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DIY Friday~Fancy Wood Sign

It’s DIY Friday! Time to get creative! Remember, creativity doesn’t have to be something intensive or a huge project. From the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is just intelligence having fun.” I know creating and crafting can be a little intimidating, but I’ve learned that really there isn’t a wrong or right way. The best part is sometimes you even discover great things from your mistakes. I’ll share with you something that truly enhanced this DIY Friday project.

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So this week I needed some inspiration, I decided to go window shopping at crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores!) I still wasn’t sure about what project I should create. On Wednesday evening I was sitting in my living room and it hit me. I love to create with wood, and somehow incorporate quotes. I have a wood quote that is easy to move around and it sits right on my entertainment center. I thought to myself, I can make that, but more individualized to my decor style. Below is the picture of what inspired this DIY Friday project. (they sell them at Hallmark, and many other craft stores)


I decided that’s exactly what I wanted to make, but more…what’s the word…ahh, yes…FANCY.  

The best part is I’m giving it away to a lucky winner! So make sure to click the link that will be posted in the closing of this post. Follow along as I take you through the steps of creating a Fancy  Wood Sign.


I bought all my craft supplies at Hobby Lobby (don’t forget the 40% off coupon), the wood we already had and bought at Home Depot

  • 1 piece of flat wood trim
  • Americana Decor chalk paintProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset
  • scissors
  • glue gun (high temp)
  • tape measure
  • black acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • sparkly piece of fabric
  • favorite quoted stamp
  • sand paper

Painting the Wood {Steps 1-2}

  1. use a cloth to wipe off any residue on the wood
  2.  take your American Decor chalk paint and spread along the whole piece of wood. (1 coat)


  • you can add a little bit of water so that it’s not so thick
  • remember, less is more (you want to still see a little bit of the wood grain)
  • Only use 1 coat so that way you’ll have a vintage/ shabby chic look
  • chalky paint dries really quick, so no need to wait for a couples hours to dry (3-5 minutes at most and then you can switch sides to paint)

Sanding the Wood {Steps 3-4}

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset 3.  once the wood is dried (3-5 minutes) you can start sanding it

4. take a cloth towel and wipe off any access sand paper shavings


  • Use the sand paper and really work the edges of the wood, it gives a more natural vintage look to it
  • go against the grain to pick up any natural details that’s on the wood


Lettering {Steps 5-6}

5. take your finger and rub the acrylic paint on the stamp, remember LESS IS MORE (DO NOT gob it on)

6. Here’s where I made a small mistake, but it worked out in my favor! Some of the letters didn’t fully show on the wood, so I went back over it with my stamp and it started to actually give more of a vintage look

7. take a paint marker and fix any letters (but don’t OVER DO IT)

8. once the paint is dry, very lightly sand paper the letters so it looks like it is ingrained on the wood

Fancy Embellishment {Steps 7-11}

7. measure the width of your wood and mark it on your fabric piece

8. cut the strip out

9. fold the strip in half and then cut

10. continue this process until you have small squares that seem to fit on your wood

11. line your squares on the wood first, then hot glue them on

~Tips~Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  • once your squares are lined up in the position you want them, lift one square up at a time and put a small dot on the wood where you want to position it. That way when you hot glue the item you won’t forget where you should lay it down

There you have it, Fancy Quoted Wood Decor. View this video to get a sneak peak of what could be in your own home! Enjoy!

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Ends- Tuesday, October 18 at 11:59

Wednesday, October 19th the winner will be revealed on Capturing Life’s Gifts Facebook Page and Instagram Feed. I’ll also personally contact you! You’ll be able to choose between the nursery wood sign, or the home decor sign.

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I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Mama, Happy Wife, Happy Life

~Mrs. Morehouse~

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