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Upcycling A Pallet into A Mail Organizer

I’m a day late in posting my DIY for the week. Reason being?? Well, simply I was too tired to actually write a blog post yesterday. It happens to the best of us… I didn’t want to take the chance of writing a bad post, so instead I took a nap (a much needed one)!

I’ve been working my new VIP Kid job early in the morning, like I’m talking about 4am! So, my body is just getting use to a new schedule.

This week’s DIY was inspired by a friend who suggested diying a mail organizer (thanks friend)! 😉 It’s always fun to get others involved with my blog and it helps to spark inspiration within my life as well!


About 1 week ago while walking with Little Johnny, I spotted a pallet just laying on the side of the road. Call me crazy, but I have always wanted to create something with a pallet. I just never actually got around to finding one. It just so happened that the pallet was about 2 blocks down from my house, so of course Little Johnny and I quickly jumped in the car and headed over. The funny thing is it definitely was too big to fit in my car, so I drove slowly with my back hatch open…I was determined to get that pallet home! 🙂

Now, there is another part to this story as well…Just that morning before taking our walk I was talking on the phone with my Nana & Papa. They have been doing a lot of yard work in preparation for the summer! My Papa shared with me that he used the leftover pallet that was delivered to them as flower boxes! Here’s a picture of it! Patriotic spirit…perfect for this Memorial Day Weekend! We’re loving on pallet this week over here! 🙂


Don’t you love it?! This idea happened to get my creative juices flowing. I knew I could create a mail box organizer from a pallet as well. You want to know the best part about pallets (humor me by saying yes)…

  1. A lot of the nailing and gluing is already done for you, it’s just a matter of cutting and figuring out what you would like to create with it.
  2. Many times palettes are free! If you can’t find it on the side of the road, then try going to a local grocery store and see if they’ll give away theirs!
  3. More than 1 project can be created with it!

Did I get you hooked on pallets yet?! 😉 I still have a bunch of the sections left, so maybe another project will come soon from it!

Upcycling A Pallet into A Mail Organizer

I have one more story before moving onto the details… My intention was to hang this mail organizer on the wall. Long story short…that definitely didn’t go as planned. As soon as I tried hanging it, the mail organizer fell…and myy wine bottle shattered (luckily Little Johnny was asleep).

SO, lesson learned…it’s too heavy to hang on the wall. I could use heavy-duty brackets, but I just didn’t feel like messing with it anymore. My gut was saying “LEAVE IT BE”! So, here it sits, on my side table. I’m actually not hating the look of it.

Onto the steps…

Grab your jig saw, and let’s get started!

1.I used my jig saw to cut out one section of the pallet and then cut it in half so I that I had 1 “box”.

2.I detached a board from the unused “box” and used wood glue to adhere it to the bottom of the other box.

3. I stained the back using a dark walnut color and an off white finish for the front board.

4. Then, I painted two chalkboard labels (using chalkboard paint) to create the “his & her” sign.

5. Once that was dried I attached the wine bottle using wood glue inside the center of the “box”.

Below are the pictures of how I’m using it within my home. If you can figure out a way to secure this to the wall, by all means do it! I like the look, but it just didn’t work out for me…






What else could I create with a pallet? Could you see yourself making this?

Here’s to a restful weekend!

Wishing you well,


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DIY Friday~ Chalkboard Tags from Mason Jar Lids & “How to Style A Pegboard”

tyling things. I seriously find so much serenity and peace just from placing little knick knacks, baskets, and other items in the perfect spot within my home! It’s like my therapy. I totally ditched the chores this past Thursday while Little Johnny was napping and styled my pegboard along with making adorable chalkboard tags for my bins.


When I get stressed out about something that’s new the best thing for me to do is…ORGANIZE. (I know, I’m crazy, right?!) This pegboard is helping me to stay organized in a stylish way for my new VIP Kid job.

If you haven’t heard, I was recently hired by VIP Kid, where I’ll teach English to children ages 5-12 in Beijing through this amazing thing called a WEBCAM! Awesome, right?! My first few bookings are actually Friday (today, 5/19/17) starting at 9pm! Please say a prayer for me as I’m a bit nervous to get started. Just like with anything else it takes me a while to find my groove/routine, but once I do things seem to always work out for the best. I’ll make sure to dedicate a blog post about my process and how things are going. I just want to actually have a few classes completed before I share all the details!

Before I move onto the actual post, you have to watch the music video to this song, which I’m sure you’ve heard. The animation is amazing, plus I’m loving this song right now. 🙂 Just a little something extra to share with you!

