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DIY Friday~ Homemade Picture Tree Ornament

There’s something about getting a homemade ornament for Christmas from little hands that have created it (along with a little elf who ends up putting it all together! ;)) This diy project came from the inspiration of a “popsicle stick” ornament idea. It’s a classic craft activity for little ones, but here’s the kicker I actually didn’t have any on hand and after a trip to the Dollar Tree and Walgreens, they didn’t have any either… so I gave up and we just used sticks instead! The idea of “sticks” came from my little guy who loves to play with them all the time.

It turned out to be a fun activity for my little guy and we definitely made memories along the way. So, good news for our family members…you’re all getting an ornament for Christmas! I know I spoiled the surprise, but couldn’t stop myself from sharing! 🙂 (working on that delayed gratification over here, always  a hard one for me!)

I wanted the end result to be delicate and classy looking, so I pulled out the “special paints” and let my little guy go at it! We went with the color combination of

g r e e n

w h i t e

g o l d

There’s something majestic about this color combination during the holidays! We collected sticks in our front yard (yes, probably still from Hurricane Irma) and while my little guy was sleeping I went away to hot gluing them together to make the formation of little tress! Once he woke up we had fun painting them!

After the stick trees dried I placed a lace bow ribbon on top using hot glue to adhere it and then I found cork board that I used as the “stem” of the tree! I used twine and tied it around the top of the sticks as the “hook” for hanging on the Christmas tree! I’ve collected quite of few handy diy items over this past year and it just so happened I had “gold duct tape” which I used to adhere Little Johnny’s picture (the hot glue didn’t work well for me).

By the way! If you’re wondering the size of the picture that I used I went with purchasing them at Walgreens using the app on my phone. I selected the “8 X 10” and then divided it into 4 sections where I uploaded the same photo all 4 times.

This is another craft that is going down as a “favorite” in my book! I think it has much to do with the memory I made with my little guy!

What is a favorite holiday memory you have with your children?

Wishing you well,

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