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DIY Cork & Chalk Board-Shopping Haul at Orchard Supply Hardware

I recently had the opportunity to attend Orchard Supply Hardware’s grand opening at the Bay Hill plaza location. It was my “me time” as a mom because I went all by myself! Funny thing is I actually bumped into someone I knew while gazing over the spray paint aisle (my favorite)! It literally was a grand time!

I have found a new store where I can stock up on my DIY supplies, and also be inspired by different ideas throughout the store. They offer hardware, home improvement, paint gardening supplies, a nursery, and other fun knick knacks! The best part about this store is that they offer wonderful customer service. (Plus the spray paint aisle, wait did I already mention that?!) If you can’t find something, ASK! They’ll show you directly where it’s located.

One more thing, you’ll never believe it…they offer a lifetime guarantee on their plants. YES, that means if your sweet little plant isn’t doing so hot you can bring it back and exchange it for an identical plant or one in similar value. Well, isn’t that just the greatest!

I made this video so that you can experience the inside of the store. Click the video below to check out my DIY shopping haul at Orchard Supply Hardware! If you’re feeling extra great, you can always subscribe to my channel as well! 😉

This is a sponsored post through Orchard Supply Hardware. I was presented with a gift card and had the opportunity to shop for supplies related to my own DIY project. Huge thank you to Orchard Supply Hardware for providing me with this opportunity and to share with my followers!

I always love challenging myself, so I decided to see what type of DIY projects I could create with a budget of $50 to spend at Orchard Supply Hardware. Some of the items that I needed I did already have at home, but they are all things you can still find at your local Orchard Supply Hardware store.

Quick update: As you view the video I talk about two projects I will be making, but actually once I came home and started DIYing I found that I could complete three projects! So, this week is part one: DIY cork board & chalk board.

Here’s the line up for my projects!

1. DIY Cork Board & Chalk Board

2. DIY Mason Jar Wall Organizer

3. DIY Coasters

Finally I present to you a…

DIY Cork Board & Chalk Board 




I did change one thing while I was DIYing, but overall it’s pretty much the same idea I had to begin with. The items I did not purchase at OSH were my upcycled baby food jars along with the twine, the corner scrap wood pieces, chalk paint, and wood glue. BUT You CAN definitely find these items at Orchard Supply Hardware.

  • gold duck tape ($4.49) LOVE how glamorous it makes this project look! img_5871
  • 2 Command Crystal Hooks, BEST FIND EVER! ($4.99 for a pack of 2)


  • 1 cork square 12 X 12 ($9.99 for a pack of 2 )
    • I’ll be using the rest of the cork for another DIY project that I’ll share soon!
  • Fireboard 1/8 inch thick and 2 ft. X 2 ft. ($2.99) 
  • black chalk paint (I already had some at home, but you can definitely find it at OSH.)
  • tape measure
  • chalk or pencil
  • gorilla glue
  • picture hanging hardware OR I just used scrap wood that I had left over and glued it on the back.
  • scratch the painters tape, I found out that I didn’t need it for this project.

P.S. You can still choose to use mason jars and the wire jar handles, just make sure to purchase the right fitting because I definitely made that mistake!

Okay, onto the…


1. First plan out how you would like everything arranged, where to place the cork, chalk board, and hooks. There are so many different layouts you can plan, so be bold and find one that fits your style! My plan was to use the mason jars for office supplies, but I bought the wrong size wire hanger and I felt as though the jars were too big for it. So, I ended up using smaller jars and I placed my chalk and push pins inside. Changes things is all part of a DIY project sometimes…img_5877

2. Next measure your border and place markings along the board using either a pencil or chalk. The duct tape came out to be 2 inches thick for a boarder. This is so that you know where to place your chalk paint. I decided to do this instead of painting the whole board so that way I’m not wasting any paint. It’s completely up to you though!


3. Then paint where you would like your chalk board to go.

4. Then once the paint is dried make sure to “season” your chalk board with rubbing the chalk along the board. I know, sounds weird, but it’ll help the chalk to write better. Start placing your gold duct tape along the border. I made sure to also cover the edges as well.

Seriously, look how beautiful and shiny this duct tape is! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 

5. Next use gorilla glue to adhere your cork to the specific area you would like on your board. I placed paint cans on top just to make sure it was bonding nicely.

6. Then flip over the board and attach any backings you choose to use for hanging purposes. I decided to just adhere two wood panels using gorilla glue. img_5927

7. Next attach the crystal command hooks once the backings are dry and attached.


Now, you can stop here as the next step is optional, but I wanted to add a little more detail to my board. So, I added wood corner pieces that I painted using a white base coat and a purplish top coat. I sanded the wood around the corners just to give it a little more of a distressed look.

I used upcycled baby food jars to store my chalk and push pins. That’s it, you have yourself a beautiful cork board & chalk board that was at a great price for a DIY project!



Thank you to Orchard Supply Hardware for presenting this opportunity for me to complete a DIY shopping haul, and get my creativity on!

Make sure to check out their website to find a location within your area!

Also, follow them on their social media networks to be “in the know” for special promotions and events! Just click the links below.

Orchard Supply Hardware’s Facebook Page

Orchard Supply Hardware’s Instagram Account 

Happy DIYing!

Wishing you well,


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  1. How cute! And I LOVE spray paint! Such a easy fun (cheap!) way to refresh items or DIY something. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your trip! The video was fun!

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