I’m not one to always listen to the actual meaning of songs, but I was curious as to what this one means and it’s quite a powerful song. Here’s the link that I read, which did a wonderful job at analyzing the lyrics of this song.

Now, onto the actual post…

How to Style A Pegboard

Pegboards are so versatile and you can seriously arrange them in so many different ways! Did you know there are many different types of pegboards too?  We have the heavy-duty steal one with the long pegs because my husband use to have a small online fishing store, and this is where he stored many of his lures. Well, guess what happens when your wife gets a hold of it…I’m so glad to have a husband that is willing to share. 😉

Pegboards are great for organizing things, which is exactly what I did to this one, along with adding my personal style. Would you like to know the best part? The only items I purchased were the bins, pineapple sign (which is ADORABLE), and the candle holder. Guess where I purchased them?  Yes, Dollar Tree. So I spent a total of $7 dollars to transform this pegboard! The rest of the items I found within my home.

Under each picture I’ll share some tips that I found helpful while styling the pegboard!


Hanging baskets always bring another feature into the display. Adding a bold print to the pegboard also gives it a pop of color along with an updated look.


Pegboards are great for using it as a shelf! This piece of wood is reclaimed fence wood that I found on the curbside. I just placed with wood  on top of the pegs, and it was good to go! Adding knick knacks on top adds so many features and textures that really help to style the pegboard.  (I love working with texture while styling things.)

I found these two items in the same aisle while at Dollar Tree. I love the blue color and I needed something tall and vertical to place on top of a stack of books. So, I decided to hot glue the blue candle holder on the clear taper candle holder. I love the end result. For $2, you can’t beat this!


Height is always crucial when styling bookcases, pegboards, mantels, and so on. Think outside of the box in order to achieve the height that you want. Stacking a few colorful books helps to bring different color tones into the display as well.


Mason jars…what’ not to love about them?! Any type of flower or plant is pretty much a must. Succulents add such a crisp and clean appeal to the display.


These bins are perfect for the pegboard! So many different ways to use these for organizing. Adding different color bins and texture helps to add a certain appeal to the look. Think…wicker, tin pails, wood boxes, weaved baskets…the list goes on. Things that you place inside the bins also add to the decor as well, such as the composition notebook I placed in the bin on the picture below.


After all that, something was definitely missing…So, I decided to make…

DIY Chalkboard Tags from Mason Jar Lids

I’m a big believer in using what you have along with trying to upcycle items. Lately I’ve been on a Mason Jar kick where I’m trying to find different ways I can use them. Well folks, I found another way!




1. Make sure to clean the lid

2. Use a nail and hammer to make a hold on the lid for the twine

3. You MUST use primer before adding your chalkboard paint! (Otherwise the chalkboard paint will chip off.)

4. I used actual paint, but spray paint would probably be better for the chalkboard. Make sure to apply 3 coats

5. Add your twine and that’s it!







I had so much fun with this project! I hope this post has inspired you with ideas to stay organized. If you would like more tips you can visit my previous post where I styled a bookcase. I have it linked for you right here.

How else would you use a pegboard to stay organized?

Cheers to a great weekend!

Wishing you well,


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DIY Friday~ Upcycling Mason Jar Lids As Coasters

As a DIY gal you always tend to have a bunch of unused mason jar lids lying around. Recently I was researching on how to reuse them, and the idea of coasters popped up. If you’re looking for a fun way to be creative, but just don’t have much time to dedicate, let me just say…I’m pretty sure this project was meant for you! No tools, paint, nails, or screws are required. This one is easy peasy folks!

 DIY for busy mamas.


If you have been following along for a while now, you will know this is project #3 from my Orchard Supply Hardware DIY shopping haul. I have it linked for you right here just in case you missed it! =)



  • hot glue gun
  • cork board
  • mason jar lid
  • sharpie
  • scissors


  • stamp (I choose to go with a monogram look)
  • acrylic paint (or ink pad that is waterproof)
  • paint brush, only if you’re not using an ink pad


1.Take the inside part of your mason jar lid and use that to trace a circle on the cork board using the sharpie. Then cut it out.


2. Use your hot glue gun to glue the two pieces of the mason jar lid together.

3. Take your cut out cork board circle and hot glue the side that you want to place on the lid. You may need to push down a little in order for the cork to fit.


4. This part is optional, but I choose to use a stamp and add a little monogram to the coaster. I just used black acrylic paint.



Happy DIYing!

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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DIY Friday~Seashells, Wood, & A Pineapple Wall Display

Let’s talk pineapples, shall we?! They’re pretty much a staple item right now with home decor. The next time you go into a home decor store count how many pineapple decor items there are, it’s quite a bit.  Do you know what pineapples symbolize? They actually represent “hospitality”, so whenever you see one within a home you know your stay is going to be very welcoming. 😉 That’s A LOT of pineapple talk right there.

