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DIY Friday-FAILED Attempt at Making a Photo Transfer on Wood

YES, you read the title right, FAILED attempt at a DIY project, because it does happen! Although the funny thing is I’m proud of this failed attempt because I learned so much about the process and I’m fully confident that next Friday it’ll be a success (well, at least I think that, HAHA). I shared this project with my husband and his response was “it just looks antiquey”(you have to love husband’s for their support). 😉 It doesn’t look horrible, but a spot of my face is missing and Johnny’s bow tie seems to have disappeared in the picture! Below I’ll share with you my proud mistakes of how I transferred a photo to wood.

Here’s what I love about this project and why I’m not giving up:

  • photos are a great Christmas gift
  • it’s a unique way to display photos in the home
  • it’s actually an easy DIY project IF YOU have all the right supplies and are a little more patient than I was.

I present to you my attempt at transferring a photo to wood..


So What Happened?

Let’s start with the supplies (this is where my problem occurred)



Mistakes {& What I Learned}

  1. If you learn anything from this post, please make sure to use gel medium and apply a medium layer on the actual photo part (not too thick, not too thin).
  2. Paper and Ink matter! I used just a regular photo printed from Walgreens, and the paper was way too thick, which caused some of the ink to not peel off.(silly me! that’s what I get for not thinking this through) Instead, use a photocopy of a picture.
  3. The color of the image and wood matter! (too dark and the image will be hard to see)
  4. Make sure to apply at least 4 coats of the gel medium onto the actual photo part, and have each layer dry in between. Then the last coat will be wet while you apply it onto the wood.
  5. BE PATIENT! Let the gel medium dry overnight! (yeah, totally wasn’t patient on this one!)
  6. SLOWLY peel the paper away, still use a wet wash cloth to get the paper wet and then use your fingers in a circular motion to SLOWLY peel away!

So…as you see I learned a lot! Although, I’m so excited to try this again and share the results next Friday. What’s that saying everyone says…oh yeah…”you learn from your mistakes”. Well, clearly I did with this project!

If you want to follow along for next Friday maybe make it your goal this week to get the supplies ready!

Here’s the supply list to shop for:

  • photocopy of your favorite picture
  • modge podge
  • gel medium (just ask someone at the craft store, they’ll know what it is!)
  • piece of wood (if you go to Home Depot they’ll cut it for you with your preffered measurement. I’ll probably go with a 5X7)
  • paint brush (any time will be fine from what I researched)

 Happy Creating! (even when mistakes happen)

P.S. If you have done this project before, I would love any input! Thanks for sharing this “failed moment” with me! 😉  I can’t wait to share my new results for next Friday (I’m keeping a positive outlook)!

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing you well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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