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“Hey Mom, Let’s Go to the Library!” #momsteachtoo

The library…ahhh…full of resources, books, and activities. Since my son was about 4 months old we have been going almost every week, sometimes more than once! It truly is one of his favorite places to go. He loves participating in their story time and just exploring the children’s section. With the amount of amusement parks, technology, and play gyms sometimes the library can get lost in the midst of things, so with that said…


Here is my challenge for you this week:

I challenge you to visit your local library and see ALL that it has to offer. Try to make it your child’s favorite place to go! I’m not just talking about going to the library and looking at books, BUT also participating in an activity that they offer weekly. If you already go to the library, than I encourage you to see what the library has to offer for adults. I recently just discovered some amazing classes for myself that teach about specific hobbies. The best part is,  it’s FREE! (If you have been reading my blog you’ll notice I’m a sucker for FREE activities!)  For example, at my local library there is a class on how to grow a vegetable garden in Florida, which I have been thinking about doing for a while. This class has motivated me to get started, so I’ll be attending! Folks, this is REAL person help with REAL first hand experience, not just a youtube video. 😉 Check out the nationwide public libraries website to view all the libraries within your own area.

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From a SAHM’s Perspective: working moms I truly applaud you, but also let’s not forget about the working dads…

The working mom…

I had the opportunity to commit to this role for about 3 months, and that was enough for me. I just couldn’t do it anymore and  I am very lucky enough to have the opportunity not to.

Let me share a quick story with you…

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Life Challenges

Turning that House Chore You Despise into a Habit

I absolutely HATE (my mom always said hate is a strong word, but I really think it’s appropriate in this situation!) LAUNDRY! I mean the whole process is just daunting and I can’t seem to get over this hatred feeling towards it. Laundry is a love/hate relationship. I love the smell of fresh laundry and the feeling of having fresh clothes put away, but COME ON! The process is outrageous…sorting, then putting it in the washer, then drying, then folding, and FINALLY putting them away.

So here is the thing that I learned, LAUNDRY is not going to go away, sigh…


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Life Challenges

Can HAPPINESS truly be defined?

john lennon

The one thing I have always wanted was to “be happy” in whatever I do. Silly me…of course we ALL want that. I love how John Lennon says he wants to “be happy” when he grows up. Though, the struggle can be “how do we take the feeling of being happy and find the actual Happiness in our life..

Feeling happy is different from the sense of Happiness.

Happy is an adjective, which is a feeling. We can have this all throughout our day. Where as Happiness is a noun. It takes time to find Happiness, which then presents itself into a “person, place, or thing” in your life that you wouldn’t be able to live without.

Which leads me to this thought…

Can Happiness truly be defined?

There are so many different personalities within the world that we all have our own sense of Happiness. Some of us are still trying to find that Happiness…

As I was drinking my coffee this morning I thought to myself…

“I wonder what Happiness is to others.”

Johnny and I went on a mission around Lake Eola  to ask the question to others “What is your Happiness?” Below are the responses I received. It was so interesting and empowering to ask that question to others. Of course people were surprised that I stopped them to ask, but in the end I actually had a few people “thank me”.

Our first stop was Publix (which is our favorite grocery store!) We stopped there to get a few flowers so that we could give them to people after I asked them about their Happiness. It was just a token of thanking them for responding.  Johnny and I then proceeded to walk around the lake and find people that we could ask. We looped around the lake two times, and it was amazing to pass by the previous people we talked with and see them still carrying their flower.

Below are the responses I received after asking the  question “What is your Happiness?”

“Jesus”- two Publix cashiers

“family”- two women runners

“not running, sleeping” – a woman runner

“freedom to do what I want”- elderly lady

” I don’t know, but I can present thoughts: helathy foods, or just a sense of life”- elderly man

“you can’t contain happiness from others and things, I learned I have to find it within myself”- mother of two boys

“dauther & wife”- elderly man runner

This next one was the one that stood out to me the most…

“nothing”-young lady

Happiness can be the most difficult thing to achieve due to what we call LIFE.  It takes a lot of determination, patience, and overcoming challenges to actually achieve it.


So I leave you with this thought and challenge… What is “your” Happiness?

Happiness is _______________.

If you haven’t found happiness I challenge you to have that be your mission. You may be surprised by what it truly is.

Ready, Set, Go! 

P.S. My Happiness is my family: John, Johnny, and LadyBelle (our dog). (Generic I know, but it truly is!)