As you can imagine, I wanted to incorporate a pineapple into one of my DIY projects. I also have a ton of reclaimed wood that I shared about in a previous post. The seashells look great with wood as they create a natural worn & distressed beachy look. So, this Friday I created a wall display that incorporates seashells, wood, & a pineapple layout (hence, the title). 13aa4bcf-9694-445b-94f1-46e584d72c04

I guess this is Part 2 of Beach Treasures turned DIY. You can visit my first beach treasure DIY post here.

Little Johnny and I went on another beach trip. There were so many seashells just waiting for us to collect. Of course, I collected them and actually did a “blue print” within the sand of my DIY plan. I knew I wanted to incorporate something with a pineapple layout, and seashells work great for the outline. (Johnny helped for a little bit, but  was very distracted by the huge ocean waves!)


  • seashells
  • red, yellow, and green colored rocks (you can find a bag of them at Hobby Lobby)
  • wood (any wood will do, many craft stores have wood that’s already prepared for hanging on a wall)
  • scissors
  • pieces of burlap
  • craft paint stick
  • Americana Chalky paint in the color lace
  • chalk


For your wood piece, the easiest thing would be to get already prepared wood that’s ready for hanging from a local craft store. I decided to use my reclaimed wood for this project and made my own wood hanging display. I’ll be honest, I was figuring it out as I went (BEST way of learning if you ask me), in the end it turned out pretty decent. PLUS, this gave me the chance to actually use some power tools, perfect timing for this project too because my grandparents are in town and they helped to show me a thing or two. 🙂

Sidenote: The “real” pineapple you see staged within the picture was purchsaed by my Papa. He helped me add more character to this project and used the “real” pineapple as a reference. Love it! 🙂 21aba815-8ee9-4814-bea3-ae4d23fe14d2

I’m going to make the steps of creating your own wood hanging display into a new blog post, so stay tuned for one coming soon. (This DIY post would be extremely long if I wrote the steps to this as well.)

Back to the actual steps…

1.Take your chalk and draw an outline of your desired pineapple shape.

d4425b06-3042-4fd2-ad7f-f119d56b4c362.Lay your seashells and colored rocks on the wood to your desired shape for your pineapple.

3.Hot glue your sea shells and rocks one by one (epoxy or tacky glue will work as well).

4.Take 5-8 pieces of burlap and cut the end so that it  is pointy.

5.Hot glue the burlap onto the top of the pineapple outline.


6. I used chalk to free hand the wording onto the board. I pulled up the type of lettering I wanted on my computer for a reference, then I just traced away on the wood using my chalk. There’s more to this quote, but I was getting tired and did not feel like adding on more.

8. Then I took my Americana chalky paint int the lace color and went back over the outlined letters. 1e44a7a7-103a-49ba-8141-204990dc5429


7. Once the paint was dry (10 minutes), I used sandpaper to sand over the actual words. This makes it look like it’s engrained into the wood.

Just forewarning this project did take a little longer then I planned, mainly becuase of creating my own wood hanging display as well (totally worth it though).

Happy DIY Friday!

Wishing You Well,


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DIY Friday~upcycling a clipboard and turning it into a chalkboard menu

Hey everyone! If you haven’t noticed I’m pretty obsessed with all things rose gold and things with a chalkboard finish! This Friday I am seriously in LOVE with my chalkboard menu for the kitchen! It’s another easy peasy DIY project for busy moms! Plus, as a bonus it’ll help you to stay organized in the kitchen along with meal planning. You probably already have a few of these items lying around your home, so grab your clipboard, command hooks, chalkboard paint, and hot glue gun & let’s get started!

**Side Tip: This project can be adapted to any type of chalkboard item, such as:

  • a to do list
  • a fun doodle board for the kids (especially for long car rides)
  • a mini calendar

Let your creativity come to life! 🙂

Chalkboard Menu





By the way, here’s something that might make you chuckle. While setting up the picture display of supplies I realized after I took the picture that I was missing my painter’s tape. Sure enough, Johnny took it and gave it to his doggy as a chew toy (he loves doing that!) Boys will be boys I guess, right?!


