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Establishing Thanksgiving Traditions as a New Mom

I can’t believe the holidays are fast approaching! This year is going to be a very special holiday because it’s our first holiday season as a family of 3! Growing up I always remembered the traditions that my family had around the holiday season. Funny thing is I don’t remember much about the  Christmas gifts I received, but I do remember the traditions (memories) we had. Although, before we even discuss Christmas traditions, let’s talk about Thanksgiving traditions.


Since being a new mom I want to start traditions and create special memories with my children during the holidays. The thing is it can get overwhelming because there are so many fun and creative traditions floating around on the internet (have you been on Pinterest lately?!). I obviously can’t do all of them, but I can narrow it down to just a few to start with during our first holiday season together as a family of 3. As the years progress I may add-on a little here and there, but I want to start with just the basics. 

This week’s challenge focuses on setting holiday traditions (I’m such a sucker for them!) I chatted with a fellow mom blogger and she was helpful with suggesting ways to incorporate books into a tradition. Check out Babies to Bookworms (#1 on my list below)!

As you scroll below you will see that I provided a list of 25  Fun Thanksgiving Traditions that you can choose from to start with your family! 


  1. Have an “Acts of Kindness Day”:  to start, read Franklin’s Thanksgiving to set the scene for the day. A fellow mom blogger, babiestobookworms has a wonderful synopsis of the book along with a  list of activities and fun snacks you can include. Make sure to  visit her page for details! (plus she has a ton of other great book selections!)
  2. Create Your Own Table Centerpiece: A few days leading up to Thanksgiving set aside a day to craft your own family center piece for the table. You can follow my Thanksgiving Fun Board on Pinterest for some great ideas!
  3. Around the Table Gratitude: On Thanksgiving day have each person share at the table what their thankful for that year. As an extension you can buy plate mats for each person and have them use permanent marker to write down what their thankful for, then pull them out each Thansgiving and use them as a plate mat (so neat to look back at the previous year).
  4. Display Butcher Paper As a Table Cloth: have everyone use crayons and draw or write down things they are thankful for this past year
  5. Giving Hands! Spend a day as a family giving back to your community. Here are some ideas:-donate toys or clothes– if you live in Orlando, participate in a Hands On Event-Organize a Food Bank/ participate in one-visit an Assisted Nursing Home
  6. Participate in a 5K Turkey Run/Walk 
  7. Hero Letter: have your child think of someone who is their hero and write a letter explaining what makes them their hero, then have your child mail it out.
  8. Play Games and Watch Football: buy a new board game each year and play it on Thanksgiving day OR play a game of tag football outside
  9. Set the Table Pretty : with candles, pretty china, table decorations
  10. Make Pies the Night Before: put on some fun music and get to baking!
  11. No Christmas Music, Movies, or Decorations Before Thanksgiving
  12. The evening of Thanksgiving have an outside Christmas lights countdown (you know, like the Griswold Christmas 😉 ) Then go inside and watch Christmas movies with hot cocoa
  13. Have everyone wear matching pajamas and wear them the whole day! 
  14. Create Name Tags for Everyone at the Dinner Table: include something your thankful for about them.
  15. Complete a Puzzle Together as a Family: make it a big deal to pick out a fun puzzle. You can do this while watching football!
  16. Each Year Have a Different Themed Table: Example: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Country Style Thanksgiving, Elegent Thanksgiving, Fiesta Thanksgiving etc.
  17. Create a Thankful Tree: Collect branches outside and put them in a jar, then have cut out paper leaves that everyone can write what their thankful for and attach to the branches.
  18. Have a Dance Off Party in the Living Room: Whoever has the best moves gets to choose the Christmas movie to watch for the evening.
  19. Play Turkey Scavanger Hunt: Hide a bunch of cut out turkeys and whoever finds the most gets to choose the next activity for the family to play
  20. Have a Traditional Yummy Drink: one for adults and how about sparkling grape juice for kids (let them have it in a fancy glass, they’ll love it)
  21. Watch the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv 
  22. Making a Wish with the Wishbone: Put everyone’s name in a hat and pull two names to tug on the turkey’s wishbone. Whoever gets the larger piece gets to make a wish.
  23. in the evening decorate a family ornament for that year 
  24. Play Minute to Win it Challenges: Click here to be directed to a list of games, cookie face anyone??
  25. Bundle Up and Take a Family Walk: if your family is brave enough you can even go Christmas Caroling within your neighborhood.

And of course enjoy all the yummy traditional favorites of homemade food!

Here’s something just for you! I included a FREE thanksgivingtraditionstemplate that you can use. It’s easy for you to record your traditions and mark if they’re new, or if they have been passed down by generations.

So, after doing all that work I had to create my own list for the Florida Morehouse Family. Click morehousethanksgivingtraditions to view the list I created.  I know it may be silly to have it written down, but when it comes this time of year again I may forget about things we did and want to continue to do!

I really had fun putting together this list and I hope you all find this valueable and in some way you can incorporate a few things with your own family (or you may already do many of these). Last words (I promise you), whatever you do this year make sure to include joy, laughter, and love within the memories because really that’s what matters.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life


6 thoughts on “Establishing Thanksgiving Traditions as a New Mom”

  1. As an older mother and nana there are times I feel like the past holidays have been forgotten. But reading your list I saw several thanksgiving traditions that were important to me and thought just maybe some, not all, will be kept along with the new ones that each family starts. It warmed my heart and made me feel like what was important to me will go on when I am gone and I will be remembered.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think its beautiful that you are keeping your family traditions up and love that you have shared this. Lets face it, there are parents out there that never experienced these but want to create them for their children and this is a great stepping stone to just that for them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Absolutely! The sad thing is life is so busy now a days that it’s sometimes hard to establish traditions. Family Traditions do not have to be complex simple ones are great memory makers as well. I love that you look at this as a stepping stone! I’m all about guiding and helping others. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment! Much appreciated! Wishing you well!


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