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“Hey Mom, Let’s Go to the Library!” #momsteachtoo

The library…ahhh…full of resources, books, and activities. Since my son was about 4 months old we have been going almost every week, sometimes more than once! It truly is one of his favorite places to go. He loves participating in their story time and just exploring the children’s section. With the amount of amusement parks, technology, and play gyms sometimes the library can get lost in the midst of things, so with that said…


Here is my challenge for you this week:

I challenge you to visit your local library and see ALL that it has to offer. Try to make it your child’s favorite place to go! I’m not just talking about going to the library and looking at books, BUT also participating in an activity that they offer weekly. If you already go to the library, than I encourage you to see what the library has to offer for adults. I recently just discovered some amazing classes for myself that teach about specific hobbies. The best part is,  it’s FREE! (If you have been reading my blog you’ll notice I’m a sucker for FREE activities!)  For example, at my local library there is a class on how to grow a vegetable garden in Florida, which I have been thinking about doing for a while. This class has motivated me to get started, so I’ll be attending! Folks, this is REAL person help with REAL first hand experience, not just a youtube video. 😉 Check out the nationwide public libraries website to view all the libraries within your own area.

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Below you will find tips on how to help your child enjoy the library, along with fun facts and information about libraries! Enjoy!


Helping Your Child Enjoy the Library

Bringing your child to the library and having them discover books is one of the best things you can do as a parent. With my past experience as a first grade teacher I can personally add that exposure to the library is a must! It’s not just about reading the books, but it’s the interactions you have with other people and the feeling you get when you see the display of books. As a parent, it’s also teaching your child how to use the library.  Children LOVE the display of books and it encourages them to find their own interests, more so “their own personal library”.#momsteachtoo

Tips on how to engage your child with enjoying the library

  • show that you’re excited about going to the library too
  • play a game of  “scavenger hunt” or “I spy with my little eye” it will give your child an opportunity to tour the library and see all that it has to offer
  • have a special bag just for their library books, you can even have them decorate it
  • GET YOUR CHILD THEIR OWN LIBRARY CARD! Trust me, they’ll love it! ask a librarian what is the minimum age they can be to get a library card
  • explore the books first before your child plays with the toys so they understand the purpose of the library and develop a joy for books, not just the toys
  • for children that are just starting to read help them discover their own type of interest in books
  • when finding books that they can read have them follow the “Five Finger Rule” (I had my first graders do this and it truly helped!)5finger
  • read to your child while at the library, there are always fun places to sit at
  • make sure you set an example and check out books too
  • when you get home make sure you and your child are reading the books and returning once a week (this helps to build a routine, and your child will find a love for reading)

Here are some fun facts/information relating to libraries

  • Libraries are becoming more modernized to keep up with the changes in society, with that said, there an American Libraries Magazine that displays architecture and interior design of new libraries. They are beautiful!
  • lfl Little Free Library started in 2010 by Todd Bol of Hudon, Wisconsin, the concept is “take a book and leave a book” you may see one of these little library stands in your own neighborhood. Check out the link for more info.


  • there are more public libraries than there are McDonald’s in the U.Spublibs_2009
  • Harvard University has a collection of books that are bound in human skin! source
  • the Haskell Free Library is built on the border between the U.S. and Canada source 


Your local library is waiting for you to visit and explore! Happy Reading!

Ready, Set, Go! 


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