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DIY Friday~ Beach Treasures Turned into Home Decor

Recently we spent a day at the beach (Ponce Inlet) , which Johnny loved playing in the sand along with finding every stick possible. This DIY project was inspired by my little boy’s exploration. Johnny spotted this beach log that he really enjoyed playing with, and of course with my DIY mindset I knew I could make it into something. So, I took his adventure treasure and turned it into a beautiful home decor. (Yup, I took this beauty home with me.) =)

I’m trying to turn our small place into a home, at least for now until we someday buy our own place (with the biggest front porch ever!) ;). Most of these DIY projects have a sentimental meaning and a story to go along with it. As I sit in my home I truly love looking at everything that I made. As a SAHM I find it to be my job to make our home cozy, comfortable & inviting, which I feel like I’m finally achieving that. It’s my way of contributing to our little family. Plus a fun little hobby for me!

Beach Log Hook 



  • beach wood with a hook shape branch
  • Americana chalky paint (in the color lace)
  • mason jar
  • string (or twine)
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • sand paper


1.Sand the beach wood and make sure to round out any sharp edges

2.Run the beach wood under water and scrub off any excess dirt/sand.

3. Paint the beach wood using the chalky paint (one coat is plenty)

4. Let it dry (usually 15-20 minutes) then lightly sand the beach wood to give it a finished look.

5. To make the string hanger for the mason jar, follow these steps below.

img_4420First, wrap the string around the top of the jar 3 times.

img_4421Next, cut the string.

img_4422Then, wrap the string around 2 times and tie a knot on the one side.

img_4423Last, take the end of the string and loop it under one of the wrapped around strings, then tie a knot.

6. take a screw and picture hanger backing and screw it into the back of the wood.

And, you’re done! Super easy! It looks rustic, bet yet chic. (which, I’m all about these days.)


What to place in the mason jar?

  • seashells
  • rocks
  • flowers
  • pebbles
  • succulents
  • herbs
  • tea light

Can you see yourself using this in your home? What would you put in the jar?

Wishing You Well,


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