A Mom’s Home Spa Treatment

This past weekend was another “stay at home” kind of weekend for the Florida Morehouse family. We didn’t venture off and explore anything in the Orlando area, but that’s okay because we have been very busy and needed another rest weekend. On Sunday I decided to treat myself to a Home Spa experience. My husband took Johnny out for some quality bonding time. (but if you ask my husband, he’ll say I kind of kicked them out of the house for a while, a little dramatic I know…) 😉 I guess you can say I was in need of some “me time”.

Home Spa’s are great to have. I love that I can relax in my own home and not have to worry about going out (did I mention it’s much cheaper!) We all know when you’re a stay at home mom money is a little tighter, but that doesn’t mean that pampering yourself is out of the question (you just have to get creative!). I was able to put together some of my favorite goodies and just enjoy the peace and quiet in the house. (Yes,there were so many chores to get done, but I had to just let it go and relax.) Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed putting together my own Spa.

Follow along as I take you through my own Spa set up. I’ll share with you my favorite Spa goodies.You’ll see that I attached links to some of my favorite spa items, which will direct you to, a great place to shop for busy mamas!

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 I started with making my own natural face scrub. I made a big batch and stored it in a mason jar. It will be all ready to go for my next Home Spa day. Here is the link I used for ingredients on how to make your own. (sugar, baking soda, coconut oil, and lemon extract) I made a sugar lemon face scrub. It kind of looks like snow, doesn’t it? (I guess I was thinking of all my midwestern friends and family that were getting snow this past weekend!)

Sugar Lemon Face Scrub



 After exfoliating with my homemade face scrub I gathered up all my spa goodies I had put away (I totally forgot I had so many good ones!). I put many links that will direct you to Amazon Prime to purchase your own. Plus I just thought about how great this would be for a Christmas gift! Place all these items in a basket and your good to go. Your friends and family would love how personalized you made it, plus the homemade face scrub will be a hit! (I would love this as a gift!) Here’s what I was able to put together…


  • OPI -Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around nail polish (I love the names of nail polish!) It’s a great neutral color. Click here to purchase your own!
  • China Glaze no chip top coat- Because I hate after just a day when my polish starts to chip, it’s the worst! This helps to save that problem and generally lasts up to at least 1 week. Click here to purchase your own!
  • Village Naturals Therapy Minerals, Aches + Pains Tension Relief- It smells so refreshing and truly puts me in a relaxing state of mind. Click here to purchase your own!
  • Lipton Chia Tea (I actually was able to drink it while hot!)
  • Aveeno baby lotion, my favorite to use on my baby boy & myself (sorry Johnny, but mama needs soft skin too) 😉 Click here to restock your baby lotion.
  • nail fillers
  • yummy smelling candle-I actually made this one, it’s a clean cotton smell. You can click this link to learn how to make your own!
  • natural loofah sponge I love use this because it’s not too rough on my skin, but yet provides a gentle exfoliate to the dry areas. Click here to purchase your own! (I may have to learn how to actually make my own one of these days.) 😉
OPI- Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around
And YES, the BIGGEST bowl of popcorn along with my favorite magazine!

I can’t describe enough how relaxed and rejuvenated I felt afterwards. I want to THANK my husband for being so kind and giving me this time to myself. I hope you can take some time to yourself and create a HOME Spa experience.

Because YOU deserve it!

What’s your favorite Spa product?

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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