Store Bought Toddler Snacks!

Let’s talk about snacks, shall we?! I have a son who LOVES snacks, I think he takes after his mama. I am actually trying to cut back because he tends to get full off them, and doesn’t eat too much of his main meals. So when Little Johnny does have snacks I wanted to be a little bit more strategic on the type of foods that are going into his little tummy.  I’ve been on the look out for some fast and fun snacks that I can buy in stores. While grocery shopping today I decided to actually put a list of our favorite snacks for Little Johnny ,who is now 14 months old (can you believe that?!)


sidenote- I had a blog post already prepared for today, but I scrachted  it because I just didn’t feel like it was “publish” worthy yet (the title is Finding your “niche” as a mom). I still want to write about it, but I think I need time to just gather my thoughts and revisit it at a later point. Anyways, back to SNACKS!

I’m an Aldi shopper and surprisingly they have great snacks besides pouches and cherrios, HA! (We still have those too, and YES I eat many of Little Johnny’s snacks as well). Little Johnny has always been more insterested in what we have been eating, so probably since he was about 8 or 9 months old we did baby led feeding (we just offered him foods that we ate, and of course we made sure it was things he could actually have.)

Here’s just a few items in our snack bucket (YES, we actually have a bucket dedicated to snacks). =)

Green Pea Crisps 

Johnny LOVES anything that is crunchy. So this is a healthier alternative that doesn’t have artifical ingredients and preservatives. He could seriously eat this whole bag in one sitting, if I let him! I like that this isn’t a very filling snack too.


Spinach & Kale Bites 

These are new in our snack department. They are kept in the freezer and you can either bake them, pop them in the microwave, use a toaster oven, or prepare on a skillet. They’re so cute with the dinosaur shapes too! Johnny is not a big veggie person. So, these little guys are a fun alternative, which he actually likes. Aldi ‘s offers other varites too, but we haven’t tried any of them yet. These are probably easy to make on your own, but I’m just too busy to whip up some snacks in the kitchen. This packet cost $3.49 and serves about 20 pieces.


Apples & String Cheese

Johnny likes eating apples just plain. He actually finds it fun to hold the big apple. I use to cut it up, but he prefers it “as is”. I start the apple for him so that I take off most of the skin, just to make sure he doesn’t choke on it. String chese is always a fun snack too!


Surprisingly rasins are very good for you! They are a snack that is rich in vitamin B, iron, and potassium. Plus, they’re a great source of carbohydrates. Don’t let these little guys fool you. =) They offer many health benefits, and are cheaper than actual grapes. We purchased this big container from Publix.

Mixed Nuts

I always keep a big thing of mixed nuts in my car because sometimes once I’m actually in the car I realize I’m starving and I need a quick, healthy, and satisfying snack! Recently I let Johnny try some and he actually enjoyed it. Right now he really likes cashews. I buy the unsalted variety at Aldi and I believe this big container comes out to be $12 and some change.


I’m just not the type of mom that bakes snacks, so I reverted to some great store bought ones. I have a hard enough time cooking dinner as it is. =)

What’s your little ones favorite snacks?  I may need some inspiration, for we all know children’s taste buds tend to change!

Happy Snacking!

Wishing You Well,

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