Finding your personal “niche”.

Isn’t it funny how after having a child it seems as though you are living a completely different life? (I’m feeling the nodding of the heads already!) Sometimes within motherhood you may find a new niche in life. Yup, motherhood definitely changes you. Here’s the truth, I for one never thought of myself as being a creative person, but something inside of me just sparked. I don’t know if it has to do with me trying to build a comfy environment for my little family, but it seems as though I have found a new niche in life that I never before knew was there.  (I swear this post has a point, so keep with me.)

I have been staying home and taking care of Little Johnny for about one year now. I’m so grateful that I am able to do so. My husband is working very hard so that I can continue to be at home. I am truly blessed.

Back in the day (and I say that because it really feels like forever ago!) when it was just the two of us, I actually said that I would probably be back at work after a few months of having our baby. Well, we all know emotions can change once you have a little one, so here I am staying at home taking care of Little Johnny.

love being at home, but I soon realized that I also needed to take care of myself and still find joy in the things that I’m interested in.

sidenote- This post is for ALL mother’s in life.

You’re probably thinking what is she trying to get across to her readers? Well first off, let’s talk about this fabulous word, niche. It’s one of those buzz words that is floating around all social media platforms. It’s something that I struggled to find for a while as a new mom that stays at home.  When you actually look up the meaning of the word it can have multiple denotations. Here’s what I found when I googled the meaning. img_5343

The type of niche I’m referring to is…

#2-a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.

Your calling in life,  basically sums it up.

  I’m referencing to the niche that relates to your own personality as an overall person.  Before becoming a mom my niche was my career…TEAHCING, but now I have that on hold (although I still think of myself as a teacher to Little Johnny) so I can focus on staying home and caring for our little boy.

Throughout each stage of life sometimes a new hobby or career is developed. Especially after having a little one.

Raw Moment…

A few months ago I kept having many moments and thoughts where I had a hard time realizing that for now my life consisted of cleaning, cooking, managing our home, and taking care of our little boy. Please don’t take that statement the wrong way as it is by far VERY rewarding and it’s something that I’m cherishing for a lifetime. BUT I soon realized that I still have to carry out my own hobbies & personal interests in life, thus referring to my niche. I was worried that once our children (yes, we would love to have another little one someday) were in school what would I do then? Of course, I realize I can go back to work, but things change so much over the years. So I knew I had to start building my personal profile now.

Have you ever felt like that?

Being a mama will always be my #1 priority, but I have realized that I still have to be the most version of me . So, that’s where this little blog comes in play.

It’s given me the chance to develop my own self while still being home with our little boy.

While being at home and caring for Little Johnny I found my “niche” in being creative with DIY projects, which help to make our place feel like a home. You’re probably wondering when does she find the time to do this? Usually it’s during Little Johnny’s nap time, and mostly at night when he’s in bed or on the weekends. Sometimes if Little Johnny is doing well during the day we go outside and I’ll start on a project while he enjoys playtime outside. YES to water tables! (No hazardous objects of course, don’t worry my #1 concern is about being safe.)  I have a little set up outside (thank goodness for Florida’s amazing weather!) where I can be hands on with my projects.

This has brought so much joy into my life and it helps me to feel like I’m contributing, because sometimes I feel like I’m not always “contributing” (even though deep down I know I am. ) Have you felt like that too?

Anyways, my whole point is that even in motherhood you can find your personal niche. It doesn’t have to be left behind. It doesn’t always have to relate to money either.

There are so many types of niches out there. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

  • cooking-maybe you realized you enjoy creating meals for your family where you research different recipes OR just explore in the kitchen.
  • creative projects– this can range from sewing, woodworking, crafts, games… you name it.
  • education– maybe your taking courses to develop a career once your children are in school, OR maybe you’re advancing in your career.
  • career- maybe you developed your career and enjoy working.
  • blogger– maybe you are taking joy from documenting your life.
  • connecting with others– maybe you have joined great mom groups where you encourage one another along with planning fun playdates.
  • developing your style– Maybe you enjoy shopping and developing your style to share with others.
  • fitness– maybe you developed a hobby of some sort of fitness class or activity such as running, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, and so forth.
  • reading– maybe you realized that the joy of books and sharing your insights with others brings you joy.
  • planning activities- maybe you find joy with planning fun activities throughout the week for your little ones.
  • staying organized- maybe you love keeping your home organized and clean.
  • decorating- maybe you have found joy in rearranging your home and developing an interior style.
  • photography– maybe you enjoy documenting your life or capturing pictures of things that just catch your eye.
  • finances– maybe you enjoy being in charge of your finances at home and making sure you’re sticking to the planned budget.
  • hosting- maybe you enjoy planning fun get togethers with other families at your home.
  • volunteering- maybe you enjoy participating in volunteering opportunities.
  • outdoors- maybe you enjoy being outside and exploring new parks with your little ones.

And the list goes on..

So, today I’m asking you…

What’s your personal niche while also being a mom?

Here’s to all the mamas.

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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