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DIY Friday~Sunburst Mirror (using clothespins)

It’s always a Happy Friday over here when I have completed a DIY project that cost me $2. Before I get into that, let’s talk about my amazing road side find! Ladies,  I found distressed wood fence boards. I was seriously doing a happy dance over here. It was a rough morning the day before. I was just kind of in a funk, and I guess this was God’s way of saying “hey, here’s a pick me up!” 😉 I’m all about that #farmhouseswag (along with sprinklings of shabby chic, and anything rustic & beach themed…I know… a bit of a weird mix, I just can’t seem to choose sometimes).bcc21930-18e1-438c-b46f-6e7bab10f74d

Side note: My husband literally called me after I posted on my facebook page of what I found. He saw these on his way to work piled up 2 houses down, and he knew I would pick them up. So, he called to tell me just that! HAHA. (I kept asking if I’m being weird because I’m always self-conscious about that, I’m just having fun.) =) 

  I haven’t made anything with them yet, but there is so much potential. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely have a DIY post coming soon with this lovely distressed fence wood! (By the way, thanks to many of you who gave me so many fun ideas on what I should create with it!) Anytime I find inspiring road side items that scream “make me pretty” I like to share them with my followers through my instagram stories and occasionally my facebook page. Feel free to follow along for more goodies I may find! 🙂

Now, back to the actual post





My inspiration came from searching on the internet for creative wood projects. Sunburst mirrors are very popular right now, and they just seem to lighten up any space within your home. They also make a smaller space seem bigger. As I was searching I came across where they have a whole selection of unique sunburst mirrors. While I would love to purchase one, they’re just a bit pricey for me nowadays (the sacrifice of cutting down to just one income). Most of the sunburst mirrors are made of metal, but you all know how much I love creating with wood. Little Johnny and I walked over to Dollar Tree and purchased our $2 worth of clothespins (each package has 36).




1.Take your clothespins and dunk them in the stain. Make sure to wear gloves.

2. Take your old towel and wipe them down so no bubbles are shown and let it dry.


3. Once the stain is dried, take half of your clothespins and lightly spray paint them using the candy pink color. It doesn’t have to be a full coverage and it’s okay if you don’t spray pain every inch of the clothespins. Just as long as you can tell there is a little pink color showing. The whole goal is to create a contrast look.


4. Once everything is dried start arranging the clothespins onto the mirror. The key is to keep the ends of the clothespins that point towards the middle of the mirror even and lined up together. I alternated between the different colors.


That’s it! Another easy DIY for busy mamas. There are so many areas you can display a sunburst mirror too.

  • above a fire-place mantel
  • within a small nook area (this is where I have mine displayed
  • above a bed
  • within a foyer area

Where can you see this within your home?

Happy #diyfriday!

Wishing You Well,


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