Weekly Reading for Little Ones

Our trip to the library with a busy little toddler, and featured books about “things that go”.

It’s been a while since we have been to the library. Let me just say too, that going to the library with a busy little toddler is a very different experience, which I’ll share with you. We all know life gets busy, plus the transition of going down to one nap, it’s getting a little more difficult to schedule outings. We actually had a free day this past Tuesday, so I made it a point for us to venture over to the library. I’m so glad that we did because first of all the library offers many great activities for toddlers, and right when we walked in they were having a “Busy Builders” class. We also found some great books!

I have a quick story about our trip to the library and then I’ll get back to sharing our featured books.

Here’s where I come out and share a not so fun fact about me… after the class I had to pay a late fee in library books (yes, I’m really bad with that.) I’m trying to get more organized, hence the library basket we now store our books in at home. I’d love to add a small chalk board on it so I can write the due date each time.

ANYWAYS, back to our visit.

So, the librarian asked me if I wanted to get a library card for Little Johnny, so we did. He now has his first library card. How cute, right?! =)

Let me just say, Little Johnny wasn’t on his best behavior during this library visit. All he wanted to do was get down and run around. He even tried to grab papers off the table that he could definitely reach. Plus, you know those retractable belt dividers that you see while waiting in line….YUP he definitely started playing with that. He was just all over the place. We were a hot mess,  was dropping everything too.

Even after that we still made our way over to the children’s section. Little Johnny loves to pull all the books off the shelf, so that was fun. 😉 The first book he took off the shelf I took it as he wanted to read that one. He also loved running up and down the book aisle, which he was trying to play peek-a-boo with me. Such a mischievous little boy!

What an experience, I think we need to venture over to the library more often and learn a little bit more about library manners. Hey, maybe there’s a book about that…;)

 Here’s what’s in our library basket. 



Diggers Go & Planes Go By  Steve Light

Freight Train By Donald Crews


Yes, I’m going old school and keeping a few CD’s in the car.

Tony Bennett- The Playground

Best of the Laurie Berkner Band

(This band is famous for the song “we are the dinosaurs”.)

These books are so fun to read with your little one. The Steve Light books are about the sounds of the “things that go”, which are pretty fun to say aloud. The vibrant colors and unique long rectangle shape of the books make for a fun reading experience. It definitely grabbed Little Johnny’s attention. The text within the book is engaging with the different font size, shape, and position on the pages. It’s a great way for little ones to get practice with hearing and saying their sounds.

Freight Train is a book that displays the primary colors on the train. As the train starts to “go” the pages take you through the different surrounding areas the train passes by. The illustrations are very eye-catching because it actually looks like the train is moving. The vocabulary within this book is amazing too.


I’m storing our library books inside of this basket so that they don’t get lost or mixed in with the books we own. I may get creative with this basket at some point, but for now this is what it is. I used this basket at Little Johnny’s teddy bear picnic themed birthday party, which it’s been sitting in our closet since then, why not put it to use, right?!


I’m so thankful for the library because honestly we don’t have room to store all these wonderful children’s books! Oh! and don’t worry, our experience didn’t scare us away. =)

Happy Reading!

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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