1. use the painter’s tape to tape around the clip area

2. use your rose gold spray paint and spray the clip part along with your command hooks

3. after the clip part has dried remove the painters tape


4. take your painter’s tape and edge the area on the clipboard where you would like the chalkboard paint to go (I ended up only placing a strip at top, making sure to leave enough room to write the words “menu”. )

5. apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint

6. arrange your command hooks at the bottom


7. hot glue each hook to the bottom

8. use your pencil to free hand (or you can use a stencil) the word “menu”

9.  use a stencil brush and the chalky lace paint to apply the finish look

**Tip** You can use so many different techinques for the wording. I just used what I had on hand. Here are some other methods:

  • permanent marker
  • paint pen
  • stickers (apply mod podge on top to secure them to the board)

10. write out your menu for the week and add measuring cups to hand at the bottom


**optional step** add a pretty ribbon or lace and tie it at top.

That’s it! Now you have an organized (and pretty) way to display your weekly menus. Plus, easy access to your measuring utensils.

You can also use the “clip” part to store any recipes you find in magazines, or you can clip on your written out grocery list.


Happy Creating! 

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I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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DIY Friday~ Upcycling Coffee Cans into Produce Storage for your Kitchen

I’m all about using what you have and transforming it into something totally different! I love thinking about how I can use an item in a different way within my house. Plus, I hate going out and buying more stuff when I can use what I have to create something just like it.

This Friday I actually had a hard time thinking about what I could create, then I saw it. Three coffee cans sitting under my sink just waiting for me to save them from going into the recycling bin. 🙂 Currently my situation with produce is I throw everything into one basket and it sits on my counter. Here’s the thing about that…sometimes I forget what type of produce I have and it spoils. Also, I hate digging for things at the bottom. This week’s DIY project will hep with organizing your produce in a cost efficient way. I know open wired baskets are suppose to be easy for produce organization, but it just doesn’t work for me. Plus I’m all about the shabby chic look! Why not have your produce display look stylish. I’m using three coffee cans and wait until you see the end result! Also, guess what…this is another easy peasy DIY project for busy mamas! 🙂

Produce Holders for you Kitchen


  • 3 coffee cans
  • 3 round pieces of wood (Hobby Lobby find)
  • chalk paint
  • chalk
  • favorite spray paint color
  • hot glue gun
  • sand paper


1.take off any paper on the coffee cans and wash them

2. make sure they are fully dried and take the sand paper to sand off any paper that wouldn’t come off

3. spray paint your coffee cans (I used 3 coats) make sure to let them dry for at least 5 minutes in between each coat

4. while the cans are drying, take your wood pieces and sand one side so it’s a smooth surface (mine wasn’t as smooth so it was harder to write with the chalk, so this is a VERY important step)

5. use the blackboard chalk paint and apply 3 coats on one side

6. once everything is dried (about 1 hour) hot glue your wood pieces to the front of your cans

7. use chalk to write the produce items for each can

There you have it! An organized produce station in your kitchen!


If you want more counter space here’s an extra step that I may do in the future.

1.Drill a hole in the back of the can

2. take command hooks and use them to hang your cans along your back splash

**Make sure to get command hooks that hold at least 5 lbs or more.**

If the produce display isn’t your thing, you can also use this idea for…

  • organizing cooking utensils
  • organzing snacks
  • plant containers
  • organzing office supplies or kids crafts

Happy Creating!

What would you use this idea for?

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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DIY Friday~Save your wine corks! {Mini Succulent Wall Display}

This Friday I’m using what I have around my home to make a super easy DIY project. PLUS wine corks & succulents are my current fav! I’m upcyclding the wine corks and transforming them into mini succulent holders, so cute! I have been collecting my wine corks for a while and I was trying to figure out a unique way to use them. While pinteresting (so funny that this is now something you “do”) I came across these cute succulent holders just using wine corks. It was meant to be used as a magnet, but I wanted to take it a bit further. I recently bought paint and had a paint stick sitting right on the table. My creative mind just clicked and I put these two ideas together. So, this Friday it’s another really easy DIY project for busy moms. We’re making a mini succulent wall display. Surprisingly propagating succuluents is easy to do, and it’s a plant that doesn’t require too much tender loving care (perfect for busy moms).



  • favorite color spray paint
  • favorite ribbon
  • paint stick
  • hot glue gun
  • 3 wine corks
  • small binder clip
  • 3 succulent leaves
  • knife


1. spray paint your paint stick with your favorite color. I used a cotton candy pink and lightly sprayed the white paint on top to make it a bit lighter.

2. use your knife to cut out a hole in the middle of the wine cork

3. pour a small amount of dirt into each hole and place a succulent leaf inside

4.take your binder clip and place it at the top of your paint stick

5. tie a ribbon at the top


6. hot glue your potted wine corks to the paint stick


That’s it! Super easy and so adorable.

Do you have a favorite DIY project that involves upcycled items?

Happy Creating!

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life