1st Mom Birthday! Celebrating the good, the teary, & those poopy times!

Celebrating your child’s 1 year birthday is probably one of the biggest milestones not just for your child, but also as a mom (especially as a first time mom). I have never had a year go by so quickly. It was a year filled with growing, not just for my little one, but also for me as a mom & as a whole person. My priorities changed, my career changed, seriously everything CHANGED. It was a CONSTANT change too. I learned so much about my little boy, but I also learned so much about myself.(Specifically that I am really great at changing a diaper FAST!) It’s funny how your children sometimes teach you more than you think.

I have heard it said by so many people “you know they’re not going to remember this day”. I realized that while babies are too young (excuse me, pretodddlers… I can’t believe I’m NOT going to say baby anymore!) to remember any of it, I know as a mom I’ll always remember the 1st birthday. It’s the day that you can let out a HUGE  sigh of relief that somehow you made it to the 1 year mark.

Motherhood is a journey filled with




and just pure & raw emotions.

Nothing could ever prepare me for this journey, but somehow I made it this far and I see my son is thriving in a life that has so much to offer him. I’m a happy mama over here (even on the hardest days).

If you recently celebrated a mom birthday or it’s just around the corner, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your year and think about the memories you made. Seriously! Just take 5 minutes to do this, maybe even right them down. I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible memory which I hope I’ll never forget these precious moments, but you just never know. So here are my favorite memories from just 1 year of mom-ing (I LOVE that this word has developed into a verb!) 

Favorite Everyday Memories


  • One of my favorite everyday memories with my little guy is the evening walks we still take. I love seeing his little eyes explore the outdoors. It is a time of peace and quiet that we spend together. His little eyes are so busy soaking in all that he sees.
  • I also love waking up together (although not a big fan of the chosen hour). I sip my coffee in the early morning hours and watch my little guy who is so happy just playing in our living room and watching Baby Einstein.
  • Brushing our teeth! He LOVES it and it’s so cute to watch him.

Favorite Overall Memories 


  • One of my favorite memories is the time we spent a weekend in Daytona Beach for my husband’s kickboxing fight. Johnny and I had a little mommy & me time where we strolled along the boardwalk, enjoyed a dip in the pool, and Johnny napped while I ate at Johnny Rockets. I’ll never forget that evening because he was so happy.It was such an enjoyable time with him.
  • My second favorite memory is when Johnny rolled over for the first time! I’ll never forget it. We were laying on the bed together as a family and Johnny rolled over for the first time, so we both were able to experience it!

Hardest Transitions


  • I actually have two! I’m not even going to go into detail about the transition home from the hospital, because we all know that is difficult.
  • The first one was transitioning back to work for a little while, and the second is actually right now as he enters into his pretoddler stage (12-18 months).  SO many transitions and changes all at once.

Looking Forward To

  • holding conversations with my little guy, where he actually talks back and shares stories with me
  • having him discover something and wanting to show it to me
  • seeing all the things that develop into his “favorites”
  • watching his personality blossom and develop into his own

Mom-ing ain’t always easy, but it sure is a glorious thing.  Here’s to many more years of memory making with my little boy. (also here’s to not having to ever set an alarm clock!} 😉

Alright mamas, it’s your turn to go down memory lane…

What are your favorite memories? What are you looking forward to in the years to come?

 Love to all the mamas out there on their 1st mom birthday!


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