Making Things Pretty Again

Recently I’ve been finding some great “road side” furniture and decor items! I love bringing life back to things that seem like garbage to others. This portfolio displays items I found while going on an evening stroll with my little one. All these items were right within my own neighborhood. I didn’t go on a hunt for them, they appeared literally right in front of me. I couldn’t leave these great pieces for a garbage truck to pick them up. They were screaming MAKE ME PRETTY AGAIN! So, that’s exactly what I did.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Favorite Supplies 


I’m in love with this serendipity “oops” paint from Ace Hardware (I literally paid $1 for it, SCORE!).  The Design Master rose gold spray paint has been one of my favorites for a while now. I also really enjoy using the chalky Americana Decor lace color paint. Lots of  favorites for me! I’m sure I’ll keep adding to my collection. 🙂

Favorite Distressing Technique 


I love using the petroleum jelly technique where you apply small amounts of the petroleum jelly onto areas of the wood that you want the “distressed” look. After that you apply your chosen top coat color. Let it dry to a tacky finish, you want it medium dry. Use a paper towel and wipe off the paint (you don’t have to scrub, just a light wiping).

The whole concept of the petroleum jelly is wherever it’s applied, the paint will not adhere to the furniture. Here’s a video of a tutorial that guided me with this technique. Super easy to do, what I learned though is a little goes a long way.

Refurbished Gallery 

I used the distressed method with petroleum jelly as mentioned above. I’m seriously enticed by the end result! I also used a dry brush technique with the lace chalky paint for the top coat. To update the hardware all I did was spray paint it with the rose gold finish (because new hardware is so expensive!)

**I still need to apply a polyurethane coat on top to protect the furniture from getting nicked. This is a really important step, so I need to get to it!**




For this piece I cleaned it up with the original off white color (another oops paint from Ace Hardware, $5 for a gallon!) I made sure to sand and clean everything down before applying any paint. I left the legs and the sides of this desk a crisp clean white finish. For the top and front of the drawer I applied the off white paint, then applied a very light color of rose gold and gloss candy pink spray paint. (It was a quick spray making sure to leave some of the off white areas exposed.) Once everything was dried I used a swirled swish technique with the serendipity paint color. Basically I just twirled my paint brush back and forth along with dabbing it.

This is probably my absolute favorite find so far! I cleaned it up (just using a toothbrush and soapy water) Then I used my all time favorite rose gold spray paint to give it that elegant end result. For the fixture pieces I spray painted them a bright white to give it a crisp and clean look. I cleaned all the crystals by using hot soapy water and then finishing them with a part water part vinegar spray (gives it a shiny finish!).

Part of a pallet turned into a mail organizer! Click here to create your own!

Make sure to keep checking back to this page as I’ll continue to update with all the goodies I find and how I’m making them pretty again!

Wishing You Well,


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