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Give the Gift of “Experience” with Goldfish Swim School!

The holiday season is in full swing and we’re rushing around trying to figure out that “perfect” gift for our loved ones, which if you ask me can be quite tough these days. Since having a little one I am truly focusing on experiences that we can have together. Either by making memories that will last a lifetime, or something that I know will benefit my little guy throughout his life. If I think back to my own childhood I honestly don’t remember too many “materalistic” things I received, but I DO remember many experiences we had as a family! I’m not saying that buying a materalistic gift is frowned upon, but I do think mixing it up every now and then by giving an “activity” as a gift is something that will definitely bring a new vibe into your family’s life!

Throughout the year budgeting can get tight and I totally understand “not having the money” at the moment to sign up for extra curricular activities for your kiddos. So, maybe this year it’s time to focus on the gifts being those activities that you always wanted your kiddos to participate in…like swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School   (And maybe even a pass to the zoo! That’s something my husband and I are talking about too, haha!)

(This is a sponsored post, but all opinions stated are my own.)

The “Buzz” at Goldfish Swim School

There have been many fun activities and great deals going on at Goldfish Swim School during the holiday season! Recently we participated in a “Mommy & Me Mini Class Play Date” with some friends, which was so much fun! We were able to get another swim lesson in during the week along with yummy brunch food that they provided (Panera bagels & Chick-Fil-A nuggets for the WIN!) The little ones had a blast and it was fun to catch up with some amazing mamas!

What’s Happening Now?

  • Holiday Gift Package– Make sure to check out the details on the holiday gift package that’s going on now! If you’re thinking about signing up your kiddo for swim lessons, this is a great way to SAVE money! You can find more details by clicking the link >>here<<.
  • Jump Start Clinics– this is a month’s worth of lessons condensed into 1 week for students in the Junior 1 to Pro 2 levels. The swimmers will swim for 30 minutes for 4 days straight with the SAME teacher every time. Why join a clinic? It’s a great option for getting your swimmer a jump-start on the “learn-to-swim” process, which means they’ll either brush up on their swim skills…OR advance their swim skills to the next level
    • Goldfish is offering 2 weeks of clinics: (December 26-29 OR January 2-5)
    • Time Slots: 9am-12pm

A fellow parent’s words about their swim experience!

Little Johnny and I have been participating in swim lessons for about 5 months now and we have met some amazing mamas! Here’s what a fellow Goldfish member has to say about her experience at Goldfish Swim School with her adorable little guy!

What do you love about Goldfish?

“I love that they give your child the right amount of encouragement. I also like that they give each child the individualized attention and direction each one needs instead of cookie cutter approach to all kids, since all kids are different.”

What have you found to be most beneficial from attending classes each week?

“You always have the same instructors so your child can build a relationship and trust with that person so they are comfortable in the water with them.”

-Missy Frump

That’s a Wrap! 😉 

So overall there is so much to offer! And while yes, it may be just a swim school, but what Goldfish offers is an overall family friendly experience with so many amazing opportunities and events to be involved in!

Will you be giving a gift of “experience” this year?

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Wishing you well, 

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