Establishing Christmas Traditions as a New Mom

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” CHRISTMAS! (I’m a big believer in that quote). This year will be my son’s first Christmas. You bet the day after Thanksgiving we’re going Christmas overboard! I can’t wait to share all the fun Christmas events of decorating, cookie making, gift shopping, Christmas caroling, gift wrapping….OH MY, there’s just so much!

As moms we have a BIG job to help establish traditions that our little ones will grow up remembering. We’re making long-lasting memories for our children. They’ll grow up not remembering the gifts, but the memorable traditions.


I recently wrote a blog post about “Establishing Thanksgiving Traditions” and of course I had to create one for Christmas Traditions. I spoke with a few mom bloggers who were so kind to share some family traditions they have started to establish with their children. Make sure to click the links I have attached and view their blog.

Now, let me point out that this list that I’m providing doesn’t mean that you have to conquer all of these fun traditions. I know it can get overwhelming and everything sounds so fun and cute, but let’s be realistic it’s just not possible to do them all. It’s meant for a guide, especially if you’re a new mom. Start small with traditions and then build on, otherwise it tends to get overwhelming and really you may be promising yourself (and kids) something that’s just not attainable. Traditions shouldn’t be stressful, it should be something that enlightens your life and that you and your family look forward to (not forced).

So, this week I challenge you to think about your family traditions and what you want your children to grow up remembering. I made a template to help keep you organized! Click christmastraditionstemplate to view the PDF document.

Without further adieu…I present to you…


  1. Christmas Tree & Decorations: cut down a real Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorate the house ~from 
  2. Traveling: make it a tradition to visit grandparents/family members who live out of town~from
  3. Christmas Eve Story: have sandwiches on Christmas Eve followed by reading “The Night Before Christmas” before bed ~from
  4. Buy a Personalized Ornament for Each Child: Every year make it a tradition to give your children each a new ornament, you can even make it pertain to hobbies they’re involved in~from
  5. Buy a Christmas Book: Each year buy a new Christmas book for your children where you will write in it and date it with the year, that way they’ll have a collection for when they have their own kids! This was a tradition shared from babiestobookworms. Make sure to click the link babiestobookworms for a list of holiday read alouds.
  6. Stocking Stuffers: provide everyone in the family with a stocking that is hung during the Christmas Season, on Christmas Day everyone can open their stocking gifts! Follow my Stocking Stuffers Board on Pinterest for ideas.
  7. Pajamas on Christmas Eve: make it a tradition for the whole family to get NEW pajamas as a Christmas Eve gift
  8. Christmas Lights & Hot Chocolate: pack up the car with a thermos of hot chocolate and mugs! Take a stroll down neighborhoods that offer many houses that are decorated for Christmas (back in my hometown Kenosha, WI we had a Christmas Lane that we could walk/drive through)
  9. Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt: While walking in the neighborhood or taking a drive down a Christmas Lane play a game of Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt! click here for a PDF document to print and use
  10. Polar Express Day: Make snowflakes with paper, have hot chocolate and popcorn, give each child a ticket for the train, and use their pillows to place on the floor as a seat on the train! Then watch the “Polar Express Movie” and watch their imaginations go wild! click here for a tutorial on snowflake cutouts
  11. Elf on the Shelf: Read the book “Elf on the Shelf” and have fun with setting up the Elf in your home! Believe it or not, there is an actual website dedicated to fun ideas with this book along with other Christmas traditions and activities, click here to be directed.
  12. Write a Letter to Santa: Here is a great resource where you can actually send a letter online! (please be advised, this website does have sound). If you want your child to hand write a letter here is a great resource with Santa’s address!
  13. Ugly Christmas Sweater OR Christmas Pajamas: On Christmas day have everyone wear either ugly Christmas sweaters or fun Christmas pajamas!
  14. Follow Santa Clause on Facebook: So fun to get updates in video format and share with your kids! Click here to follow
  15. Christmas Movie Night: Gather up your favorite Christmas treats (cookies, egg nog, hot chocolate, flavored popcorn, candy canes) and have a Christmas movie marathon in your house
  16. Christmas Cheer Giving Hands:  Sit down together and pick a charity that you would like to give to this year. Here is a great link to help direct you to opportunities to give back, click Giving Back as a Family.
  17. Make Ornaments: Make a new ornament each year as a family to hand on the tree, don’t forget to date it!
  18. Cookies & Milk for Santa: buy a special plate and glass that is pulled out each Christmas and leave cookies that your family made along with milk (I still have my plate from my childhood!)
  19. Christmas Eve Service & Special Dinner: Make Christmas Eve a fancy evening. Attend a church service and come and eat a yummy home cooked meal. Put candles on and play classical Christmas music. Make that evening about your “intermediate family” and give your gifts to each other. You can finish the evening by reading “The Christmas Story”.
  20. Advent Christmas Book Calendar: Instead of counting the days  until Christmas with a “treat” make it a book that is revealed each day and that you will read. Click list of Christmas books to be directed to a wonderful resource. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, honestly get a foam board, clips, and paper!
  21. Jingle Cheer: Make a small basket of Christmas cheer goodies to deliver to someone who needs the Christmas Spirit into their life!
  22. Secret Santa: participate in secret santa giving with friends
  23. Christmas Cookie Baking Day: Spend a day baking your favorite family Christmas cookies! (don’t forget to crank up the Christmas Music!)
  24. Gingerbread House Decorating Party: Spend a day making ginger bread houses along with hot chocolate, Christmas Music and FUN decorations! You have to check out this link for cute ideas!
  25. Make Elf Hats and Get to Wrapping!: Dedicate a day for you and your kids to be little elves! Watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music and have fun wrapping all the presents to put under the tree! Click Paper Elf Hats for directions on how to make these cute, fast, and easy hats!

WOW! You made it to the end! 😉 I truly had the best time putting this list together! I hope you enjoyed reading this and remember, it’s just a list and that doesn’t mean you have to accomplish all of these! Start with just a few and slowly add on more! Also, the best this is there isn’t a right or wrong way, make it unique to your family!

You can click morehousechristmastraditions to view the list I created for my family.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas season!


I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


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