Life Challenges

Natural Memory Card Vs. Digital Memory Card

**WARNING** This page has NO pictures and you will have to use your imagination.

My family and I recently went out for some delicious homemade ice cream at The Soda Fountain located in College Park, Florida. I had pumpkin pie and banana foster ice cream, and YES I had them together! I’m really bad at narrowing it down to just one choice! (I swear this blog has a point, just keep with me don’t leave yet) On the way to the ice cream shop my phone died, and I didn’t have my charger with me. AHHH, THE WORST, Right!? I was NOT a happy camper! I have been addicted to taking pictures lately and of course wanted to capture these precious ice cream moments with my son.

As we were getting ready to go into the shop my husband decided to leave his phone in the car too. So, believe it or not the two of us went into the ice cream shop WITHOUT any phones. We were able to capture the best moments we have had in a while by just using our own personal “memory cards”. We were forced to unplug and we truly enjoyed our family time.

“Unplugging is a popular term going around the internet. It’s not an easy thing to do. Technology is so addicting that it feels as though my head is always in an outlet charged with an overload of information.”

Don’t get me wrong there were a few times where I said “Man, I wish I had my phone to take pictures.”, especially when the sun was setting. It turned this beautiful mixture of orange and pink with a half-moon displaying in the soon to be night sky. You could tell it was one of those “summer night skies” where it seemed to be the end of a long, sunny, and hot day. The way the colors mixed together gave you a moment of clarity. There was a sense of calm and relaxation floating in the air. (Just take that in for a moment…)

So, instead of using my phone and stressing over the “perfect” picture I was actually able to just breathe in that moment. I feel as though I captured more than a picture ever could.

(Usually where I would upload a picture, but instead

Insert Your Imagination Here)

“Sometimes we need to stop and capture pictures with our memories, rather than an actual camera.”

On the way home we passed a lake with the reflection of the sunset and it was just gorgeous. I was frustrated with my husband because I wanted him to stop the car and park so I could take a picture. That’s what led to this blog post. We had a discussion in the car on being in the moment, rather than stressing on capturing actual pictures. It’s great to have pictures to look back on, but honestly how often do you go through your phone or memory card to look at your pictures? I don’t know about you, but my phone is filled with over 2,000 photos and I hardly go back to look at the older photos, I forget to or I have too many other things going on. Many times we take pictures so we can post them on social media and in return get the excitement of the likes or comments we get.  I honestly don’t think I could have described the sunset to you if I had my phone. I would have been too busy stressing on the “PERFECT” sunset picture and then soon posting it on social media.

“During a sunset and in some ways life, the colors mix and change so much that those moments are gone before you know it. So instead challenge yourself to use your natural memory card, it encourages your words to become powerful in describing those moments.”

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what’s the point…I’m encouraging you to try to balance out capturing special moments on a camera and just being in the moment. It’s a very hard thing to do in our society today. Although, once there is a moderation between using technology and time spent without it, our natural memory cards become more engaged.

Here’s your homework (sorry, it’s just the teacher in me)

  • The next time you venture out put your phone away. Capture life’s special moments by just using your natural memory card, that’s what will last a lifetime. Use your words to write down what you remember. Take note if you notice a change in the way way you felt vs. having your phone with you.

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Happy Memory Making!


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