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Hey Moms! Are you a Googler? & Remember when…

Googler;  (n) someone who constantly google searches everything humanly possible; more specifically about baby related things

(I totally just made that up! It’s so true though!)

Being a new mom was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. The first night at home with our son I looked down at my baby boy and I knew that he relied on ME (my husband as well) to thrive and be kept alive. (A little extreme I know, but it was truly how I felt.) It was the most overwhelming feeling I have ever had. So that lead me to long nights and days attached to GOOGLE SEARCH for every little sound and different looks a human could possibly have. I became a GOOGLER. If my son had any type of symptom (even smiling, jk) I searched it. I soon realized…

“I had to get my head out of GOOGLE SEARCH.”

I had a friend once say to me “when you google search you are bound to find the answer you want to hear, or symptoms that may not even be related to what you search (but you think it is).” So true!

Once I understood that babies are going to have weird sounds and different looks  I accepted that and ditched the constant googling.

“I retired from being a constant Googler.”

I built my confidence up and understood that life was not about comparing my child to others, and that if my  baby is healthy and happy “Well then, I’m a VERY happy mama.”  I also starated “listening”to my motherly instincts, which was the hardest thing for me. Now I enjoy being a parent more then ever! Being a parent is the most rewarding attribute in my life. It has truly given me a new insight into things.

“I’m proud to say I’m a mama, even on the bad days.”

Now, don’t get me wrong I still google search, but I’m not overly obsessive like I was before. Once I lifted my head up I enjoyed my son so much more. I soon realized that there were things that I once enjoyed and still would love to be involved with. I truly started living life again, but this time I had a little buddy with me! This leads me to…

Remember when…

I have to admit after my son was born I was caught up in the “baby stuff” and pushed everything I once enjoyed “on hold“.

Many times “us mamas” fall in the trap of “I use to be…” Well I decided I wanted to turn it into “I still am______.” or “I now am a_____” Sometimes your children may even teach you about hobbies you always had, but never really reached out to them.

Before my son I loved to: practice yoga, complete diy projects, go for walks, go shopping, go to coffee shops, go to the beach, exercise, and read. I soon realized that many of these things I could still do, but I had to be creative and somehow try to incorporate him.

I choose just a few hobbies to bring back into my life and involve my son with. After doing that, we have created an even stronger bond together (don’t get me wrong, we still have our bad days). So now anytime I see something I’m interested in and it states “all are welcome” guess who I bring? OR… if there is something I can do at home I “ditch” the house chores and involve myself and my son in the hobby. (Ex: diy projects)


It’s easy to say…”I have kids, so there’s not time.” It does take some creativity on your part, and it’s not always easy but…

“I know you can do it!”

So, this one is for you mamas…

I encourage you to stop being a constant Googler (if you are) and look back at what you once enjoyed in your life and BRING IT BACK TO YOU! I’m here to support you!

Are you up for the challenge? I know you can do this!

P.S. If you’re already doing this, you’re my HERO!

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Life Challenges

THAT Person, MY Person

Where are you right now, YES, right at this moment? In your house, a car, outside, work, the mall, a restaurant, a friend’s house? When you’re able to, find the right time to excuse yourself and go to a place that is quiet enough for you to reflect.

No rush, I’ll wait…….

Are you there? Okay, good. I’m going to take you on a little journey called That person. This will take 100% reflecting on your part. Are you up for the challenge?

 Let’s slow down for a moment.

Is there a person in your life that: inspires you, makes you laugh, teaches you, helps you, and someone you rely on? It could be your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, husband, wife, friend, aunt, uncle, and the list goes on…

Do you have THAT person’s image in your head? Good! Now, here comes the reflecting part…

“Someone is in deep thought.”

Take a few moments to think back on your life where THAT person has changed it for the better.



What moments came to your mind?

How did it make you feel?

Words are great, but sometimes a thoughtful ACTION is more powerful.

My Challenge for YOU…

I encourage you to let THAT person know just how much you care about them and need them in your life. It’s easy to tell them, but being creative and showing them how much you care about them can be a little more challenging.

