Weekly Reading for Little Ones

Our Library Book Roundup & Featured Activity for Toddlers

Today I’m sharing with you the books that we checked out at our local library! I have really been trying to make it a goal for Little Johnny and I to venture over to the library at least every 2 weeks. Life gets busy and sometimes library trips are always put aside, but I truly think it’s valuable for him to get the exposure.

Now, we are definitely working on his library skills, as all he wants to do is run around the library, especially up and down the aisle…Yes, I’m the mom chasing after my little one down the book aisles…

Oh yeah, and the computer in the kids section is a huge hit! Little Johnny loves to play on it. (lots of practice with sharing on that one.) 😉

Anyways, this time we selected a great roundup of books. There’s no theme to these books, but some target towards teaching certain concepts such as colors, letters, and texture.


Our Library Book Roundup 

Let’s start with our featured activity & book.

I have been wanting to put together fun learning activities that Little Johnny and I can work on everyday, just for him to get exposure to some of the basic early childhood concepts. While searching on Pinterest I found great ways to incorporate a pool noodle with learning!

I purchased a pool noodle for $1 at Dollar Tree. (We walked there from our house, and it was quite hilarious to see Little Johnny and I walking back with a pool noodle in the stroller. He insisted on holding it too!)

For our activity, I cut small sections off (total of 26) and wrote the letters of the alphabet on each one. Then, I placed them in a bag and had Little Johnny pull them out. I would name the letter and say the sound along with us finding it in the book.


To make it fun we ended up stacking them, so I guess we’ll call this game “Stacking the Alphabet”. So easy and fun! Perfect for toddlers attention span too! 🙂 We probably spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes for this activity. We keep playing until he has lost interest (definitely don’t want to force any type of “play”.)



Quick note about the alphabet book we selected. This is not my favorite one, mainly because the words that correlate to the letter don’t match the basic sound. Such as they have A for Armadillo, which YES it starts with an A, but doesn’t make the basic short “a” sound. End of rant…

Below is also a great song for your little one as well! Little Johnny loves it!

One of my favorites…


love Sandra Boynton books! She has such a funny writing style and I love how this book incorporates interactive dance moves. Plus, many little ones enjoy books about animals. Little Johnny and I like to try to act out the dance moves in the story.

Next up…


This is a great book to teach about recognizing colors. I like how in the story they give multiple examples of the color. Plus it also incorporates the concept of similarities. As the book goes on you’ll see a repetitive pattern of the word “like”. Also, let’s talk about how cute these ducks are, right?!

Another one…


Sometimes I feel like board books have so many fiction books, but not enough non-fiction. So, I like to search through the selection and find at least 1 non-fiction book. This time we found a book on Things That Go. It’s quite advanced, but the exposure is always good for little ones. This book as labels, so you can always just focus on reading those and discussing the picture.

Last one…


This is a concept book that is very advanced for Little Johnny, but I decided to get it because it’s a fun one, which we can divide the reading up into various days. This is a book that we probably won’t read all of it. I mostly got it because of fun sensory activities you can incorporate!

I have a link for you >>right here<< that includes 25 sensory activities for toddlers.

Oh yeah! We also checked out another Laurie Berkner CD for in the car.

Happy Reading! 

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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