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New Month, New Schedule

I don’t know what it is about flipping a calendar to a fresh new month, but I love it! (I know I’m weird, but I get so much satisfaction from it, I truly can’t be the only one!) Since being a stay at home mom the one thing I knew I would struggle with is the “staying home part”. Like I mentioned in a previous post I’m a very busy mama bee. I like to keep going and have a full week’s schedule. Although, I have come to realize I need to slow down a bit and take a day or two off and not constantly be on the go. This week’s challenge has to do with developing a weekly routine schedule for you and your little one, as well as incorporating other activities and games at home into your little ones schedule. 

Click the links below that will direct you to a list of activities and games to incorporate in your home.

Activities for 0-6 month olds

Activities for 6-12 month olds

Kids love routine (I know this from being a teacher, they really thrive with a good routine). So, I thought to myself “why not make a weekly routine schedule for my son”. This will help me to stick to the schedule rather than running around aimlessly. It will also help my son with his developmental skills because repetition of any sorts is great for little ones! Keep in mind, each household’s schedule looks different, but this may give you an idea of different things to search for in your area. AND there is no right or wrong, it’s what works for you and your little one.

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Now, there are week’s where I know this schedule won’t always go as planned, but keeping it as a basis is great to rely on. (#momlife happens).  Also, as they grow and develop their motor and cognitive skills your schedule will have to be tweaked as well. I think every month I’ll revisit and see where any changes need to be made.

{Johnny’s Weekly Activity Schedule for November}

This schedule is mainly just activities or places that we go to. Click the link below to view a pdf file (it’s a little more pretty looking :)): november-johnnys-weekly-schedule-2


  • park day (I want to start exploring a new park a month within our area)
  • run errands with mommy
  • low key day at home
  • morning and afternoon walk


  • story time at the library (Tiny Tales) OR
  • next week we’ll start MOPS @ UPC play group
  • easy craft with mommy


  • Mommy & Me Kickboxing (at The Jungle MMA)
  • grocery shopping
  • afternoon Walk


  • Mommy & Me Circle Time at First United Methodist Church (downtown Orlando)
  • morning and afternoon walk


  • Mommy & Me Kickboxing (at The Jungle MMA)
  • lunch date with daddy
  • afternoon park and walk around Lake Eola (some days we visit the downtown library)


  • FREE storytime at Barnes and Noble
  • visit daddy at work
  • family evening/ weekend activities


  • homemade family breakfast (pancakes or egg burrito)
  • family day adventures

If you’re looking for a calendar of activities you can incorporate during play time at home that involve your baby’s monthly milestones, check out It’s amazing! I love looking at it and seeing what I should incorporate during our play time at home. It gives you a weekly activity list to incorporate (one or two items). Click to be directed.

I know, I’m a crazy mom for even typing out a weekly schedule for a 9 month old, BUT it helps to keep the days going, as well as teaching Johnny social skills (plus it helps me to keep organized). I hope this encourages you to find new activities for your little one within your area for this upcoming new month.

You can also check out (there is an app as well) for things to be involved in within your area. When I first started venturing out into the social world with a little one I relied on these meetups. I was part of the First Time Mommy Group in Orlando.

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life

~Mrs. Morehouse~

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  1. This is a great idea. In fact as a senior citizen it made me think I should possibly make up one for myself to keep me looking forward to each day. Live the idea

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