Family Adventures

Weekend Recap & Mini Projects

I’m writing this to you on a Saturday. Little Johnny finally went down for his nap time (around 2ish) he didn’t have such a great night of sleeping. Teething, maybe? Who knows, being a toddler is so hard…Anyways, during this time I just finished a few mini projects, which was such a relaxing time for me. Now I’m sitting on my porch listening to…

 (I know it’s overplayed, but I LOVE this song), and sipping my cold coffee. (I’ve been trying to drink this since the morning!) It’s a beautiful day with the sun shinning, a gentle breeze, and a comfortable 75 degrees. My, my, Florida weather how I love you.

I definitely should either be napping OR cleaning the house, but yeah that’s just not going to happen right now.

I have been trying to update our bedroom with a little office area that I can stay organized with while blogging. We live in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath condo, so I’m trying to make the most of our space along with displaying an updated style. Stay tuned for a DIY project on creating a mason jar wall organizer.

Here’s my color palette that I’m trying to go for.


This weekend I worked with spray paint and the last of my Americana Decor chalk paint in the lace color. I had an outdated tray that was just calling for me to make it light & bright. I ended up using another distressed technique, which I kind of need to stop this. (My husband said I’m a little obsessed with it, and he’s probably right! Haha!) You know when you’re just caught up in something that you really like and then everything is now that style…yeah I think that’s happening to me.

Instead of my traditional “vaseline way” for the distressed look, I used a cloth and spray bottle and rubbed while the chalky paint was still a little wet. Then I lightly went over the area with a dry brush technique using the same type of color. For the finishing touch I sprayed polyurethane on top to give it a protective coat.


I also found a new favorite spray paint color! It’s satin slate blue by Rust-oleum. Can you guess where I purchased it from? Yup, it’s definitely an Orchard Supply Hardware buy!


Tried to go for the ombre effect…not really loving it, but still wanted to share with you.


Okay, I’m back to typing and it’s now Sunday, so I’m finishing off The Florida Morehouse family’s weekend recap….

The rest of the weekend followed with Big John using his “birthday coupon” that I gave him, which was for a “Guilt FREE Fishing Day”. By the way, this was the hardest gift I have ever given! 😉 If you’re wondering if he caught anything, the answer is YES! He actually went deep sea fishing, and while trolling they caught a king fish, which was about 3 feet long.

Little Johnny and I started our morning off with banana & walnut pancakes with a little touch of vanilla extra and cinnamon (thanks to a friend for the recipe!) Delicious! 757d1a6d-dab9-459d-a924-8d54261c773c

For our Sunday fun time, we made our way over to the Science Center with friends and had so much fun. Mamas, if you live in Orlando and haven’t gone yet, it’s a must! Their new toddler section is amazing! Also, if you ever visit Orlando with little ones, this is a fun area to take them to. I met a sweet little family from Canada who was visiting and was spending the morning there.

Well, that’s a wrap everyone.

How was your weekend?

Sending good vibes for the week ahead!

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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