Rewarding Jobs for the SAHM

It’s always a difficult decision to manage living on one income. Trust me, I know!  Now a days, that is very hard to do, and not always an option. Luckily there are plenty of jobs out there that enable moms to earn extra income, especially if you’re staying home. Here’s the thing though… sometimes those “at home” jobs aren’t very life fulfillfing/rewarding. I’m a tad picky and I have been on a search for jobs that enable me to stay at home along with doing something I enjoy. (because we all want that, right?!) I’m excited to share with you that I found not just one, but TWO! Not only do I stay at home with my little one, but I teach English to children in Beijing with VIP Kid, and I lead Tinkergarten classes (structured outdoor ‘play” for children 18 months-8 years)!

It took me a while to find jobs that I could see myself actually enjoying. I truly wish I came across a blog that shared these opportunities with me, so I figured someone else is probably out there searching as well. If you are, stay a while and explore! I provided links for you below that will be helpful in understanding exactly what these two jobs offer. I think this was meant for you to discover my blog. If you have any questions I’m just an email away! You can use my contact info to send any questions my way!

Rewarding Jobs for the SAHM 

>>VIP Kid Teacher<<


>>Tinkergarten Leader <<


Make sure to click on each link above ^in order to be directed towards more info! I wish you the best in your new adventures in life!

Wishing you well,