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DIY Friday- Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

It’s Friday again folks, so that means HAPPY DIY FRIDAY!  Why not be creative with something that you probably have right in your recycle bin…wine bottles. 

They: 1. hold a delicious liquid, and 2. are great for DIY projects! What’s not to love!? I even used empty wine bottles as a centerpiece at my wedding reception, that’s how much I see the creativity in these beauties! In the beginning of the summer I created wine bottle tiki torches for my front porch area. I still use them, and I get many compliments. To make it even easier you can get all your supplies at your neighborly Wal-Mart.  Below you will find the steps in creating them.

**After researching materials I found an even cheaper way to complete this DIY project. Stay with me until the reveal at the end…**

Step 1: gather materials

wine bottle, wood glue, brass hose connector, twine, fish tank rocks, tiki wicks 

  • to get the labels off of the wine bottle I soaked them for about 10 minutes in hot soapy water and then used steal wool to scrub off the label. It truly worked!
  • the twine is defninitly optional, it’s just to had a more decorative appeal
  • the fish tank rocks help to prevent the tiki wicks from falling to the bottom of the wine bottle, I had a hard time finding wicks that were at a decent price for a roll


Step 2: put wood glue on the bottom half of the wine bottle and quickly spread it around using your finger, then wrap the twine around starting at the bottom and let it dry

  • you can use a piece of tape to hold the twine in place until it dries


Step 3: pour fish tank rocks into the wine bottle (about a 1/3 of the way full)

Step 4: take the brass hose connector and thread the tiki wick through it, then place it in the wine bottle


The Finished Product

This is a really easy DIY project. In order too make it even easier and more cost efficient you could go without the twine, and use beer bottle caps instead of the brass hose connector. So here is the big reveal…bottle-caps-horizontal

Beer and Wine…who would have known after the fun in drinking them their remaining parts make for great DIY projects! 😉 Well, isn’t that motivating to be creative!

Happy Creating! It’s DIY Friday time!

P.S. These would look great during an evening campfire!

P.S.S Here is another super easy way to upcycle a wine bottle.


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