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DIY FRIDAY- Inspirational & Decorative Magnets (using baby food jar lids)

So here we are again, it’s a Friday! I know I’m posting this late, but motherhood called today. Moving on…when I was a teacher I always had a Fun Friday activity planned, I mean why not?! It’s the best part of the week! 😉 So I thought since becoming a SAHM how about a FUN FRIDAY for myself and Johnny, we just named it DIY FRIDAY. So here is what we did on this rainy Friday #hurricanehermine (don’t worry we’re completely safe, just windy and LOTS of rain).

For this small DIY project I was able to use most items that I already had around my house. The only item I had to buy was the spray paint, and guess what!? I had a $5 reward that I used on it.(I love Ace Hardwares’s reward program!)  I only had to pay $1.06 for this DIY project! That’s a fun Friday in itself! 🙂

Here are the steps to a 20 minute or less DIY project

Step 1: Gather supplies: baby food jar lids, spray paint, adhesive glue, scissors, cardboard, scrapbook paper

You can use any type of spray paint color or scrapbook paper to your liking. I just had this leftover from a Valentine’s Day activity. The type of spray paint was a rose gold finish. It turned out very pretty.

Step 2: spray paint the baby food jar lids: Make sure to do both sides, and spray 2 coats

Step 3: trace a circle on the cardboard using the outside part of the baby food jar, and then cut the circle out

Step 4: Place the cardboard circle inside of the baby food jar


Step 5: Continue the same process only using scrapbook paper and then gluing the paper onto the cardboard

Step 6: Take an old magnet from the fridge (I used a pizza magnet) and cut so that it will fit on the back of the lid

Step 7: You can use different colored scrapbook paper and then use a marker to write inspirational words for you to look at each day. Click “list of inspirational words” and it will direct you to a list of word choices you could choose from.

That’s it! Super easy, plus my son Johnny loved playing with them when I was done. 🙂

Happy Creating!

Bonus Tips

  • you could cut out pictures from magazines, postcards, old cards, or photos of your family & friends
  • these are really easy to move around in your house,  if you have a magnetic area in your bathroom/bedroom these would be great to put in there (it will give you a boost to the start of your day)

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