Weekly Reading for Little Ones

Featured Book: Read Alouds by Mercer Mayer

I’m taking it back to  the 1970’s and bringing back the classic Mercer Mayer books. I remember reading these while I was growing up, “Just Go To Bed” specifically. Raise your hand if you remember these old school books? (I know, we’re really starting to date ourselves…) Now, I realize there are so many wonderful new books to feature, BUT classics are always fun to share with your little ones.


Mercer Mayer books are picture books that have these cute little critters that address many major situations while growing up, such as a new sibling, going to the dentist, a day with mom, a day with dad, getting bigger, going to bed, new neighbor, being mad.

They are fun reads with a little humor (which I’m all about). These three books below are the ones that we currently have in our home. “Just Me And My Dad” & “Just Me And My Mom” are special to us because Big John and I bought these for each other when we were expecting little Johnny. abd8e749-a0af-4457-b88a-866473218093

They are a little older for little Johnny’s attention span, but it doesn’t hurt to introduce him to them. We just mainly go through a “picture walk” and we point to what we see, basically using our own words to describe the scene.

Why I like Mercer Mayer Books

  • great resource for discussing emotions in a fun way
  • stories that kids can relate to
  • fiction humorous stories
  • teaches about real life situations
  • The main character is a little “boy” and his voice really shines throughout the book.
  • Includes quotations throughout the book that can lead to a great discussion of the meaning of them.


  • Visit littlecritter.com for fun activities: songs, coloring pages, matching activities, and little critter jokes.
  • click here to be directed to apps that go along with your reading.

What classic “old school” book do you enjoy reading with your little one?

Happy Reading!

Wishing You Well,


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