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Our Little Family Preparing for Hurricane Matthew in Orlando, FL

On October 7th & 8th our little family bunkered down in our Orlando home and were prepared for the worst to come from the effects of Hurricane Matthew. First of all I want to say my thoughts and prayers are with all those that experienced damage or trauma during the hurricane. This was one of the most frightening times of my life. Even though Orlando didn’t get hit nearly as bad as they anticipated, just knowing what could have come and the preparation brought many fears. Since living in Orlando (5 years now) we have never experienced anything like this.

The first thing that went through my mind was “How am I going to be strong for Johnny?” It’s different going through a natural disaster with a baby. You have to be brave and continue with everyday routines. Johnny was such a trooper through it all. I really think he had no idea what was going on and thought “just another play day with mommy and daddy” The outpour of prayers, love, and support was astonishing! Thank you to all!

You could truly feel the strength of support rise above the hurricane.

I also want to recognize all the first responders, as well as the reporters who kept us informed and safe . They put their lives at risk in order to keep our community informed and safe! THANK YOU! Even though we didn’t experience any major damage I feel at peace knowing there are wonderful people out there helping others who desperately need it. I also followed Orlando’s WFTV Channel 9 News on FB to be informed with the current status of the hurricane. Their crew did an amazing job covering everything and I couldn’t believe the footage they captured just to keep us informed. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU TO ALL!The day leading up to the hurricane  I was a very concerned and stressed mama! I just wanted to be prepared to the best of our ability. I made the mistake of going into Target on Wednesday, October 5 to get a few supplies, and it made me more anxious than ever. I think I went in panic mode and didn’t really register what I was putting into my cart.(I was probably there for at least 1 hour!) I came out of Target with some random things that I may, after everything passes, just return them. I’m laughing about it now, but I just didn’t know what to get. This was all after I looked at a million lists of “how to prepare for a hurricane”. Here it goes, my purchased items…(I’m blushing just a little…)

  • rainboots
  • regular shoes for Johnny (because, you know he needed them to walk around the house 😉 )
  • youth rain poncho
  • 1 can of baked beans (yes, just 1)
  • 1 container of peanuts (of course we had more food at home, but I apparently thought we really NEEDED these two items)
  •  2 containers of formula (finally, something that makes sense)
  • 2 religious prayer candles (they last a while)
  • toothbrush for Johnny (because, yes he needs this in a natural disaster)
  • Tylenol (okay, that’s probably a must too)
  • dog food (a must)
  • body soap (I must have thought I’m almost out, mind as well get it)
  • batteries (another must!)
  • I thankfully bought water from Aldi the previous day because Target was all out!

I think that’s about it. I know a little ridiculous, but I think I went in panic mode and wasn’t thinking clearly. Thankfully I kept the receipt for a few items that I’ll return.

Florida Morehouse Family Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

So, let me take you through a few things we did to prepare for the absolute worst. Being prepared and having a plan made me feel more at ease, so that’s just what we did. After stocking up with food we did a few other little things in our home to be well prepared. Now, we are not home owners, but we still wanted to protect our little home in what we created.

Here is a list of online resources I looked at to help us prepare:

Publix Storm Basics & Preparation 

State of Florida Hurricane Season Preparation 

  • I started an emergency bin that I still need to add items to once things calm down. Then we’ll have it for any future emergencies!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

  • I didn’t remember to grab a bag of ice, so we just made our own bags at home. This was just in case the power were to go out we would use it to keep our food cold. We also filled every water bottle or mug that had a lid with water. I’ve learned, we have a TON of mugs!
  • I packed a small bag and we put it by the door just in case we had to quickly evacuate. We also had our cooler inside and a small bag of food items to take with. (mostly Johnny’s food)
  • We had wood boards ready along with a drill in case we needed to board up the bathroom window, which would have been our “safe” area because every other place in the house has windows. We also could go in our small hallway. John put tape on the windows so that if they did shatter there wouldn’t be so many tiny pieces. As for outside items we tied down our grill and brought any pots or glass items by our storage bin.
  • Before we went to bed we filled the bath tub with water just in case the power went out. We wold use this water to help flush the toilet.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  • Throughout the day I had to keep Johnny on his normal routine, so we did just that! He was such a good boy! It was hard to stay so calm, but I had to for him (we all know babies will pick up that nervous behavior). We did A LOT of playing. Towards the end of the day I could tell Johnny was getting a little restless, but I don’t blame him!

We made it through the hurricane with no damage and are now well prepared for any others to come. As we went to bed that Friday night, October 7th 2016 I couldn’t help but feel so thankful and blessed that our little family and the people around us were safe and sound. I pray for those that were effected by the hurricane, and just know that I am praying for peace and restoration for all.


I always love hearing from people, so feel free to share your insights in the comments below! You can also share this post with anyone else and follow me on my facebook page,  as well as instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Wife, Happy Mama, Happy Life

~Mrs. Morehouse~

2 thoughts on “Our Little Family Preparing for Hurricane Matthew in Orlando, FL”

  1. You were also good at helping your loved ones stay calm. Not being able to help made me very nervous but you were so good to keep us informed. You even shared a news feed. Proud of you. Knowing you were as well prepared as possible put my heart at ease a smidg. Modern technology is amazing. Being able to stay in communication was the best. So thankful all is well for our family but heavy hearted for the people of Haiti and all the rest affected.

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  2. Thank God you are all safe and sound. We were really concerned and worried regarding your safety. You did a good job putting all of us at ease .Happy and relived the storm has passed. Love you 3 always.

    Liked by 1 person

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