6 Month Blog Anniversary

Ladies! I can’t believe it, I made it to the milestone of 6 months blogging. I think I can officially say I’m a blogger. If you have been following with me since the beginning of August, well then Happy Following Anniversary to you! =) The funny thing is 6 months ago I had no idea what I was even getting myself into. I literally on a whim said “hey, I think I’ll start a blog.” I’m not kidding. I actually remember telling John those exact words. I really think he thought I was going through a mid-life crisis (I’m only 28, haha)…now, here we are. =) I’ve “met” (mainly through social media) so many new people and have connected with old friends just through this little blog of mine. I’m documenting my life and I’m sharing it with you. I actually interviewed myself so you can get to know the behind scenes of it all, plus I’m sure you’ve been wondering and have some of the same questions! =)

What inspired you to start?

Well, my “niche” on my blog has changed and adapted to everyday things that inspire me, basically it’s my outlet. Plus, I seriously need to keep working this brain of mine. I need challenges because lately I’ve been having serious #mombrain moments (or maybe that’s just me being ditsy, either way I need to keep workin’ my brain).  I like to think of my blog as an open diary for all to read. It’s fun to write out your thoughts and then actually have people reply back and inspire you!

I started Capturing Life’s Gifts as the start of my journey into photography ( I love, love, love taking pictures!) Well, that slowly evolved into topics on motherhood, family adventures, and DIY projects. While I still enjoy learning about photography I realized I needed to provide more content for my readers.

I have always enjoyed writing which has been an outlet for me to write down my thoughts. I’m the type of person that thinks WAY too much. So, writing helps to release those thoughts. The funny thing is I have never been the best with public speaking (believe it or not, it’s actually one of my fears along with snakes & any type of rodent…just gave me chills typing those words). I’m much better at writing my words than speaking them because I actually have time to think. 

I’m documenting my life for anyone & everyone to read, and I’m sharing my passions, my hobbies, and basically all things that bring me joy. When I stopped working and became a SAHM I went through this stage where I felt like I wasn’t contributing (even though being a SAHM is a full time job in itself.) It was an emptiness inside of me. Before becoming a mom my life was basically work. Ever since I was 15 I had some type of job, and finally when I was 24 years old I started my dream career. So, it was a huge adjustment to put it on hold for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything for the world! I appreciate and love that I have this opportunity to stay at home with my son. The thing though is I needed to still feel successful in a different (more professional way). So that’s how my little blog was born.

Also, if you haven’t noticed I’m all about trying new things. (sometimes too many things at once!)


What’s with the name? 

The name of my blog Capturing LIfe’s Gifts was chosen because I truly enjoy {capturing} everything I see and sharing it with others (I literally get giddy about new things to share.) Whether it’s fun things to do in Orlando, the beautiful scenery, motherhood moments (the good, the bad, and the poopy), or just my favorite hobbies. All these gifts of life are things that I enjoy capturing and sharing with you. I think a blog is a perfect place to share, don’t you think?!

When do you find time to blog? 

Well, let me just say blogging is a lot of work. I’m a busy mom too, so it leaves me with very little opportunities throughout the day to blog. My family is always my first priority. When I came up with a weekly post schedule it helped me to formulate topics to blog about. I’m old school and I keep a notebook of topics that come to me (usually when I go on walks or I’m taking a shower) it’s easy for me to quickly jot down a few thoughts. I usually find time to write during the night (0nce Johnny is asleep). My husband works until about 9:30pm, so I have a good chunk of time when I’m by myself.Usually I have the tv on while I’m typing away on my computer. (and by the way, I don’t have anything fancy. I type on my old chrome book)


Do you go back and reread your posts? 

YES! All the time! It’s fun to see what I captured and shared with everyone. I don’t have the greatest memory so sometimes I forget about my very first posts.

Side Note: so sorry for some typos! When I go back and reread I find them and I cringe… (covering my face right now). I tend to type too fast (plus I usually write at night when I’m a little dreary) and never catch the mistakes (especially with your and you’re…I’m such a stickler with the correct usage too!)  I’ll try to slow it down.

You must be really tech savvy?

Honestly, I’m not! I’ve had to research and YouTube videos on so many things pertaining to my blog. I also annoyed my husband a lot because he’s better at technology than I am! BUT that didn’t stop me from having my own little blog (I’m very determined, even when I’m not as knowledgeable on things. My philosophy is the more I stick with it, the more I’ll know and soon become knowledgeable in that department too.)

Have you made money from your blog?

That’s always a very curious question, right?! The answer is NO, not a single dime. It takes a lot of work and time in order to monetize your blog.  Would I like to in the future?, of course! It’s always great to earn extra money, BUT I definitely don’t want to take away the value of my blog and deter away from what I enjoy and what my readers enjoy. The main way of making money on a blog is through sponsors, affiliated links, and advertising. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but right now I’m truly enjoying the fact that I get to write and share with so many others.


Well, to start the biggest thing is that I actually have been consistent for 6 months in providing quality posts for my readers! That right that is a HUGE accomplishment because from everything I’ve read consistencyy is the main focus when blogging, which makes sense because without great content you really don’t have any readers. Aside from that, I am now a contributor to Orlando Moms Blog (stay tuned for a post coming soon from me! eeekkk) =) I also have been contacted by Orchard Supply Harware to join them in their preview night! They’ll be opening on February 14th! I’m blushing because ladies, I was told they enjoy my DIY posts!


Once I understood the basic flow of the wordpress platform I branched out for more help from other bloggers and groups. OH MY! Ladies, this blogging thing is NO JOKE!

I’m a very little blog in this HUGE blogging world, but you have to start somewhere. I love looking at my stats everyday (it’s quite addicting). I was a little hesitant with sharing, but I seriously have nothing to hide… so, why not?! Now, it’s nothing impressive, but the awesome thing is people are actually reading my posts (even if it’s just a few)!

Also, it’s never been about the “STATS” for me. Yes, it’s fun to view them and I love hearing the ding on my phone when I get a notification that someone liked my post or commented on it. BUT I write because it’s my way of making my mark in the world. It’s my way of contributing even with being a SAHM.

So, here it goes…

Top Post: Top Ten Parks Within 7 Miles of Downtown Orlando (funny, because I never thought this would be a big hit with my readers! Good to know!)



I never really made goals for my blog, but now that I’m starting to grow I feel like making a goal will motivate me to accomplish more. So with that being said…within these next 6 months my goal is to provide more videos, high quality photos, and more posts on family adventures within the Orlando area. (it seems like you all really enjoy those posts!)

A HUGE Thank You

Ladies, I honestly can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. I enjoy providing entertainment and inspiration to you. My dream is that in the future I can provide you with more giveaways and other fun ways  to show my appreciation. If I could I would seriously  give everyone a $100 gift card to Starbucks! How awesome would that be? (and I have 440 followers!) Part of my goals for in the future! =)

Here’s to another 6 months (and more) of blogging!

Happy 6 Months to Us! =)

Wishing You Well,


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