Cost-efficient ways you can show THAT person just how much they mean to you

Johnny says “Come on guys, you can do it!”
  • give that person a pack of gum and on each gum stick wrapper write an adjective describing what they mean to you.
  • make their favorite meal or favorite dessert



WAIT! There’s more…

  • put a note on their car telling them how much you appreciate them (you can even leave it anonymous just to make it fun)
  • write a note explaining how you value them and add a picture of you two
  • get a mason jar and popsicle sticks: write as many things about them that you cherish. They will be able to take one out each day if they ever need a little SMILE.
  • Pack some of their favorite snacks and spend an evening going to some places that bring back memories. Converse about what you remember at those special places.
  • send them a short video with their favorite music in the background with you telling them just how much they mean to you (If you want to make it fancy you can write it on index cards so that way you aren’t talking over the music )
  • go on a scavenger hunt at a local park. Have pre-made index cards with either fun memories you two share, or just short words that describe what they mean to you. When you get to the park have them close their eyes while you “hide” the cards. (you can even blind fold them just to make it fun!)
  • If you are feeling BOLD go to one of their favorite department stores and go to the customer service desk to see if they will allow you to have an announcement made. Ask them if they can state the name of your person and something that you cherish about them. (you’ll have to be sneaky and pretend that you are slipping away to the “bathroom” to do this.)
  • have a day that is dedicated to all their favorite thingsimg_3641

You’re my person, and always will be my person”
-Grey’s Anatomy

Can you guess who MY person is? He is my husband, best friend, and father of our child. We have been together since we were 14 years old and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I chose the challenge of creating a video by using index cards with a personal message. Of course, I had to incorporate Johnny (my son) somehow. I sent it to my husband while he was at work, and it helped to brighten his day. Side note: make sure to use a DARK MARKER so the words are easier to read in the video. I made the mistake of not doing this, but I couldn’t start over because Johnny’s initial reaction was priceless!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the link if you want to view it. The best part was that is did not cost me a dime, and it only took about 5 minutes to do!

Okay……..Now it’s your turn! Who is your person?

Ready, Set, Go!



Life Challenges

After the Storm

This past weekend the Orlando area was hit with some pretty bad storms. On Sunday I wanted to make our way over to Lake Eola’s Farmer’s Market, but it just was too wet. I’ll save that for next weeks post in “Oh, the places you’ll go” and hope for dry weather.  We did eventually make our way over to Lake Eola around 6pm, but by then the Farmer’s Market was taken down. With all that said…we walked around the lake right after the storm passed. I couldn’t believe the type of pictures I was able to capture! You can view them below!

What do you see in this picture?

“I spy with my little eye ____________.”

After learning about different features to use with the iPhone 6 camera, I had to start applying my knowledge! Within these pictures I focused on playing around with the exposure control (how light or dark an image will appear).This feature is great to use with the Florida Trees.

To learn more about camera features on your iPhone 6 click the link to visit my previous blog.

Can you spot the two love birds?
“Hey! Are you looking at me?”

If you have ever been to Lake Eola in Orlando, have you ever wondered about the different types of swans you see?  I know I have, especially after taking pictures of them. So I came across this informational bird guide that gives the name and a small description about the swans of Lake Eola. If you’re a regular at the lake, pull this guide up on your phone and see if you can identify the swans around the lake. How neat! I’m a sucker for things like this! img_3329

It was neat to see all the birds drying off and exposing themselves after the storm.

My family is so important to me! Just being with them lightens my day. There was this friendly lady who actually asked us to take our picture! She captured a great one! If she wouldn’t have taken it I could have always used my timer mode! To find out more on how to use timer mode visit my previous blog on iPhone 6 camera features.

img_3300This swan is just glowing! There is such an elegance to a swan, but surprisingly they are not the nicest and very territorial. I believe this pictured swan is a Royal Mute. Continue reading “After the Storm”

Life Challenges

What’s In Your Neighborhood?


It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

-Fred Rodgers

I challenge you to go for a walk around your neighborhood. Wait for it…. here is the real challenge, leave the devices at home and “look up” at what your neighborhood offers. Feel free to share in the comments. Make sure to post the city and state that you live in, along with your discoveries. What did you see, smell, hear, feel, or taste?  Ready, Set, Go! 

Johnny and our dog LadyBelle were up for the challenge! 

As we were walking out the door these little guys decided to say “Hi”! We went for a walk right after a summer thunderstorm. 

I live in the downtown colonial south district in Orlando, FL. This is a historic district and many of the homes were built in the 1920’s during the Florida Land Boom. As you walk along the street and view homes you will notice many have a plaque placed near the front entrance stating what year the home was built. These homes have so much character to offer. 

Crisp and Clean 

Have you noticed that pineapples are starting to become a popular decor? I like pineapples because of what they symbolize: hospitality.