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A Mom Managing Anxiety

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a new mom who has anxiety. Yes, you read that right. I have dealt with anxiety pretty much my whole life, and you know what?…just because now I’m a mom it hasn’t magically disappeared. I’m here to share with you NOT how I grieve in my anxiety , but how I MANAGE it as a new mom. Yes, I still have situations where my anxiety takes the best of me, but I truly make it a goal in my life to NOT let that be the case (no pills, no doctors, just my own tactics). I have even more motivation because I’m managing it not just for myself, but for my beloved family.

Anxiety disorders are growing amongst the human race each day. It’s a scary thing to live your life in constant fear. Here’s a crazy stastitic “Women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder than men.”~ADAA Source (it’s not becuase we have more on our plate, but mainly it’s the differences in brain chemistry).

I’ve been on anxiety medication previously in my life, but it truly didn’t help me. I felt blah all the time, and it made me feel umotivated and depressed. I decided, “well I guess it’s up to me to find my own ways to manage it.”

So how does a new mom live everyday with anxiety, BUT not let it get in the way of developing a happy and healthy life for her and the family??????????

Here’s some tactics I found to manage those moments when I feel restless, irritable, scared, worried, and the list goes on… These are my “go to” things and I have found that it helps to keep my mind off of those feelings and continue my everyday life. I PUSH THROUGH! For some reason a voice inside of me said to share this with my readers. If you deal with anxiety maybe some of these tactics might help you.

{A Mom Managing Anxiety}

  • MUSIC~ Many times when I feel very anxious and my heart is racing I put on calming music. Just the other day I was on my way to my son’s 9 month checkup, and for some reason every time we visit the doctor my anxiety kicks in, I felt restless. So on the drive over I played Michael Buble radio, and it truly helped for me to stay calm. Here is my “go to” play lists on Pandora Radio. Sometimes I even like to play it at the end of the day to help me wind down.
    • Michael Buble
    • Frank Sinatra
    • Beach Walk
    • The Civil Wars
    • The Lumineers
  • STAY BUSY, KEEP A ROUTINE~I call myself a busy bee mom because really that’s one way to help my mind focus on other things rather than contemplating the “what ifs”. When I have time to sit and really think about things, it’s just NOT good. Since being a SAHM I knew I had to set a daily routine to keep us busy and looking forward to each day (not every day is perfect, but I like to know we have a routine to rely on).
  • BREATHE~ I know this may seem silly, but throughout the day  I find myself holding my breath for short periods and I notice my whole body feels tense. So I take a moment to take a deep breath in with the mouth and out through the nose. 
  • WALKS OUTSIDE EVERYDAY~ I love taking walks. Fresh air and the scenery help to refocus my mind. I love being out in nature and observing all that it offers. I feel refreshed afterwards. (unless it’s a hot Florida day!)


  • EXERCISE~ I haven’t been dedicated enough to  exercise everyday, but at least 2 times in the week I am able to. When I do go I know those natural body checmicals are hard at work in helping to realease endorphins that trigger a positive feeling. I always feel better not just physically, but mentally. 
  • QUOTES~ I have a daily quote app that I view each day to help set my mind for a positive outlook for the day. If I’m ever feeling anxious I can always refer back to it. I also love any cups or plaques that have quotes on them. (daily reminders) Currently my favorite quote to refer back to is “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to loose sight of the shore.” It reminds me to BE BRAVE. img_9646-1
  • HUMOR~ I guess that’s why I married a goofy husband! I love being around people that make me laugh. Even in my vows I stated the one reason I love my husband is because he makes me laugh. It’s a great distraction from those terrible feelings.
  • WRITING~ When I was little I use to write in a journal/diary every now and then as a therapy for me to reflect and let out my feelings. I have now reverted back to writing.


  • SOCIALIZE~ No matter where I am I I try to be as social as I can (this is a hard one for me sometimes). Even at the grocery store or check out lanes I try to spark up conversations. It helps to relieve any social anxiety.
  • TUNNEL VISION~ This is something new I have tried to incorporate in my everyday life. Instead of thinking about the million things I have to accomplish I focus on the task at hand, once it’s completed I then move onto another. I had to really discipline myself to do this, but it has truly helped me.
  • FIND YOUR PERSON~ Just like in Grey’s Anatomy I also have my person that I rely on to just talk to when my anxiety triggers.



Over the years I have taken these tactics and made them into everyday habits, so that when I feel my anxiety bursting through I can rely on them to help manage the feelings. Since being a mom I have never relied on them as much as I do now. Anxiety isn’t something that just goes away. It’s a part of you, but that doesn’t mean it has to control you. If you have anxiety, I understand and I’m here for you.


7 thoughts on “A Mom Managing Anxiety”

  1. Thank you for the great suggestions. I too have dealt with anxiety my entire life. Music is a wonderful way to get your mind off of everything and dancing to the music is even better. AS long as no one is watching !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Dancing to music is great! It covers the exercising part too! 😉 We push through the anxiety and don’t let it take the best of us. It’s hard most days, but the fight is well worth it.


  2. Great post. I personally believe in the power of exercise, try to break a sweat everyday. Nothing clears my mind more than a daily yoga and meditation practice. And of course the breath…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And YES, exercise is great for relieving any anxious feelings. I haven’t been to yoga in a while, but that’s where I learned to control my breathing. Yoga is amazing for the mind, body, and soul! I really need to get back into it.


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