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Sunday Funday-Exploring a Home Market Store

I have never been to a home market quite like this before. When I walked in I was immediately in DIY heaven! The Pastiche Home Market is a showroom palace for many handcrafted and vintage home accents. If you live within the Orlando area you should definitely check this place out, it’s located in Maitland. Pastiche Home Market really hits the heart for all the vintage and DIY lovers!

There is something so beautiful about seeing an everyday item and repurposing/upcycling it into an artistic home accent. Like Albert Einstein stated:


I was intrigued by the word “Pastiche”, so I had to look it up (some of you may know the meaning, but I truly have never heard of it) here is what I found:

pastiche-definitionThis store not only offers a showroom, but it also presents:

  • DIY workshops (YES PLEASE)
  • decorating & home staging
  • custom painting & furniture design
  • kitchen cabinet makeover

Many items in the showroom were upcycled and repurposed. These two words are used interchangeably within the DIY lingo. Here is the meaning of the words in simple terms…

upcycling– taking something and improving it, but it still holds its true purpose and will be used in the same way. (the light in the picture above is upcycling) 

repurposing– taking an item and using it for something else, not its intended purpose 

Click the reCreate Design Company to learn more about the differences. If you are a DIY lover (like me) this will truly help you understand the two terms.

So… the next time you are in the Orlando/Maitland area, this is a place that you should visit. Don’t forget you can always book a DIY workshop with your friends OR book it for a party (ex: bridal shower).


I leave you with a list of websites that will help you search for flea markets and vintage home stores within your area. I hope you enjoy!

FleaQuest-nationwide directory of flea markets, antiques shops, vintage sales, and more

My Flea Market Guide-web directory of flea markets for the United States

World Market– furniture and home decor store

Save On Crafts-discounted home and wedding decor

Happy Shopping or Creating!!!

P.S. If you know of any other great vintage stores or websites related to diy and vintage decor please share in the comments! I would love to hear about them!


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