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DIY Friday-Fall Photo Shoot with a Cute Baby, Florida Style

I know I’m bias since I’m the mama of this cute baby, but it got your attention, right?! There is something about fall photos that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Especially photos with babies! It’s that time of year where everyone has had enough of the “hot” weather and we are ready to nestle in the comfort of our home. And let’s not forget about those lovely fall colors and smells that enhance our senses. Can I just say, Fall Is Amazing! It’s my favorite season if you couldn’t tell…Unfortunely Florida doesn’t have much of a fall season. I know, it’s quit sad. It’s still unbearably hot here in Orlando! Please wish for some cooler weather this way.This is truly the one season I miss so dearly about Wisconsin, so my midwestern friends keep uploading those wonderful fall photos on instagram! I’m loving them! 


Since my son was born I have had so much enjoyment in capturing these memorable moments of him. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely getting much harder to obtain his attention, plus did I mention HE WANTS TO GRAB EVERYTHING! He is such a tactile little boy, I love it though! By the way, thank you to all the professional photographers out there! I can see how exhausting it can be, you all are amazing

In order for me to stay at home with Johnny, my husband and I had to make some big decisions and really watch where our spending goes. My job as a homemaker is to make sure we are keeping our goals straight and attaining them, so it’s been DIY galore lately for me. Doing my own photo shoots with my son has been so amusing, and I am learning so much! (again, I think that may be the teacher in me, once a teacher always a teacher) Okay, enough with the jabbering, onto the steps of how I complete my DIY Photo Shoot.

**WARNING: Before you even start you have to get over trying to capture that perfect picture. This advice is coming from a perfectionist herself. The more you stress about the perfect alignment of objects or getting your subject to keep that smile and stay still, then the merriment is gone and it will seem more like work rather than an enjoyable hobby. **

Here are my Tips and Tricks on a lovely & simplistic DIY Photo Shoot

**My DIY photo shoots are all through the lens of an iPhone 6**

Okay I’ll give you one sneak peak…the rest will be revealed later…

Where to Begin

The first thing you have to do is think of a place you want to do your photo shoot. I’m sure you’re thinking, well duh?!, but it’s one of the most important factors! I’m a sucker for outdoors. Although, indoors is great as well. Plan on a spot that has minimal details, and  just a simplistic background. I’m in love with any park, garden, or lake that has lots of trees! I also love places or things that have a unique texture to them, mother nature is great for that! Below you will find a list of optional places you could go, they will include outdoor and indoor suggestions.

  • parks, gardens, lakes (use the features of: benches, picnic tables, TREES, park equipment , reflections of the lake, bridges, bricks, leaves, flowers)
  • bedroom, living room, kitchen, porch, hallway, basically any room with a window (use the features of: pillows, sheets, comforter, big chairs, curtains, decorative table, book cases)
  • “golden hour” (one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset) is alway recommended, but HEY I’m a mom and going off of that schedule doesn’t always work, so I make do with the type of light I have and the pictures turn out well.
  • SAFETY TIP-make sure to always scope out the ground before you place your baby down (you never know about fire ants! ouch!)
  • ALWAYS go before your child is too sleepy and if they’re grumpy go a different day

Gathering Those Props

  • rule of thumb “less is more” (really that should be a life motto, don’t you think?) I tend to go over board and I have learned to just narrow it down to a few props, it truly makes for better pictures because the “human eye” isn’t overloaded, plus it can wash out the important subject you’re photographing
  • The Dollar Store, Big Lots, and your local grocery store are great places to get props on the cheap side (plus you can enjoy the purchased produce afterwards)
  • many times I rummage through my house and use whatever is on hand
  • if you are leaving the house make sure NOT to forget: diaper bag, water (for yourself too), a change of clothing for your baby (just in case), snacks (for you & baby), a blanket, YOUR PHONE/CAMERA, a charger, your child’s favorite toy/stuffed animal (will be used to grab their attention toward your camera)

Start Having Fun Snapping Those Pictures

  • plan on moving around a lot wherever you go
  • BE SILLY (babies love this!)
  • it’s a hard thing to do, but try to be very steady use your arm legs as a type of tripod
  • set up in multiple locations
  • play around with the arrangement and position of the props (in front of baby, behind, side by side)
  • play around with focusing in on different objects, use your exposure control (click the link and it will direct you to one of my previous posts about iPhone 6 camera features)
  • get high, get low, get on the ground (as a photographer you need to move around a lot and in different perspectives)
  • get up close, don’t jus zoom in
  • DO NOT edit any pictures while you’re there, wait until you have a down time at home
  • make sure to look at the pictures every so often to see if something needs to change (such as positions of items)
  • here’s a great tip for getting your pictures to be straight, use the Grid feature (go into your settings, choose photos & camera, scroll down until you fin “Grid” turn it on!)


Above you will find my favorite editing tools


  • contrast and exposure are my biggest friends right now!
  • I’m in love with the vsco app! (I’m a newbie, but I’m starting to learn the tricks) highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already, thank you to mama_rhode for telling me about it!)
  • remember less is more, don’t go editing crazy on me, a few tweaks is all you really need


  • believe it or not, this is very important when editing
  • make folders within your photos app to keep your pictures grouped within one area, for this project I labeled it Fall Photos, you can also delete afterwards
  • go through the pictures first and delete the ones you won’t use
  • then go into editing
  • make sure to back your pictures up somewhere else (flashdrive, new facebook album that is set to private, google drive, dropbox, there are a number of places just choose what works for you)

Okay, now for the BIG reveal, you have been so patient and I thank you…

Johnny’s Fall Photos & 8 Month Photos



Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


Thank you so much for sticking around a reading! I hope you found this valuable and encouraging that you too can take your own DIY Photo Shoot! I would love to hear from you and your feedback within the comments section.

Happy Creating!

Feel free to share this post with anyone else. You can also visit my facebook page to follow along, as well as instagram. Thank you so much for reading along!

Wishing You Well,

Happy Wife, Happy Mama, Happy Life

~Mrs. Morehouse

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