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DIY Friday- Mason Jar Wall Organizer

I am so excited to reveal that I have been working on a project for a while in our bedroom. I decided to dedicate a wall to be used as an office space. It’s a work in progress because I am challenging myself to DIY most of the items, along with reusing some of the things I already have. Here’s what it looks like so far.


Thoughts? I may add a small shelf on the top right, but otherwise I pretty much have the wall complete, so now I’ll be working on the desk and chair. Don’t worry, you know I’ll have a post about this endeavor. Did I mention I remembered to take a before picture? (That’s the best part in my opinion.) 🙂

My DIY project for this week is within the above picture. Any guesses? 😉

Mason Jar Wall Organizer


This is part 2 of my Orchard Supply Hardware DIY shopping haul! Have you seen my previous DIY post with the fun video of me shopping for the supplies?! Maybe one of these days I’ll come around to actually making a DIY video.

I have it linked for you >>right here. <<

The mason jar wall organizer is so popular right now and from looking online they can range from $24-$35. I was able to complete this project for around $12. I already had the stain for the wood, but the rest of the supplies I was able to find at Orchard Supply Hardware. Plus as a bonus I still have spray paint leftover for another project.



Too much typing and this ^ picture is absolutely adorable! I had to share!

Now, here’s the honest did take some “elbow grease” to screw the hose clamps into the wood. It wasn’t an easy task, but once I figured out the best way things started to run smoothly.

Besides that, everything else was easy!



Totally forgot to add the screws and backing into the picture…
  • any piece of wood
  • stain (I went with a pine wood stain) OPTIONAL STEP
  • 3 hose clamps (the largest size)
  • 3 mason jars
  • tape measure
  • satin blue spray paint (I decided to scratch the pink spray paint.) OPTIONAL STEP
  • 3 small screws
  • scissors
  • picture hanging backing or wire
  • phillips and flat head screwdriver
  • piece of chalk and permanent marker


1.This is an optional step, but I chose to spray paint my 3 mason jars along with staining the wood. Quick note about painting the mason jars- My paint is starting to chip a little bit because I didn’t use a protective layer. So, I would recomend either adding a primer or polyurethane on top OR maybe just spray paint the inside.

2. Measure and mark where you would like to place your hose clamps that the mason jars will fit into. I used the chalk to make my markings on the wood. img_6105

3. Take your hose clamps and use the flat head screwdriver to adjust them on your mason jar. I chose to place them around the rim. You want the hose clamps to be fairly loose, do not tighten all the way yet.


4.Remove the hose clamps from the mason jars and position it where you would like to screw into the wood. Use your permanent marker to display where you want the screw to go. img_6107

5. This is where it starts to get a little tricky. Find that “elbow grease” within you and use it! 🙂 I tried using a drill, but it was just too awkward of a position. Anyways, take your scissors and use it to create a larger opening in one of the slits of the hose clamps. Place your screw in the hole and then start screwing it into the wood using your phillips screwdriver. Pictures do a better justice of what I’m trying to relay. 🙂


6. After you have done this to all 3 hose clamps start placing your mason jars into the clamps and use your flat head screwdriver to tighten them. You can choose to cut off the access on the clamps, or just bend it back like I did. img_6117

7. Screw any type of backing that you prefer. I chose 2 picture hanging pieces. Quick note! It’s probably best to attach your backings before you attach the mason jars. I learned that mistake. img_6116

There it is! You now have a mason jar wall organizer. I am using mine to organizer my office supplies, but there are so many ways you can use this classy wall organizer.

  • decorative flowers
  • bathroom items (q-tips, cotton balls, makeup brushes)
  • candles
  • herbs


Happy DIYing! 

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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