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DIY Friday~Monogram Succulent Decor

If I could live in a house filled with succulents and rose gold everything I would be a very happy gal. =) I know I go a little over board with the rose gold, but seriously it’s such a beautiful color, and the best part is it can go with everything and anything (it’s my neutral color). Succulents are very trendy right now mainly because they’re such an exotic plant that draws your attention and makes quite the statement if you ask me.They’re also super easy to take care of. So I definitely have reasons as to why these are my current favs. This Friday I’m tying together my two favorites into a gorgeous monogram decor to display within the home.

I’ve said this before in previous posts, but just to clarify, I’m a proud Dollar Tree shopper.=) It makes DIY projects affordable and you never know what you may spot while walking down the aisles. Guess what I found? Ladies, one of my favs…succulents! They are the cutest! These beauties come in this little pot, which there are quite a few to choose. (I actually took them out of the pot, but will definitely use the pots for another project.)

To all my mid-western friends & family (and really any of my followers who haven’t seen sun within a few days, weeks, or months… theses little beauties will definitely put some cheer within your home. So, I took these succulents and used them within my DIY project.

The only item that wasn’t purchased at the Dollar Tree was the wooden letter (which was bought at JoAnn’s). This project cost me around $12. (I really need to get better at documenting the cost of my DIY projects.)


Monogram Succulent Decor



  • artificial succulents (Dollar Tree)
  • floral moss (Dollar Tree)
  • wooden monogram letter (JoAnn’s- don’t forget to use their 40% off coupon)
  • hot glue gun
  • rose gold spray paint (optional step) 


897d22d2-a247-42c3-9ea7-6282337ea72d1.This step is completely OPTIONAL  Lightly spray paint the floral moss making sure to scoop it up and mix it around so you can apply more coverage.

**Side Note: I did this step so that it would add an elegant glam to the final look (I’m loving the end result!)

2. Once the moss is dried (if you chose to spray paint it) use your hot glue gun to attach the moss to the front and sides of the wooden letter. WARNING: the moss is messy, so make sure to have a flat cardboard underneath. I also used an empty box to place the moss in.

TIP: When attaching the moss make sure to press down firmly so the moss sticks to the wood. I shook off any access moss that wasn’t sticking. (think of it like glitter and glue, wherever there isn’t glue obviously it won’t stick) I also went back and filled in any empty areas.


3. remove the succulents from their pots

4. cut the stem off so there is a flat surface on the back

5. cut the top piece of the rose succulent to make it smaller (optional- I had to do this because my wooden letter was too small to fit this succulent on there.) 

6. arrange the succulents to your liking before hot gluing them on

TIP: Something I learned from my Nana, flower arrangements/any home decor item always looks better with an odd number. I have 7 on my arrangement)


7. cut your desired length of burlap (honestly I didn’t measure, I just cut to my liking)

8. hot glue a generous amount on the back and make sure to let it glue before hanging it

That’s it! You now have a beautiful monogram succulent decor for your home! I’m seriously loving this!


I displayed mine in a little corner nook within my home. You can also use it as your front door decor.

Can you see this decor within your home? (of course it’ll be personalized with your own monogram) Will you be creating one for yourself?

Happy Creating! 




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