Weekly Reading for Little Ones

Book of the Week: “You Are My Baby” Ocean Animals By Lorena Siminovich

This week Johnny and I picked out the book “You Are My Baby” (ocean themed animals) by Lorena Siminovich. This is a fun and easy book to read with little ones. It helps them to interact with the book because there is a little book and a big book all within this one book. (that’s alot of book talking!) ūüėČ It’s based on ocean animals and has the baby animal being matched up with the adult ocean animal. Johnny really likes the shape of the book too! It’s a great read for little ones! Plus the author is the creator of Petit Collage, which is a line of wall decor and accessories specifically for children.

Why I love this book?

  • filled with a variety of adjectives and verbs that will enhance children’s vocabulary skills
  • within this book there is a smaller book that has children match the baby animals to their parents (great engagement for little ones) Johnny loves turning the pages in this book
  • the pictures are very vibrant in color
  • there is a pattern in the book of trying to guess what the name of the baby ocean animal is. Children love to anticipate what will be next. Plus the repetitive text is great for beginning readers! ( You are my baby… starts on each page within the little book)
  • As the children get older and start reading, thisi s a great book to incoporate “shared reading” where the adult reads a page and then the child reads the next page.
  • it incorporates some of the real names of the baby ocean animals such as a calf and fry)

Where can you find this book?

Amazon is always a great place to purchase books for busy mamas. You can click here to be directed to amazon.com where you can purchase this book.

{Capturing Life’s Gifts is a participant in the Amazon affiliated advertising program. It is absolutely at NO cost to you. Simply stated, if you purchase an item on Amazon from this website I may get a small compensation. All products I refer are items I currently use and have enjoyed in my own home.}

Activities to Participate in…

0-18 months

    • You can play this fun Animals in the Ocean song that’s interactive and goes to the tune of “the wheels on the bus”.
  • after the song you can transition to filling a container with water and guide¬†your baby’s hand and have them play in it. If you have ocean bath toys you can even place them in there. I know it may sound silly to talk to a baby when they don’t talk back yet,¬†but it is SO good for them. Discuss the characterisitcs of where the ocean animals live.

18 months-3 years

  • make an ocean aquarium using an egg carton. Have your child choose which ocean animals they’d like to place in their aquarium based on the book. Discuss the characteristics of the animals: color, shape, size, how it moves… Here is a great link I found to help guide you on the project.
  • you can also play a¬†ocean animal games online with matching the description of the animal to it’s picture. There are many more too. Click here to be directed to this fun game site for little ones.


  • Petite Collage– the author of this book also has a line of decor, toys, & arts and crafts activities

Happy Reading!

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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