated to snacks). =)

Green Pea Crisps 

Johnny LOVES anything that is crunchy. So this is a healthier alternative that doesn’t have artifical ingredients and preservatives. He could seriously eat this whole bag in one sitting, if I let him! I like that this isn’t a very filling snack too.


Spinach & Kale Bites 

These are new in our snack department. They are kept in the freezer and you can either bake them, pop them in the microwave, use a toaster oven, or prepare on a skillet. They’re so cute with the dinosaur shapes too! Johnny is not a big veggie person. So, these little guys are a fun alternative, which he actually likes. Aldi ‘s offers other varites too, but we haven’t tried any of them yet. These are probably easy to make on your own, but I’m just too busy to whip up some snacks in the kitchen. This packet cost $3.49 and serves about 20 pieces.


Apples & String Cheese

Johnny likes eating apples just plain. He actually finds it fun to hold the big apple. I use to cut it up, but he prefers it “as is”. I start the apple for him so that I take off most of the skin, just to make sure he doesn’t choke on it. String chese is always a fun snack too!


Surprisingly rasins are very good for you! They are a snack that is rich in vitamin B, iron, and potassium. Plus, they’re a great source of carbohydrates. Don’t let these little guys fool you. =) They offer many health benefits, and are cheaper than actual grapes. We purchased this big container from Publix.

Mixed Nuts

I always keep a big thing of mixed nuts in my car because sometimes once I’m actually in the car I realize I’m starving and I need a quick, healthy, and satisfying snack! Recently I let Johnny try some and he actually enjoyed it. Right now he really likes cashews. I buy the unsalted variety at Aldi and I believe this big container comes out to be $12 and some change.


I’m just not the type of mom that bakes snacks, so I reverted to some great store bought ones. I have a hard enough time cooking dinner as it is. =)

What’s your little ones favorite snacks?  I may need some inspiration, for we all know children’s taste buds tend to change!

Happy Snacking!

Wishing You Well,

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