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DIY Friday~ Tips & Tricks on Taking Your Own Professional Monthly Baby Pictures

As parents, we all love to capture the monthly pictures of our babies! Each month is such a huge milestone to accomplish (especially for the parents!). I have so much enjoyment in setting up the scene for these monthly photos and really taking some great shots. My son Johnny just turned 9 months, I know I’m crying too. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. I decided, why not share with everyone how we take our monthly baby photos with just using my iPhone. I have done my research on the iPhone 6 camera and other editing apps that help to enhance my photos. And, I really just love sharing with people what I learned about (I guess that’s the teacher in me).

So, come along and enjoy this DIY Friday project featuring…

“how to take your own professional monthly baby pictures”

all while using an iPhone and just a few other props and apps.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It all starts with the outfit…

Here’s the story…my son has now become so mobile that it’s almost impossible to take monthly photos. Before it was a lot easier, now he just wants to get into everything, and I MEAN everything.  I can’t sit him in a chair anymore and just have him stay, and  I can’t put any stickers on him (he’ll just rip it off). So that leaves me with one squirmy boy on the floor playing, and this mama chasing him around attempting to take pictures. In Johnny’s mind I’m pretty sure he thought it was just a big play session with mama. Below is what I attempted to accomplish (haha, I was one overzealous mama with thinking I could actually use some of the props). It was quite hilarious

As you read through you will see I had to problem solve and get creative. It all turned out wonderful in the end though.

{Preparing for the Photo Shoot}

So the best prop that I used was a white bed sheet (yes, that’s right a bed sheet)! It made the pictures look crisp and clean and helped to focus in on that sweet face of my baby boy. Then, like I said before I went a little too crazy with the props, even though in my mind it was saying “less is more”! I just didn’t want to listen this time! HA! Well, that led me into some problems. I’ll continue though and let you know what I used…

  • white bed sheet (best prop ever)
  • Johnny’s favorite teddy bear
  • a 9 month sticker (scratch that, I’ll never buy stickers again!)
  • a cherished book
  • a stool
  • a banner
  • one very cute baby outfit
  • and I guess I can fit a baby in there somewhere!

I was so bold in attempting to use these items! If you learn anything from this, just remember “less is more”. After I collected the items I then dressed Johnny and made sure his little face was clean (he helped me a little with that).

{Setting up the iPhone}

Best tip I can give you is to use your auto focus and exposure control. You can visit my previous post for more of an in depth description about exposure control.



  • tap on the area that you want to focus on (the face, feet, hands, object) this will enhance the photo and let you have more control over what is in focus (usually the iPhone automatically focuses in on faces)
  • make sure your HDR button is on (high dynamic range-helps to capture a better exposed image)
  • use the burst mode, lets you take multiple photos at one time (just press and hold the shutter button and release when you want to stop taking pictures)

{Photo Shooting, In Action}

As you can see, my lovely son would not…SIT…STILL. He was all over the place. Finally I just let go of using the props and in the end they turned out to be the best. Here is what I learned while doing the photo shoot.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Apparently he really had to move this stool, he decided it was not to be in the picture with him!
  1. just let them “play” there is no use to stress over making them stay put (plus some of the best pictures are captured with their personality)
  2. you can use a lamp for extra lighting to enhance facial features
  3. find a place to set up near a window so that there is natural light flowing in
  4. weird things get baby’s attention (anyone else have a baby infatuated with water bottles?) I used a hand clapper, water bottle, and squeaky chick
  5. sing songs REALLY LOUD, yes the LOUDER the better
  6. get on the floor with them and play (you get a better angle)
  7. do not even bother with monthly stickers, instead I’ll share a great app with you

{Editing Applications}

These are my two favorite apps to use!


First I go into the vsco app and edit my images. Then I go into the baby pics app and include any milestone artwork onto my photo. It’s much easier then having to actually deal with the real sticker. The best part is these apps are both FREE. There are extra features you can buy on the baby pics, but I have yet to see use for them.



That’s it! So here is a big lesson that I learned, the best pictures captured are the ones with “less stuff” in it. Here are the best captured shots…

It took a while to complete, BUT Johnny and I had so much fun just playing. In the end if all you get are their tiny little feet, well I would say, that is one precious picture! Who doesn’t love baby feet! Always remember “less is more” and really just let them play and capture them within the moments. Also, I know it’s hard but patience is key. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Happy Creating!

I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life

~Mrs. Morehouse~

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