The “grit” in Motherhood

Lately I have been feeling very tired and overwhelmed with so many items on my “to do” list that just never seem to get done. (partly my fault because I keep our schedule so busy, but that’s what makes our days so special). Also, we’re currently in the terrible ones (YES, that’s a thing!) with a very strong-willed little boy. There comes a time in your life where you  feel like you can’t accomplish it all. Plus add-on the exhaustion and emotions of motherhood, that’s a “hot mess train” right there! Here’s the thing about that. I realized  it’s okay to not accomplish it all. Sometimes you need a break, sometimes you need to slow down and just BREATH.

We all know life is messy and chaotic, but when you dig deep and look at the value of your life, that’s what really matters. That’s where motherhood grit stems from.

I often wonder, “How is it that I am able to keep going, even when I’m exhausted?  When I actually took a moment to really think about it, I realized that mothers have such a strong character trait called “grit”. This is what helps us to manage our everyday tasks along with our unconditional love for our family. Motherhood has many challenges, but it’s our grit that helps us to stay focused, optimistic, and determined to raise our children to become successful adults.

Have you ever heard someone say either to yourself or others “I just don’t know how you do it.” Well, that’s the motherhood grit I’m talking about. We just figure things out to work for our family’s lifestyle by holding onto the grit that defines us.

Now, you’re probably wondering “what is she actually talking about?” I’m referring to the strength of your motherhood character that pushes you through, even on the long and hard days.



gentle spirit





Mamas, this is motherhood grit. It’s what keeps us strong for our family while we build a loving home foundation. Here’s a fun fact! The above characteristics are what “top corporations” look for when hiring. Isn’t it amazing to think that as a mother you hold those exact qualifications? (I am definitely putting that on my resume once I am ready to go back to work!)

When you’re… chasing after little ones, dealing with picky eaters, taking on that heaping pile of laundry & dishes, dealing with toddler tantrums, going on very little sleep, making sure appointments are made (and you actually go to them), grocery shopping (when all you want to do is just order take out for the rest of your life), preparing dinner, all the house chores (there are so many!), working a fulltime job or volunteering/ taking leadership with mom groups, and basically making sure everyone is taken care of and thriving…ladies, that’s MOTHERHOOD GRIT!

We don’t give up, we can’t! We stay strong and manage to provide a loving home for our family.

Here’s the thing though…

Sometimes our motherhood grit has to be restored, we have to take care of ourselves in order to fulfill that grit characteristic.

So, I encourage you to take time for yourself to refuel that “grit”, so that you can continue to  love and provide for  others.

Today I did just that. During Johnny’s nap time I ate a cupcake drank a vanilla latte, and actually took a nap. It felt AMAZING! It’s been a long day, actually more like a few weeks (hence a late blog post).


I think it’s time for you to refuel your motherhood grit!

Love to all the mamas!


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