Weekly Reading for Little Ones

Book of the Week~The Little Engine that Could {By Watty Piper}

The Little Engine that Could is such a classic book, one of my favorites. It has such a wonderful moral to the story to teach your children, even at a young age. (Don’t underestimate the intelligence of little ones, even when they seem like they’re not listening, guess what? they really ARE listening.)


I think I can.

You never know until you try.

Believe in yourself.


The original copyright goes all the way back to 1930! So, it’s definitely a great one to keep on the book shelf! Also, when life brings you down, pull out this book and enjoy with your little one. If the little engine can keep going, than I think you can too! =)


The Little Engine that Could is a tad longer for Johnny’s attention span, but we take breaks and I shorten some of the sentences. It’s a good book that he can grow up with and we can expand a little more each time. He really liked seeing the different colored trains in the book. Plus I loved how animated you can be within this story (especially with the sounds of the trains…chug, chug, puff, puff, ding-dong, choo, choo).

Why I love this book?

  • I love the animation with the words.
  • The pictures are bright and colorful.
  • You can incorporate lessons on colors and numbers.
  • Great word choices throughout the book (merrily, shiny, rusty).
  • Incorporates wonderful adjectives along with each train (The big engine, The shiny engine, The rusty old engine)
  • Encourages a great discussion with little ones about emotions.

Activities to Participate In 

(Pinterest Inspired!)

I have it broken up by age group, BUT by all means explore any activity that you think your little one might enjoy. Make sure to click the links in order to be lead to the instructions on the activities.

0-18 Months

  • go on a color scavenger hunt in your home (point to the colored trains and find other things in the room that match.)
  • go back in the book and count all the trains (make sure to repeat 3 times as research has proven that repetition is sooo important! 3 is the magic number! )
  • pull out the train set and play with it, find the matching train colors that go along with the story.

18 Months- 3 years

  • make a color sorting train just using construction paper. Click here for instructions from mom inspired life.
  • paint with trains to create a fun art project, while talking about the colored trains in the book and their behaviors. Click here to view examples.
  • Become an engineer and make your own steam engine train with an egg carton and a paper towel roll. Click here for the instructions. (this activity is recommended for ages 3 and up.)
  • Expand your reading by choosing other books with the topic of TRAINS. Click here to view a list of train books. (you can also discuss similarities and differences between all the train books you read)
  • Discuss the adjective that was describes each engine (shiny, rusty, old, little) find other things in your home or outside with the same characterisitic.

Do you have a favorite one? Is there an activity you would add to this list?

Happy Reading! 


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